Ebay vs Aliexpress – Which is better?

by Spiddy Tan

ebay vs aliexpress

AliExpress and eBay both are the booming global online shopping portals of the current time, the sites are known for larger availability of the products at the lowest of prices. eBay is one such example where the user can shop whatever he/she desires. The site ensures the availability of all the major products amidst the biggest of brands. The site is a pro when it comes to e-commerce support & service.

Price Comparison on Aliexpress vs EBay

Let us compare a branded product like MI BAND 4 – Both products are to be shipped from China. Both are top sellers in their respective portal.


ebay vs aliexpress cheaper?


ebay vs aliexpress comapre

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Another price comparison from reputable sellers in their respective portal.


ebay vs aliexpress price


ebay vs aliexpress

Why consider AliExpress?

What comes as a great fact is that whenever you see your favourite product, there are high chances that the same product will be listed on the AliExpress with a much lesser price tag. The odds are most of the time times in favour of the AliExpress. The fact is that on AliExpress majority of the sellers are wholesale producers and distributors. On the contrary, eBay showcases the retail manufacturers as well as the retailers. AliExpress can be a viable option for your diverse shopping needs, the site ensures a humongous variety of goods since the containers ship directly from the China.

AliExpress can be of great worth in finding the products not listed on the other online shopping portals. AliExpress supports PayPal, you can easily pay using the famous online merchant PayPal. AliExpress is also compatible with the majority of the Debit as well as the credit cards. The sad part is that finding the seller on eBay who’ll accept your particular card can be cumbersome.

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What eBay has to offer?

As we know the prices on the alluring AliExpress can be lower than the eBay, but the reason behind the low prices on the AliExpress is the high shipping fees. As the goods are sent to the countries, high shipping fees apply on its vicinity. One must know that the products from AliExpress are shipped directly from the China, you’ll need to pay freight charges and you’ll have to wait for weeks to get your single desired product. eBay can be trusted for timely deliveries for your important occasions like weddings, birthdays and more. While the site may not support all the major debit/credit cards but eBay supports PayPal which is a great addition. For the users looking forward to buying or selling in the same region must opt for eBay.

If you’re a traditional manufacturer or wholesaler, AliExpress can be your best pick. The feedback system of the eBay is a winner when it comes to the customer aid and protection. Users can also return the items, they can check the particular seller’s past records and more. While on the AliExpress, most of the times, the bio about the seller is unknown, this endorses the inconvenience and degrades the buyer protection.

Final Take

Both the sites are great in their respective expertise, while eBay provides a great customer satisfaction to the user, AliExpress is great at ensuring low prices. It totally depends on the buyer and his/her preferences. eBay is still expanding but the shipping portal holds a great potential and can give fierce competition to the likes of AliExpress, Amazon and more.

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