Aliexpress Import Tax To USA

by Tollo Francis

aliexpress import tax to USA 2022

Online business is a buzzword today especially that we’re still dealing with a global pandemic. It’s a wise way to bring your business in front of your target market without having to spend bucks and bucks for renting spaces and all.

And there are so many online business platforms you can use. One of the most popular among these around the world is Aliexpress. But if you’re a buyer from the US, how much will it cost for your product to get imported to you? That’s a huge question. And this is what we’ll dig more in this article.

USA Aliexpress import tax 2022

How does Aliexpress import tax work?

Aliexpress has proven its reputation when it comes to bringing high quality products right in front of their doorsteps. Aside from the fact that it brings maximum convenience for all consumers, it’s also a great platform you can trust if you’re having second thoughts of going to the mall to get your stuff. Or if you’re having difficulty finding a product that’s not usually in the malls.

There are so many things to take into consideration before purchasing on Aliexpress. Here’s what you should expect when it comes to Aliexpress customs and how you can prevent troubles with your package.

Import tax is charged on goods or services you purchase abroad.

Import tax varies on the product’s origin and destination, its value and its product category. When you buy a product overseas, your purchase undergoes a series of trade regulations from the country you’re currently living in.

It doesn’t just get shipped from one country to another. It’s a long process before it gets right in front of your door. You have to pay for the import tax so your parcel can be forwarded to you.

But there are some instances that you can skip paying for the import tax. This is when the seller paid it on their behalf, or the package value is below the tariff on imported goods. But otherwise, you have to pay an additional amount to get your package shipped internationally.

The postal service or the courier will let you know about the import tax.

You don’t have to take guesses on how much you will pay in exchange for your item to get shipped from another country. The thing is, the postal service or the courier will directly inform you about the import tax and the additional amount you have to pay.

They will also inform you about the due date. Almost everything you have to know about the import tax. You don’t just get ambushed with a bill saying you have to pay for this so you can claim your parcel.

You can ask your supplier beforehand about the import tax so you can save a lot of time. In this way, you will know the amount you have to pay even before the parcel arrives and settle it right away. Convenient and hassle less.

Aliexpress import tax to the USA

But how do you know how much you’ll pay even before you check out your product? Sometimes, the tax is another deciding factor before we purchase something abroad. We want to have a background on how much it’ll cost and we’ll try to look for alternatives as much as possible if the price gets so expensive.

Aliexpress’ import tax is divided into seven different categories. And the most relevant among these seven is the one that falls under $800. These packages are tax-free. And because of the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015, you no longer have to declare your package if its value is less than $800. A more convenient, less expensive way to get your item right in front of your doorsteps directly from your supplier abroad.

USA Aliexpress import tax

Aliexpress import tips for sellers

If you’re a seller, chances are you’re also concerned with how much your buyers pay for the tax, especially if they’re located overseas. But the good news is that you can help them pay less with some tactics before getting their orders shipped.

Here are the two tips to help you and your buyers minimize the cost when processing orders abroad.

Divide bigger orders.

As mentioned above, orders below $800 are free of tax. So it’s a great idea to divide bigger orders into smaller ones because the customs doesn’t care that much with packages with smaller values. But you might need to ship it batch by batch so the customs won’t get suspicious.

Choose the normal shipping option.

The second tip you can do is to choose the normal shipping or mailing option. But you might want to discuss this to your customers first. Sometimes, buyers want their orders to arrive faster but this also means having them to pay for the tax.

DHL or other shipping services outside the normal postal service will have to check and have you declare the amount of your package before importing it. So even a small package can slip through the air mail, but DHL will put the exact amount and your customers will have to pay for the import tax when the item arrives.

Tips for customers before purchasing on Aliexpress

You go to Aliexpress, browse the item you’re looking for, decide for a shop to trust on and process your item checkout. But as easy as it seems, it’s not just all it. You have to dig deeper and be meticulous enough to make sure you’re getting a legitimate item from a legitimate shop before proceeding to the purchase.

Planning to get your next Aliexpress purchase? Here’s a quick guide to help you out.

Communicate with the seller first.

The next step after selecting an item to check out: communicating with the seller. Check its legitimacy. Clarify all your questions and doubts about the item if there’s any. Pop that question about the shipping and delivery process.

Some shops don’t give all the information you need in their product listings. Communicating with the seller doesn’t just help you clarify your questions, but will also help you prove that you’re talking to a legitimate human seller and not a bot.

Get to know about seller guarantees.

Most sellers in Aliexpress offer seller guarantees. This is important especially if you’re planning to purchase an expensive item online. With a seller guarantee, you can get a full refund in case you get the wrong item or you received a low quality one when it’s not the exact item you’ve seen in the posting.

You also have an option to return the item if for any reason you didn’t like what you received. It’s either not what you expected, or it’s damaged the moment it arrived.

Think twice for super low prices.

Super low prices can be very tempting. But if it’s too good to be true, don’t get hooked with it. If you think the price is lower than the regular prices you see online, then it’s better not to go with it and look for alternatives.

These are probably fake items coming from China. This is important especially if you’re planning to buy an authentic, expensive item. Going for a lower price doesn’t give you benefits. Thus, it’s you who loses in the end.

Avoid free shipping for expensive items.

Most buyers choose free shipping options to save some money. But it’s a risk. When you select the free shipping option, it takes much longer for your item to arrive. The risk would probably be receiving it broken or damaged due to the long shipping period. Or worse, your item might not even reach you.

Go for a more decent shipping option instead, especially when buying expensive items. Also ask for shipping insurance if available.

Make yourself familiar with customs and import duties.

This is the point of this entire article. Before proceeding with your purchase, you must be familiar with the customs and import duties first. This is important so you know how much you’ll pay once your item arrives or even before you decide for a purchase.

Compare the products’ prices first with a regular price in your country. When ordering in Aliexpress, you might be charged with import tax especially if you’re ordering an expensive item. Check for similar items around your area and see what’s more practical.

If it’s a common item you can find in your area and the price is almost the same as Aliexpress’, better settle on the one near you instead of ordering overseas.

Key Takeaways

Buying or selling in Aliexpress isn’t something you should take lightly about. Just like any other e-commerce platforms, there’s a risk of getting your item damaged or even scammed if you’re not vigilant enough on what you’re planning to buy.

Also, aside from the item’s price, there is an import tax you need to pay when you order overseas. Depending on its origin, there will be an amount incurred to you before your item gets to the USA. Be aware of this so you won’t be shocked upon receiving your item and the import tax bill.

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