Xiaomi Yeelight Price and Review

by Spiddy Tan

xiaomi yeelight review

Xiaomi makes so many products that a lot of their products go under the radar. One of those products is the Mi LED Smart Bulb. I mean we’ve all seen LED bulbs, so how can this be any different?

In this Mi LED Smart Bulb Review we cover the features of this product and we conclude with, is it worth buying this or not?

Xiaomi Yeelight Review

Inside the Box

yeelight alexa

Inside the box, you get the bulb, an instruction manual and tiny screws.


Firstly, when it comes to the design, the Mi LED Smart Bulb is the size of your normal light bulb. It has plastic on top and the base is aluminium. In the end, is the screw type. This kind of screw type is much better than the old school bulbs. Xiaomi uses aluminium for the main material because any heat generated internally dissipates quickly, which helps with longer life.

Other than that, there’s not much to write home about in terms of the design. This light can be used anywhere in the house.

xiaomi yeelight review


Best Price – $16.99

Function and Use

The setup is pretty simple, you screw the bulb to a screw socket, that you can pick up separately or you can get lamps that come with the screw setup. Firstly, this is a bulb that has various colours, 16 million to be precise.

You can use the app to control the colour of the light. You want pink, blue, red, whatever you want. This is what is called mood lighting, you can have the perfect lighting based on your mood and how you’re feeling.

The best part is, you can control the brightness of your light. This means, from 80 lumens to 800 lumens, you can control the brightness. In my house, I have a few lighting options that are in the ends of the spectrum. They are either too bright or they are too dull. This LED Smart Bulb will solve that problem in a jiffy.

Best part? You don’t need to have a physical button to control the brightness. It can be done with the app.

There is also one more thing called the colour temperature. Light dissipates heat and temperature. If you go and stand close to a bulb, you can actually feel the heat. Now multiply this by 3 to 4 lights, then you’ll know how lights can affect the temperature.

With the LED Smart Bulb, you can control the temperature with a predefined setting. You can set the colour anywhere between 1700 and 6500k. On cold days, you can increase the temperature to keep you warm and on warm days, you can set it lower to keep it light. The tone of light used also affects the temperature.

Best Price – $16.99

This is more than just a Smart Bulb, it has two different modes called the Sunrise Mode and the Sunset Mode. Basically, these modes help you wake up and sleep properly.

The Sunrise mode slowly increases the brightness of your light that gives you an opportunity to wake up naturally instead of just the lights coming on. The Sunset mode ensures the brightness is slowly reduced so as to create a cosy atmosphere.

Now comes my favourite part. How many times have we had to get out of bed to turn the lights off. The Mi LED Smart Bulb connects with Google Home and Alexa. This way you can easily give a voice command to turn the light off or to turn it on.

The App and Personalizations

The App is where the action happens. You can easily control the lighting, turn your light on and off remotely from anywhere. It connects to your Wifi and the battery does not drain easily.

You can set the white colour balance, flow, brightness and other things through the app. One of the best features of the app is the personalizations.

When you like a light setting in particular brightness and colour, you can save it to ensure that the setting can be accessed again. If not there, are pre-built light settings for various occasions such as Reading, Romantic Dates, Movie Nights and more.

Lifetime Value

Now when it comes to bulbs, I’ve had ones that have last for an entire hour before they went bust. Changing and buying bulbs can be quite annoying. One of the reasons LED bulbs became super popular was because of their life span. They could last for years. It was possible for LED bulbs that would last for 5 to 6 years.

The Xiaomi LED Smart Bulb is in a completely different range. According to their official website, Xiaomi claims that the bulb used in 800 lumens at 10w will work for 25,000 hours. That is 22 years!

Final Thoughts

The LED Smart Bulb is the bulb we all need. It lasts for many years, there are numerous colours, you can completely automate the process of turning on and turning off the light. It works with Alexa and Google Home. You can control the brightness and temperature. Basically, this is a LED bulb that will work for you and can be customized to your situation completely.

Is it worth buying?

A million times yes. Even if your bulb lasts for a year, it’s still a worthy investment because of the numerous settings and features it has.


  • Lasts for a really long time (10+ years)
  • 16 Million colours
  • Brightness control
  • Temperature Control
  • Voice Control
  • Remote app access


  • Slightly more expensive than normal bulbs



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