Xiaomi Mi BAND 3 Review

by Spiddy Tan

When Fitbit came into the market, it was all the rage. A dedicated smartwatch only for fitness enthusiasts. It took the world by storm and sold millions of units. Post that, many companies came out with their own version of smart brands and Xiaomi is one of them.

Xiaomi’s Mi Band was successful and due to that success, they have released the third version which is the Mi Band 3.


Review of Mi Band 3


Mi Band 3 Design and Unboxing

Opening the box

mi band 3 unboxing

The box itself is unique because it’s encased by a transparent plastic and you will be able to see the product even before you open the packaging.

Inside the box is the tracker are the watch strap, charging cable and instruction manuals. This is similar to Mi Band 2.


The Band

mi band 3 review

The Mi Band 3’s display, which is a 0.78-inch OLED screen is twice the size of the previous model. It doesn’t have a gorilla display which doesn’t protect it from scratches.

The Mi Band 3’s strap has grooves where you can place the tracker and it’s almost impossible for it to fall off because of the form factor.

The strap for the Mi Band 3 is amazing, the quality is good and is made of rubber. There are more holes on this Mi Band compared to the previous one which is beneficial for people who have small wrists and big wrists.

It ships with the black colour strap, but other colours like red and blue can be purchased for cheap.

Mi Band 3 Specifications

Use, Battery Life and Charger

mi band 3 specs

The Mi Band 3 uses Bluetooth 4.2LE to connect with the phone which improves the battery life considerably. The band also displays far more important information compared to the Mi Band 2.

While the Mi Band 2 displayed the time and the date, the Mi Band 3 displays calories burned, battery level, steps taken, weather forecast, stopwatch and a heart rate monitor. This makes it a much more valuable band.

It has a 110 mAh battery and according to Xiaomi, it has a battery life of around 20 days which is pretty good for a smart band.

You can find your phone with the help of the band and can enter your workout sessions directly without the use of an app.

The display can also be dimmed with the helo of the night mode which is a new feature.

The band displays notifications and incoming calls which you can reject or mute. This can be done with the help of the capacitive touch that is located at the bottom of the tracker.

You can receive notifications from Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and other channels. You can read complete texts on your band.

There are multiple touch options such as single touch and long-press for running certain functions. This is easy to get used to.

The band also gives you various time display styles based and you can choose one based on your preferences.


Using it for workouts


The Mi Band 3 is a Non-GPS tracker which also helps with improving battery life but the downside is, not so accurate data, right?


The Mi Band 3 has some of the most accurate information for steps taken and distance covered among all Non-GPS trackers. If you want more accurate information, you can pair it with your phone and use the help of your phone’s GPS to get a more accurate number.

While working out, the band displays the heart rate and the time.

When you are in the exercise mode and you have been resting for too long, the band vibrates giving you an intimation to get moving. This is a feature which is highly useful for athletes.

xiaomi mi band 3

Global Version Price: $25.99


Other features


The Mi Band 3 tracks your sleep time and shares the data with you. A nifty new addition is a vibrating alarm which helps you wake up without startling.  It has an IP67 rating, with 5ATM which means it can be used underwater up to 50 metres.




If your Mi Band 3 ships with Chinese text, then you needn’t worry, you can install an APK file and use it with English text.


Final Thoughts


This is a value for money product and that’s what makes it enticing. It has a touch display, although that affects the battery life to a bit. But the added features help you track your workouts better which is awesome for people who are looking for a feature-rich workout band.



  • For a Non-GPS tracker, the steps taken and distance covered are pretty accurate
  • The battery life is pretty decent
  • The display is nice and bright
  • The in-band notifications are useful
  • The tracker doesn’t fall off while working out even during intense workouts
  • The price makes it a completely valuable product



  • The charger is Xiaomi’s proprietary, so if you lose this one, you can’t buy just any charger from the market
  • The sleep tracking feature is pretty basic compared to other bands
  • There is no altimeter, so this doesn’t factor in elevation while performing workouts

mi band 3 aliexpress cheap price

Global Version Price: $25.99


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