Xiaomi Mi 5 Review


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Xiaomi Mi 5 is equipped with the just launched Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with 64 bit computing and 8 CPU cores (4 Cortex-A57 and 4 Cortex-A53 cores). This processor is designed for most advance mobile user experience, that includes streaming Ultra HD 4k videos, best quality photos along with great battery life.

Touch ID:

Xiaomi mi5

Xiaomi was working on the Touch ID sensor for their Mi5 since long. There were rumours that Xiaomi Mi4i would come with a Touch ID which were proved wrong when Xiaomi Mi4i was launched. We always believed Xiaomi Mi5 is going to be the first XIaomi device with the new touch sensor designed by Xiaomi and here it is.

Another level of security feature that Xiaomi is working on is the Retina Sensor which would scan an eye retina in microseconds and unlock phone. This new piece of technology is not coming out very soon as this will need some really precise retina scan technology which is still in testing phase. So its fair to assume that the next to Xiaomi Mi5 might utilize this technology.


With Snapdragon 820 processor, the new Xiaomi Mi 5 phone might be loaded with a 2k Ultra HD Screen. 5.15 inch IPS LCD capacitive touch display. Xiaomi Mi4s is a 5 inch screen as well.

xiaomi mi5
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ISOCELL powered 13 MP rear and 4 MP Front camera.

Sources say that Xiaomi talked about launching their 13 MP camera in the late 2014, rumours indicated that Xiaomi would introduce this with Mi4 but that also seems to be missing. So the best candidate for their 13 MP camera was Mi5 Xiaomi and the Xiaomi Mi4s. To stay into the competition where buyers judge the quality of imaging by the number of Megapixel. Xiaomi Mi4s has a more powerful camera than the Xiaomi Mi4, with a new image stabilisation technology.

Race of Higher Megapixels:

With the other phones like Sony Experia Z1 (20.7 MP) and the Nokia Lumia 1020 (41 MP), if we talk about the Megapixels(MP) then 16MP seems to be an old story.

And rumours also indicate that this camera update will be an ISOCELL chipped camera which means much better imaging in dark. ISOCELL allows each pixel to isolate which in turn allows the sensor to collect more light per pixel resulting in a higher lighted image.

Other additional features:

USB 3.0 On The Go (OTG) will give you the luxury to transfer files much faster then ever before. The phone will be able to communicate much faster to the external device connected which ultimately will improve the user experience. This will also give room to a lot of other speed data transfer functionalities.

Xiaomi Mi 5 has a 4 GB of RAM and in 3 storage memory variants i.e. 32 GB, 64 GB and 128GB.

How we think Xiaomi Mi5 and Xiaomi Mi4s might look like: Design rendered by Chen Li.

This was a concept made by one of our designers putting in the expectations that we have from the Xiaomi Mi 5. This concept has the full metal body frame which is very thin and sideblades are lined with black gunpowder metal. Phone is very thin in its fell but for the user to feel stronger the material used for the phone is high quality Steel AM Alloy.

Xiaomi mi5

Xiaomi Mi5 and Xiaomi Mi4s Price
Looking at the previous trend, Xiaomi doesn’t seem to be disappointing their fans on the pricing front. Xiaomi Mi4 was priced at $350 besides being the fastest android smartphone in the world at that point, while there were phones like Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One series priced almost 3 times of the cost of Xiaomi Mi4 competing with it. For those comparing Xiaomi Mi5 vs iPhone 6, we have a suggestion to keep the price point separate as that is only going to be the difference.

Rumours indicate that both Xiaomi Mi5 and Xioami Mi4s will be priced at around around $399 in and around China off contract.

Mi5 Xiaomi price in China: 1850 Yuan

Mi5 Xiaomi price in US : $350

Mi5 Xiaomi price in UK : 250£

Mi5 Xiaomi price in Russia: 15000 Ruble

Mi5 Xiaomi price in India : 21,000 Rs

Mi5 Xiaomi price in HongKong: 2400 HKD

Mi5 Xiaomi price in Indonesia: 3587000 Indonesian Rupiah

Mi5 Xiaomi price in Singapore: 430 Singapore Dollar

Mi5 Xiaomi price in Malaysia: 1100 MYR

Xiaomi Mi5 Release Date
Xiaomi Mi5 was revealed on February 24, 2016. With this release Xiaomi also brought out their next mid range and its called the Xiaomi Mi4s. Xiaomi Mi4 was released in August 2014 and Xiaomi Mi3 was released in October 2013. Looking at the previous trend and Xiaomi’s targets to sell more of Mi4s the Xiaomi Mi5 release date got pushed a bit but Xiaomi has made some true fans now who didn’t have problem waiting.

There were rumours that Mi5 might release in the early 2015, and Xiaomi would release the phone in CES 2015. All these rumours are proven wrong as Xiaomi made it clear that what they are going to launch is not Xiaom Mi5 but another of their new flagship. And these two new flagships turned out to Xiaomi Note 2 and Xiaomi Note Pro. Recently Xiaomi released another of their flagship Redmi Note 3 on November 11, 2015 which is equipped with a finger print sensor and is priced at around 210 USD. Now lets have a look at the release dates for Xiaomi Mi5 in your country.

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