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Naruto, an anime series that has been around for a long time, has become increasingly popular. This anime series is popular among people of all ages because it gives the impression that the viewers are in a whole different universe. Furthermore, it has a fantastic storyline and backstories to go along with it. Watching an anime with a solid tale and background music, action, and comedy is a natural choice for most people.

The Akatsuki are one of the most well-known organizations in Naruto. Many fans of this series admire the Akatsuki because both of the Akatsuki’s commanders, Obito and Madara, are committed to bringing about global peace through their efforts. Despite the fact that they are presented as villains, they do not genuinely have wicked motives. The Akatsuki, despite their relatively tiny numbers, are one of the most powerful groups in all of Naruto’s history. Its members are capable of defeating even the most expert ninjas and even subduing the tremendously powerful Tailed Beasts, according to legend.

It is a given that you will see someone wearing an Akatsuki cloak at cosplay events, Halloween parties, costume parties, and even birthday celebrations because of its popularity to most anime fans. For those who like to represent the Akatsuki at their next event, we have compiled a collection of Akatsuki Cloaks specifically for you. 

Some of the products that are listed on this article are also available as full sets, which means you won’t have to worry about searching for additional pieces that aren’t included in the packaging when you buy one of these products.

What is an Akatsuki?

A group of shinobi known as the Akatsuki (literally meaning “Dawn” or “Daybreak”) existed outside of the traditional system of hidden villages in the anime series Naruto. They were the main antagonists of the series. Over the course of several decades, Akatsuki has gone through a number of transformations and leadership changes. Regardless of how they are classified, all of these organizations are dedicated to making the world a better place in their own way. They possessed a number of secret lairs all around the world, but getting into them was tough due to the remoteness of the locations and the sophisticated security systems in place.

A long black cloak with red clouds, which depicted the rain of blood that poured down on Amegakure during its wars, was worn by members of the Akatsuki as a symbol of justice during their battles. Because of the unusual clothing worn by members of Akatsuki, they may be identified even from a long distance.

Top Akatsuki Cloak

Akatsuki Cloak Cosplay Costume Anime

where to buy akatsuki cloak

This Akatsuki Cloak is of excellent quality, and it is designed to look just like the ones seen in the anime. The red clouds on this robe have been meticulously embroidered. You can wear this cloak to Halloween parties, costume parties, and cosplay events, among other occasions.

This product is also available in a variety of sizes, including men’s, women’s, and children’s. Because of its high quality, it is an excellent value for money at its current market prices. It also includes an option if you want the headdress to be included in the price of your outfit. It also includes a wig option if you want to complete the look of your outfit with a wig. However, if you are only interested in the cloak, there is an option to purchase only the cloak.

The issue with this product is that the chest and neck portions of the cloak are a bit too tight, and the sleeves are a little too short as well. As a result, I recommend going one size larger than your typical size.

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Japanese Anime Costume Akatsuki Cloak Cosplay

akatsuki cloak aliexpress

This product is one of the most reasonably priced Akatsuki Cloaks available on Aliexpress. It is ideal if you do not have the money to purchase the more expensive models. When comparing the quality of this product to its pricing, it is fairly good. On this cloak, the red clouds are just printed or stamped into the cloth, rather than being stitched like the clouds on the other cloaks. 

This cloak is also somewhat small when compared to the measurement chart provided, so make sure to get a size larger than you would normally wear. It also includes an additional option whether you want the headpiece and the ring to be included in your purchase. This product is also available in a variety of sizes for children, men, and women.

The problem with this product is that there are so many loose threads, and some of the prints are inconsistent in their placement. Although it is still a very nice alternative to consider because of its extremely reasonable pricing.

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Tobi Obito Cosplay Costume Akatsuki Long Sleeve Cloak 

top akatsuki cloak aliexpress

The overall quality of this cloak is impressive, keeping in view its price. Alternatively, the outline of the red clouds has been nicely embroidered with white thread. Tobi’s (Obito) mask can be purchased separately, or if you choose to purchase the cloak and mask as a set, there is an option accessible in this shop for you to purchase. Additionally, it provides a complete set, which includes the ring, gloves, mask, and cloak. It is possible to purchase the cloak separately from the rest of the set if desired.

The problems in this product is that threads are sticking from this product all over the place, but they are readily removed by carefully cutting the material to avoid destroying the product. Due to the fact that the gloves are so thin, they could be torn off at any time while being worn.

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Akatsuki Cosplay Costume Cloak

best akatsuki cloak aliexpress

This Akatsuki Cloak features a similar high-quality finish to the other products mentioned in this article. It has a finely-embroidered outline of the red clouds as well, and instead of a long neckline like the other akatsuki cloaks, this cloak can be purchased with a hood that is attached to the cloak. Also available are the headband, tube half-face mask, ring and necklace, as well as gloves if you don’t mind spending a little more money. When it comes to cloaks, you can choose between the hooded cloak and the cloak with the original design on it.

There are several different sizes available for this product. It is suitable for both children and adults.

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Anime Cosplay Akatsuki Cloak Costume

akatsuki cloak aliexpress 2022

This Akatsuki Cloak, like the other cloaks in this page, is of excellent quality, exactly like the other cloaks in this article. However, the most distinctive feature of this product is that it is available as a complete set; by entire set, I mean that the costume is complete from head to toe! It contains the headpiece, the inner clothing of the costume, the weapons, the shoes, and a variety of other little accessories as well. Unfortunately, the option for this complete set is already unavailable but you can still purchase the other accessories individually at this same shop. 

There is only one flaw with this product, and that is that the size is slightly less than what is expected for a standard cloak of this type. The accessories that are provided in this package are likewise quite small. Because of the size of the accessories, it is more appropriate to be worn by a child than an adult. Despite this, the accessories are of high quality.

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Getting the Best Akatsuki Cloak AliExpress

As the anime series Naruto has grown in popularity, more people who attend cosplay events have expressed an interest in dressing up as a character from the series. Some of them, on the other hand, do not have the financial means to purchase an expensive, high-quality costume to wear to a formal event. Fortunately, there are some shops on Aliexpress that sell low-cost costumes that are still of high quality. 

There may be some flaws in the costume, but they are likely to be repairable because the majority of the problems with the products listed above are caused by threads that are sticking out. The quickest and most straightforward solution to this problem is to carefully cut all of the threads that are sticking out, taking care not to damage the cloak in the process. Do not pull on the thread that is poking out of the cloak because doing so may cause the stitching to unravel. 

Some of the items in this article are also available as a complete set, which includes everything from head to toe. Because of the fee that will be included in your orders, purchasing a complete set will also save you money over purchasing items one at a time. However, if the complete set is already sold out, some shops will give you a discount if you purchase multiple accessories from the same store at the same time. It is possible to avoid paying additional fees if you purchase items from multiple stores on Aliexpress by following this advice.

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