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when is free shipping shein

SHEIN is a Chinese-owned apparel store where you can find large-sized clothing as well as clothing for men, women, and children, as well as items for the house, accessories, and cosmetics.

They are one of the most well-known fashion retailers because of their broad selection, affordable prices, and international shipping. Even individuals are beginning to resell clothing from. 

However, SHEIN stands out and is so alluring to customers because of their deals, coupons, and point programs, which allow them to receive significant discounts on their purchases of approximately 50%. Free delivery is one of the many methods Shein gives its customers and supporters to save some money; nevertheless, this option is not always as straightforward to use.


This post will outline the various options the business gives you to qualify for free shipment.


Free shipping is available from Shein on purchases up to a specific amount. Free delivery is offered on purchases over $22 USD. Furthermore, it provides free shipping on some days. Additionally, free shipping is available through a variety of available discounts. It also provides new customers with free shipping.

shipping rates SHEIN US
2 weeks for standard shipping and 1 week for express shipping on SHEIN

So, if you’re a new customer to Shein, you can take advantage of this promotion on orders up to any quantity. The fact that Shein gives free shipping to its clients on Sundays is a promotion that few people are aware of. Simply use the appropriate coupon.

The homepage of the app typically features the coupon offers. But if you do happen to miss it, don’t be afraid to shop on Sunday since free shipping is always available then.

Details of the voucher offer can be found online. You should keep an eye on the app on Sundays to take advantage of this deal because it may only be valid for a short period of time at times. 

How to get free shipping at SHEIN?

With Shein, free shipping on Sunday is more akin to a limited time offer that is only accessible to those who act quickly. If you don’t spend hours per day browsing the website, you won’t be aware when free shipping is available, and there’s a chance you could miss out by a few minutes.

You don’t need to worry about where to enter a discount code or how to get the free shipping deal if you’ve been able to take advantage of the free shipping benefit on Sundays. 

SHEIN free shipping coupons within the APP

Every Wednesday, this Shein Live typically takes place in the afternoon or evening. You must pay close attention to this broadcast to notice how, eventually, they will announce a promo code that you can utilize to receive free shipping. By visiting the app’s home page, you can find the event. It’s also a good idea to turn on your alerts so that the app can alert you when the live broadcast has begun.

You must download the Shein app because there is no way to view the live event from your computer. The app is available here for Apple and Android devices. Another issue is that the free shipping code you will be provided expires very soon (in two or three hours).


As a result, we advise you to attempt to get your shopping basket prepared so you can use the code as soon as possible and avoid wasting time. You can also obtain different kinds of discounts and Shein points in these Shein live streams. 

Buy more than 29 USD to get the SHEIN free shipping 

Your order will be shipped for free if it costs more than 29 USD. According to some reports, using the SHEIN APP lowers the minimum purchase requirement for free shipping than using the company’s website in several nations, such Mexico. Check the price of the minimum order in your country because it differs by nation for this reason.

To get an even bigger discount on your order, combine your free delivery with your SHEIN points. 

FREE SHIPPING for new SHEIN customers

SHEIN periodically provides free shipping for brand-new clients. If there is a notice stating that you are eligible for a first order free of shipping fees on the website’s home page, this promotion is likely active.

Use SHEIN games to achieve free shipping 

SHEIN offers a variety of games, like roulette, that will help you effortlessly obtain free vouchers. To increase your chances of receiving these coupons, play these games frequently. 

Connect to the lives to have free shipping in SHEIN

Depending on the country you are in, SHEIN broadcasts live through the APP on Wednesday afternoons or evenings to display its newest trends. Direct offers coupons with free shipping during this time for purchases with a minimum cost of under 29 USD. Connect with them directly to receive free shipping more easily. Additionally, use it two hours later because this coupon will soon expire.

Every user of SHEIN has access to daily coupons. Finding a coupon to use on your purchase is not difficult, but it will be more challenging if your order is very modest and falls below the required minimum. You need to be aware of the specifics of these orders and how to apply coupons and discounts to them.

  •  What is a SHEIN voucher that requires no minimum purchase?

SHEIN coupons without a minimum purchase requirement are those that can be used to save money on your purchase without requiring you to place a minimum order of a certain amount. Because we don’t always need to place a huge order or sometimes, we just forget to buy a product and don’t need to do a large order, they are often sought-after coupons. SHEIN encourages customers to make greater purchases because they will save shipping fees and will be eligible for discounts.

  • Why are there no SHEIN coupons without a minimum purchase?

There are no SHEIN coupons available right now without a purchase requirement because SHEIN needs customers to make a minimum purchase with every order to make sure the coupons are valid. The network will not currently accept any of the coupons that state they have no minimum purchase requirement.

  • How to get a big discount on very small orders?

If you utilize your discount points and use days with free delivery, like Monday, when shipping is free for the smallest amount, you can obtain a significant discount on very modest orders that are less than the minimum where it is impossible to use discounts.

Check: Shein Delivery Time


This is one of the simplest alternatives because all you have to do is type “Shein free coupons” into the search bar to uncover a host of blogs and web pages that offer you these discounts. Keep in mind that certain pages may give phony coupons, so you should exercise extreme caution when using them.

You just need to remember the name and add the coupon to your shopping basket. You must be patient until you find the genuine ones and refrain from providing any personal information in exchange for a discount. Shein offers free shipping on express purchases that total more than USD $159 in total.

Similar to how ordinary orders over USD$49 receive free shipping, orders totaling over $159 can avoid paying the $12.90 fast shipping fee. Even if you choose free shipping, Shein does offer shipment insurance. This insurance is available for an extra $2.99; it is non-refundable, and it covers free, no-questions-asked returns of your order.

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