Best Designer Shoes and Bags Stores on Aliexpress 2019

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We have curated a number of designs for shoes and bags on Aliexpress which may fit the profile of your own style trend. These products are price friendly and certainly they should add to your collection in your closet.

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Nowadays, with the increase in the number of online shopping portals, it has become almost a trend for everyone to shop from online sites. On the flipside, with the increase in the number of cross-platform devices, everyone can use the internet on their devices. Moreover, one can also avail various offers and new discounts on the online stores that are tough to get in the physical stores of the same brand. In this context, it is important to mention the name of Aliexpress. It has a broad range of favorite fashion items for both men and women with the help of which they can significantly improve their looks. Here is the article we focus more on the TOP DESIGNER for Shoes and Bags.


Top Designer Shoes Stores on Aliexpress

#1 – Women Loafers Flat Shoes

women loafer flat shoes on aliexpres

A stylish women shoes like this is not only for every event, but it is considered as an asset for a female. You can mostly wear designer shoes like this with all customary and modern outfits that you select to wear. Though a perfect mix and match are needed, and this is why not to interrupt the synchronization.

Designer shoes on Aliexpress are the newest trend, and they are here to stay for a long time, you have to ensure that you have the entire shoe collection in your wardrobe. Click HERE to see the wonderful range we have populated.

loafer women shoes fashion aliexpress

Here are also the TOP 5 Women Shoe Stores you should look at.

  1. Haus Zum
  2. Salena Lou
  3. Beyarne
  4. O16U
  5. Hee Grand

#2 – Mens’s Moccasins Designer Fashion Shoes

men designer shoes aliexpress

A man’s look is incomplete without the perfect pair of shoes that shall complement his attire for the occasion. With the market flooding with multiple choices of designer shoes ranging from formal to casual ones, not many are aware of the different purposes that each design serves. The trendy shoes are highly recommended for attending social events or any such leisure activities. The same applies to this type of shoe. One of the astounding features of this designer shoe is that it has a sturdy frame and also has a breathable structure.

Another great feature of this shoe is that it can be used both by men and women. So, it has a wider popularity among all other shoes and thus features on the top of the list. This shoe also has a very comfortable insole that no doubt catapults it to the top of the list.  

Click HERE to access the designs. 

aliexpress designer handmade shoes

We have curated 5 great stores that carry these Italian designs.

  1. Xper Official Store
  2. Hecrafted Handmande Store
  3. Grimentin Store 
  4. LuoDiRam Fashion
  5. MerkMak Fashion Store

#3 – Trendy Rivet Smoking Men’s Flat Shoes

rivet flat shoe mens fashion aliexpress

With maximum flexibility and comfort, these shoes can enhance one’s performance while partying. The party shoes are mostly preferred by people who are looking for shoes that can complement their pair of party wear. The shoes come in a variety of designs that provide the perfect fit and are available in wide range of prices. As it has a wide range of sizes, it offers practicality to the buyers. The pattern type is geometric, and the packaging is quite attractive and appealing in nature.

Click HERE to see the range on Aliexpress.

Top Aliexpress Designer BAG Stores

  1. Cool Tiro
  2. Runway Shoe Store
  3. Xuanchen Shoe
  4. ERRFC Shoes
  5. Vouge Collection Shoe Case

#1 – Straw Summer Beach Tote Bags

women summer beach straw bags

If you want to have a beautiful handbag for any occasion or events, you have to be selective. A designer handbag like this helps you to stand out from others. Try some fashionable and stylish bags or clutches by matching up with your outfit from a wide range of choices in Aliexpress.

Lots of handbags like the sling, tote, hobo and many others are available in nowadays. The primary material used in this bag is of straw – Access HERE.

Stores that carry such SUNSHINE Designed bags.

  1.  Light Rain SN
  2. Shanghai Fashion Bag
  3. Rabbits Store
  4. Moonlight Fashion
  5. SEAC Fashion 


#2 – European Fashion Leather Women Handbags

european fashion leather handbags

Nowadays in the fashion world, a woman has to carry three significant pieces of stuff which would make her stand out amongst the crowd which is her personality, accessories, and handbag. For today’s females, this is quite important to carry a bag like this product as it says a lot about her class and social status. It is made of genuine leather, and this is why it is quite popular. The design strikes similar resemblance to Prada bags.

There are tonnes of such amazing designed stores but these 5 stores are the ones that caught our eyes the most.

  1. Foxer Official 
  2. Anakarreda
  3. Bolish TQ
  4. Great King
  5. Sunny

FAQs on Buying Shoes and Bags from Aliexpress

How long does it take for Aliexpress sellers to ship my items?

Most well curated sellers will ship the products out within 3 working days. Kindly take note different shipment takes different timing to reach destinations. We encourage you to use ePackets shipping option as much as you can It allows you to track so you know when your shipment from Aliexpress will arrive. Shipping to US will takes 2-6 weeks. Singles Day shipments take 2 months to fulfil.

Can the items be refunded from Aliexpress?

If the sellers make the incorrect items to ship to you. Example: colors or size. You can asked for refunds. Different sellers on Aliexpress have different terms and conditions for refunds. So it is best to check with them. If you have lost your parcel during shipment, it is best to contact seller too. They will guide you on the next step to what to do.

What if the shoes size does not match my foots? Can the shoes be refunded from Aliexpress sellers?

If you look carefully on each seller listings, they will have a size guide. This size guide is very detailed to what you should expect when comes to buying shoes online. We prefer you to take measurements in centimetres to avoid unnecessary refunds. Also, best practise is to buy one pair from seller to see their sizing and their shipping. If you are comfortable, by all means order more from the seller.

So Have FUN shopping.

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