Top 5 Best SKI Goggles for KIDs this 2018

best ski goggles for kids

One of the most adventurous sports of recent times is snowboarding and skiing. Both the games require a lot of accessories and protective equipment as they can be very dangerous at times. So, to prevent any mishap from happening, the sports must be played by using proper gears. Children too like the sports but in case of children safety must be top notch. They require a lot of protection while skiing on snowy slopes or downhill acceleration.

If your kid has an enthusiasm for sports like this, you must support but never let him out without proper protection. Apart from getting him ready physically and mentally, you must describe him the need of protective gears too so his awareness must rise for them and he does not face any problem while skiing.

Top 5 Curated Kids SKI Goggles

Scott Sports 221333 Agent Goggles

Designed for 3 to 6 year olds. Youth goggles that don’t compromise on quality or features and won’t break the bank. SCOTT’s Hypoallergenic Super-Soft Face Foam provides a precise fit around facial features while sealing out the elements.

Important Features:

  • Designed for 3 to 6 year olds.
  • Youth goggles that don’t compromise on quality or features and won’t break the bank.
  • SCOTT’s Hypoallergenic Super-Soft Face Foam provides a precise fit around facial features while sealing out the elements; this single density foam is comfortable and has special moisture management properties.
  • Silicone-lined anti-slip strap.
  • Comes with Standard Clear Anti-Fog Coating (AFC) Lens.

Bolle 20569 Mojo Goggles

A classic design with a matte black frame and modern technology, these googles fit easily and comfortably over most helmets and were designed to wear all day long.

Important Features:

  • Classic, medium-to-large-fit goggle offers throwback styling with an advanced lens technology for excellent optical clarity and fog-free performance.
  • Flow-Tech Venting designed to reduce fogging and optimize flow of air over inside of lens; venting ports control airflow, while preventing clogging from snow and ice.
  • Unique double lens design creates thermal barrier while providing clear optics and superior seal.
  • P80 Plus/Carbo GLAS (anti-fog/anti-scratch) coating provides protection against unwanted lens fogging and most scratching
  • Includes limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Ski Goggles Molded Frame for flexibility and style Over sized dual density face foam for comfort, shock absorption with reduced skin irritation Ventilated Anti Fog Goggles for optimum performance One Size Fits All Works well with helmet 400% UV Protection.

Important Features:

  • Ski/Snowboarding/ATV/Sky Diving Multi Purpose Goggles Molded Frame for flexibility.
  • One Size Fits all.
  • Works well with helmet.

Bolle Ski Goggles

The Bolle Volt Ski goggles are a kid-sized goggle with great features to keep them comfortable on the mountain. The goggles feature a double layer lens, Flow-Tech venting, and P80+ Anti-Fog to prevent fogging. The goggles are helmet compatible and have single layer face foam for a secure seal.

Important Features:

  • Double lens creates a dual-pane thermal barrier.
  • Flow-Tech venting system.
  • Junior 6+ years.
  • Carbo-Glass outer lenses are sheathed in a protective armour to prevent scratches.
  • Embedded premium anti-fog layer in the inner lens disperse water molecules across the surface of the lens.

STAGE STG1400GBK Kids Goggle

The antimicrobial foam padding is soft against their faces, and the amber lens with a mirror coating adds definition and protects eyes in any light conditions.

Important Features:

  • Small enough for the youngest of skiers.
  • Flexible frame adapts to different face shapes.
  • Permanent anti-fog lens coating.
  • Full spectrum UVA, UVB protection.
  • Dual density antimicrobial foam padding is soft against skin.

Things to note when buying SKI Goggles for KIDs.

One of the most important gears while skiing is ski goggles. Your children must have them while skiing. There are various kinds of goggles. The full description of what kind of goggle will suit your child while skiing is mentioned below.

1. You must check the frame of the goggles first while buying for your kid. The best ski goggles have a very strong frame so they can easily protect your child. Keep that in mind while buying ski goggles.

2. Ultra violet protection is another thing which is important while skiing. If the Ultra violet rays can affect your eyes and vision so eyes must be protected from it especially in the case of children. The goggles which you are going to buy for your child must be 100% Ultra violet protected.

3. The winter air is very chilly and it always blows heavily on the mountain slopes. So, tiny dust particles may enter your eyes if proper protection is not given to them. A nice goggle will always protect your eyes from any kind of dirt or dust and that happens in the case of your child too so that you or your child can ski without facing any problem or thinking about the protection of eye.

4. The glasses are dual frame which gives you a very clear view while skiing. The glass does not fog up due to its advance systems. You will find that a lot of companies nowadays make snow goggles with anti-fog coating.

5. There is a layer which is like foam for the protection of kids so they do not feel uncomfortable while putting them on.

6. If you fall during skiing, the goggles will shield your eyes as most of the ski goggles nowadays have shatterproof senses to avoid such disaster.

7. If you think that your kid needs a bit more protection while skiing, you can go for the goggles which have vented frames and vented lances. What they will do is block the air flow to help your kids.

8. For amateurs and small kids, the best thing to have is Glares with snow helmets. This will protect your child while he is having fun as the helmet is made of quality material.

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