Top Chinese Mini Projectors on Aliexpress and Alibaba 2023

by Spiddy Tan

Top Chinese Mini Projectors

If you are the kind who loves to watch your favourite movie or show on a large screen, we can assure you, you’re not alone. Everybody loves watching their favourite programs on a big screen, and if given a chance, they would do it every day. And why not?

What’s stopping you? You don’t have to always have a large screen TV and spend lots of money to buy one. All you need are some top chinese mini projectors and a white screen or a white wall. 

Now if you’re thinking about what you should do when you travel or go on a picnic or camping, worry not, cos we live in the age where everything is light and portable, built for ease and convenience. This is where mini projectors come into the picture. Light, easy to use and some sold for quite cheap as well on websites like AliExpress, this is your best bet to feed your need for that “movie theatre” kind of experience, anywhere, anytime. So, read more to find out some top Chinese mini projectors


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Best Chinese Mini Projector on AliExpress

Here are the top Chinese mini projectors to purchase from the website. Most of these projectors are under $100.

Top Mini Projectors on AliExpressPrice
AUN Smart Mini Projector A30C$53.80
ThunderDeal TD90 Portable Projector$78.70
Byintek Sky Portable Mini Projector$159.45
LEJIADA YG300 Pro LED Mini Projector$33.99
VCHIP UC28D Mini Projector$44.61

#1. AUN Smart Mini Projector a30c – Best portable projector found


Comes with 2 years warranty.


  ① System: Multimedia System ( You can play local video and photos through USB port )

  ②Phone screen mirroring: Support for Android / IOS systems 

  ③ screen mirroring mode: Wireless / Wired  (Wireless connection does not require external wifi)

  ④ CPU: RK3036,  Higher Standard Chips

  ⑤ Note: X3 Does not support connecting to WIFI, No Bluetooth function


  ① Battery: 3,200mAH

  ② Speaker: 8Ω1w, Diameter 22mm

  ③ Interface: USB*1, HD input*1, DC-in*1, Audio output*1

This smart mini projector is a device that weighs as less as 260 grams and can basically fit into a person’s palm. Being as small as this does not compromise on the clarity, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. This packs a whole lot of power and delivers the high contrast ratio of 1:2000. This can connect to wi-fi very easily and is super convenient to carry around or place in any room of your house. Of course, this is one of the most recommended top Chinese mini projectors on AliExpress.

#2. ThunderDeal TD90 Portable Projector 2400 Lumens – Cheapest chinese projector we found!

best mini projector reviews

The new ThunderDeal Mini Portable Projector is a Full HD 2400P projector with WIFI compatibility and ports for HDMI, AV, USB, and SD. Weighing about 1.2 kilograms, this projector is slightly heavier than other mini projectors on Aliexpress, but it also offers that much more power.

This projector sports a resolution of 800*480 with a manual focus lens and an LED lamp. It is a digital projector and is also a home theatre projector. It has a projection distance of one to three meters. Both, the audio and video quality of the projector are good.

Easy to set up and wonderful to use, this projector is worth the money. If you love watching movies on the big screen, this is your gadget!

#3. Byintek Sky Portable Mini Projector – Best lightweight chinese projector

best mini projector for movies

Comes with 2 years warranty

The SKY mini projector is a mini LED projector. It has WiFi compatibility and has a wireless HDMI/USB VGA Control. Available in black color only, the projector can fit anywhere.

Although it sports a small body weighing merely 1.29kg, the device provides strong images with high contrast and brightness resolutions. The projector has a maximum resolution of 1280*720 and the projected dimensions are 43-150 inches with a screen scale of 16:9.

The unique selling point of this device has to be the fact that it is not merely a projector –it is also a power bank, which makes this an excellent choice if you are the kind who travels a lot. Now not many projectors can boast that they are multi-functional! Compatible with Android and iOS, the projector is best for business travel, outdoor activities, and gaming.

#4. LEJIADA YG300 Pro LED Mini Projector

best cheap mini projector

Another one from the top Chinese mini projectors you can find in AliExpress is this LEJIADA YG300 Pro that beautifully fits into the palm of your hand. This mini projector is an upgrade of the GM 50 and is ideal for video gaming and movie watching. Don’t be fooled by its great looks and tiny size as this packs quite a punch. Launched in 2019, the product has a brightness of 400-600 lumens and has a maximum resolution of 1920*1080P. The lens is manual and the screen is scaled to 4:3/16:09.

The contrast ratio sported by the projector is below 1000:1 and the source of light is LED in nature. With an optical resolution of 320x240dpi, this easy to set up and use mini-projector should be on your shortlist without a doubt. Shipped speedily by a responsive seller, this projector is one of the obvious favorites of regular customers on AliExpress.

#5. VCHIP UC28D Mini Projector

best portable mini projector

This innovatively designed projector that fits your hand is one of the first in the market that can be installed via your iPhone or iPads. Very simple to set up and use, this smart projector just needs the adaptor cable of your Macbook or iPod or other Apple devices.  

If you are an Android user, don’t worry. You can also use this projector by connecting it with an MHL cable. 

This is probably the most convenient projector you can find because it can be installed through a device you already have, making your life much easier. 

Best Mini Projectors from Alibaba for Wholesale

Today, I have brought to you the top Chinese mini projectors on Alibaba that come at extremely reasonable prices and give you a dose of fun and entertainment. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows when the mood strikes and then keep it aside. They also come in great designs so you can keep them on display and enhance the aesthetics of the room you decide to keep them in. 

Also, you do not have to worry about the hassle of installing the projector. It is a fairly simple work that does not require extensive knowledge. Enjoy clear, bright, and beautiful images with the top Chinese mini projectors.

Top Chinese Mini Projectors on AlibabaPrice
OEM ODM 6000 Lumens Projector$109.00
Komay New Design Mini Projector$99.00
Wireless Sync Display Projector$78.00
Portable Mini Projector$25.65
Mini Projector$84.00
Xiaomi HD Laser Projector$1,480.00
Home Theatre Projector$130.68

#1 OEM ODM 6000 Lumens Projector

best mini projector on Alibaba

We all have seen the use of projectors in offices and institutions for meetings and presentations only. Have you thought of using a projector in a way that can make your own house a home theatre? Well, if you have not, then I am here to help you with this smart idea.

You can have theatre nights in your own room with the help of this amazing projector as it is going to give you a bigger screen and an opportunity to watch anything you want, in your own space. It offers you good resolution and sound backup for a theatre-like experience. Other than that, it also comes with a controllable focal lens for a clear view and is made with an environmentally friendly material.

#2 Komay New Design Mini Projector

top chinese mini projector

Although there are different choices in terms of home projectors, I am presenting a lumen laser projector that is offered at a very reasonable price. It is a mini projector that has built-in speakers that give you amazing sound performance. About the lamp life, it is quite durable as the lamp can work for more than 30k hours. You can connect this LCD projector with most devices such as tablets, PC, smartphones, digital cameras, and many more!

For installation and other instructions, you get a guide manual with an LCD projector, audio cable, remote control, and a power cable. Get this mini projector right away for an amazing watching experience at your comfortable spot.

#3 Wireless Sync Display Projector

best chinese mini projector

A home projector is a new way to modify your way of watching and chilling. Now you can also enjoy watching your favourite series at your cosy place with the help of this LCD projector. This one comes with 45 to 200 inches of projection size and has LED as a light source. This digital projector has a manual focus lens that offers 3D view and is also wireless with good quality built-in speakers.

You can trust this product for its durability as it is known for its long-lasting nature. It is a one-time investment that is going to rock your life very nicely. Lumen technology gives a clearer view with perfect resolution and brightness. Above all, the picture display is a complete eye candy!

#4 Portable Mini Projector

top chinese mini projector on alibaba

Have a look at this digital projector which is suitable for business, education, and home as well. First, let us talk about how cute this looks! This mini projector is absolutely weightless and gives a vibrant and bright image because of LED lamplight. If you do not have a big room but still wish to buy a projector then you can go for this mini projector.

This portable mini projector is quite affordable and comes with amazing features, such as its style, resolution, and long lamp life. This can be a great gift for kids and is suitable for playing games and watching videos or movies. Known for its compact size and portability, this one is very easy to handle and can be used with the help of a remote as well.

This is one of the cutest on our list of the top Chinese mini projectors where you can find on Alibaba.

#5 Mini Projector

top mini projector reviews

If you are a movie freak and spend a lot of time in front of the TV, then you must switch to something that is safe for your eyes as well. This mini projector has some very great quality that makes it stand out from the crowd. Since it is small, you can carry it anywhere and connect with various devices. The brightness and radiation are extremely controlled that do not affect your eyes and hence comes out to be safe.

Built-in speakers are just like a cherry on top in the case of this mini projector. Also, many machines make a lot of noise because of the fans inside them, which help in cooling down the device. However, in this case, the fan makes very less noise that is hard to even notice.

Check out this one of the top Chinese mini projectors here:

#6 Xiaomi HD Laser Projector

best mini projector xiaomi

A projector and a white wall, that is all you need to have an amazing theatre like experience at home! Here is one of the most recommended and the one that has bagged itself very good feedback in the past. Xiaomi brand is known for its technological devices and this overhead projector is one of those. This one uses LED lamps for a better quality image and uses 5000 lumens of brightness for a clear view.

The most unique feature of this projector are the lenses. This projector has both a manual focal lens and an electric lens that works and adjusts itself. Never place the projector very close to the wall as it can affect the quality of the picture and it can also become hard to adjust. The durability of this product is unquestionable as the lens serves you for 25000 hours.

You can always find Xiaomi as one of the top Chinese mini projectors because of its advanced features of gadgets and devices. So, never miss this one!

#7 Home Theatre Projector

best budget mini projector

For gaming, presentations, videos, and others, you can go for one of the high-quality top Chinese mini projectors. This is not just going to work indoors but also for outdoor theatre. Isn’t that a deal? It is for sure and you must definitely get it for those movie nights or game nights.

Get this projector that gives you access to multiple languages, provides you appropriate lighting with balanced brightness, works for a very long time, and which can also be connected to various devices with the help of an HDMI port! The outer body is also of good quality as it comes with a dust filter that protects the insides of the projector and keeps it working smoothly. You must get this one now and enjoy binge-watching.

Chinese Projectors’ Accessories you can Buy Online

It’s a good idea to buy some good quality accessories for your projector to ensure you have a smooth movie-watching experience. The items sold on Aliexpress are of excellent quality and priced very nominally. Do go through and take your pick!

Universal Aluminum Alloy Home LCD Projector Tripod

WZATCO Electric Projection Screen

How to Choose the Best Chinese Mini Projector?

Buying a mini projector is different from buying a regular-sized projector. These two obviously have different specifications to offer. To help you choose the best mini projector to buy, we have listed three of the most important factors or features you need to check before choosing one.

1. Brightness

Since mini projectors are small, they might have differences in producing brightness. So, it’s better to read every product description to check the quality of its light or brightness. Another thing is to watch videos, reviews, or demos.

2. Portability

Well, what’s a mini projector if it’s not portable, right? Of course, you should consider buying a mini projector for portability. So, choose one that is easy to carry, compact, and easy to keep or store.

3. Image Quality

We don’t want a blurry or low-quality movie to watch with a projector. Check the mini projectors’ resolution of image quality.

Chinese Projector Tear Down

Buying the Top Chinese Mini Projectors Online: What You Need to Know?

PS: Aliexpress sells cheaper than Amazon

Well, as easy as it is to suggest that you buy a mini projector for making your movie-watching moments fantastic, we’re sure you must be wondering where and which particular projector to buy. We agree it’s certainly not easy to go through long lists of sellers and items on all the platforms available. That is why we have curated a list for you after a lot of research and trials from Aliexpress. 

An online global retail marketplace, AliExpress has been taking care of your needs since 2010. With customized products over a wide range of options, AliExpress is perhaps the most amazing online retail portal there is. It is a boon for everyone who looks forward to convenient shopping without additional cost.

If you are looking for Mini Projectors and are not sure where to buy them from, try AliExpress or Alibaba.

With prices that are loveable, along with regular discounts, AliExpress is well known to make shopping easier for everyone all over the world.

Hope you like our reviews. Happy Shopping!

Top Chinese Mini Projectors on AliExpress and Alibaba: FAQs

Can you watch Netflix using the Chinese projector?

Definitely! With a projector, you can enjoy all your favorite Netflix shows and movies. It is a great way to bring the picture on a wall or screen; you can enjoy the shows with friends and family, thanks to the projector that projects the show to a larger surface area. To do so, you can simply install the Netflix application on your smart projector and enjoy.

Are mini projectors worth it?

Yes, a mini projector is worth it because of its portability and convenience. There are mini projectors that offer great image quality but expect that this comes at a slightly higher price. What’s good about mini projectors is you can take them anywhere with you.

How long do mini projectors last?

There are different answers you can find online when it comes to the average lifespan of a projector and mini projector. Let’s say it can last for about a year, two, or more, depending on how well you maintain it.

What makes a mini projector good?

Of course, the best mini projector is portable and easy to carry. This is usually the purpose why some people purchase mini projectors. Most of them are convenient and simple to use, plus they are at an affordable price.

How many lumens should a mini projector have?

The best mini projector should have at least 500 lumens to deliver. With this number of lumens, you can have a great image quality of display with good brightness.

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