Top 3 places to visit in Bhutan

by Tollo Francis
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If your looking to pay a visit to Bhutan on your next travel, by all means consider these 3 great places of interests.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery

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Tiger’s Nest Monastery is believed to be the birthplace of Buddhism in Bhutan, making it the holy monastery in the nation. Precariously perched high up on a steep cliff a dizzying 10,000 feet/3,048 meter above sea level, it definitely also has the breathtaking and fascinating location.

Why could it be called the Tiger’s Nest? Legend says that in 8th century Guru Rinpoche, also known as Padmasambhava and among the holiest figure in Mahayana Buddhism, flew for this exact area from Tibet on a back of a tigress (who was a manifestation of his divine consort). He came to subdue a demon and then took residence in a cavern where he meditated for 3 days, 3 months and 3 years. He then started the conversion of Bhutanese into Buddhism.

The monastery was built around the cave where Guru meditated in 1692. It is a cultural icon of Bhutan, nowadays. A trip to Bhutan isn’t complete without a visit to this sacred site.

But just how to get there? For those of us with no tantric powers to turn our partners there are two ways to reach the monastery. The challenging alternative is to hike all the way up and the easier (but not safer) alternative is to ride a horse up to allowed points and then hike from there.

Punakha Dzong

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Punakha Dzong is beautifully situated between the convergence of Phochu and Mochu Rivers ( “male” and “female” rivers), It’s considered the most brilliant of the fortresses in Bhutan. Assembled in 17th century, Punakha Dzong functioned as the capital and seat of goverment of Bhutan before it was moved to Thimphu in 1955. Nowadays, it houses the judicial and administrative offices of Punakha District. Punakha Dzong is also the winter residence of Bhutan’s spiritual leader, Je Khenpo. He and his retinue of 600 monks every November migrate from Thimphu to Punakha,. The Dzong additionally houses the sacred remains of st and Bhutan’s most holy lama of two. The recent wedding of the king that was present was held here. The Dzongs were designed to shield against invasion. One of the strategic features of this Dzong is the steep wooden entry stairs that can be pulled up. It also leads to a doorway that is very hefty.

Trongsa Town


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The town of Trongsa is smacked at the center of Bhutan and is among the most historic towns in the state.This place was considered important to controlling the kingdom in earlier years due to its great strategic position.

This town is situated on a steep ridge and offers awesome views of the deep valleys around it. The various hotels, guesthouses and restaurants all offer stunning views from their balconies. Trongsa Dzong is easily visible from anywhere in the town and is always an impressive sight behold as it is located on top of a steep ridge that drops off into the clouds on its south side.

You see, the road trip isn’t for the faint of heart and in the countryside of Bhutan is never straightforward. The narrow road hugs the mountain on one side with a steep drop. Most of the roads were paved in the 1960’s and are now ridden with potholes. Go figure.) Nevertheless, do’t forget to package your Dramamine if you’re seeing Bhutan.) But you can get used to the shake and rock after, the sceneries along the way are really spectacular to behold.

Until now, choosing a tour operator has been the most challenging part of traveling to Bhutan, a a country where independent travel is’t not impossible and a $200 to $250 daily minimum tour package is needed. After receiving an official sanction from Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck, MyBhutan (, a brand new one-stop travel portal, hopes to help usher the country into an era of technology-savvy efficiency.

The website features countless new actions and lodgings, eateries, videos of 150 guides and 350 documented local agencies, like rafting the Dangme Chhu. Visitors to the website can create their own wish list that is “,” subsequently decide operators that are related and guides. The website also plans to add exclusive tours and a rating system. Some of the proceeds will finance a nearby organization that assists communities that are exposed, the Tarayana Foundation.

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