15 Cheap Gaming Gadgets on Aliexpress 2020

by Spiddy Tan

Here we reviewed some of the best gaming accessories you should take note off if you’re a Gamer. We review PC Gaming as well as Mobile gaming gadgets you’d should not miss this 2020!

Best part is they are all so affordable! Imagine a gaming full leather chair that cost less than US200.

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Cheap Gaming Gadgets from Aliexpress

#1 – GameSir X1 BattleDock for FPS Games

The X1 BattleDock from GameSir allows its user to connect their keyboard and mouse to their smartphones while playing games as it would give them better control on the game rather than using fingers.

gaming battledock

The device is a simple and portable one that can hold your smartphone comfortably and can be connected with it through Bluetooth. The device has USB ports for hosting keyboard and mouse and promises long battery duration.


  •    Compact design with adjustable and foldable holder.
  •    Adopts Bluetooth 4.0 technology that gives a lag-free gaming experience.
  •    Powerful 3000 mAh batteries that can run a day long.
  •    Comes with 1-year warranty for maintenance and a 30-day warranty for return or replacement.


  •    iOS users cannot play PUBG or Fortnite as the game publishers do not encourage it.
  •    There are more chances for getting banned from PUBG for both iOS and Android users.

Price: US24.60

#2 – Rocketeck High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mouse for PC

The Rocketeck gaming mouse is designed explicitly for assisting PC gamers to have better control over their games. It has a 16,400 DPI laser sensor with 5 DPI settings that enable players to enjoy pixel-precise targeting.

gaming gadget mouse
gaming mouse china

The console has 18 buttons and can store five different control combinations.

best gaming mouse set

  •    Compact and easy to control.
  •    Five distinct light colors to identify different control settings.
  •    Smooth Teflon mouse pad.
  •    Rechargeable battery.


  •    Designed specifically for right-handed players.
  •    No warranty period mentioned.

Price: US 30.96

#3 – Centechia Wireless Wifi Repeater

The Centechia wireless wifi repeater is useful in boosting and expanding your wifi connection.

wireless wifi repeater for gamer

If you feel that your PC is situated at a distance from your Wifi router and it is unable to access the full speed of the internet, you can purchase this wifi repeater which will boost the signal thus providing full speed internet.


  •    Easy to setup and configure.
  •    Provides 300 Mbps transmission.
  •    Supports both repeater and AP modes.
  •    Supports WDS.


  •    The warranty period is only three months.

Price: US 9.33

#4 – Chinfai QI Wireless Charger Adapter for PS4 Controller

To assist PlayStation 4 players in charging their dual shock controller, Chinfai has come up with a QI wireless charger through which your PS4 controller can be charged just by inserting the adaptor to the charging port.

Wireless Charger Adapter for PS4:PS4 for gamer
GAMING gadget aliexpress for ps4 gamer

This enables users to charge while playing games and reduces the chances of damaging the charger port.


  •    Charging without cable interference.
  •    Allows charging while playing.
  •    Very easy to use as the controller can be charged just by attaching the QI adapter to it.
  •    The compact design enables better and comfortable handling of the controller.


  •    The warranty period is only three months

Price: US 12.72

#5 – Kotion Each G2200 7.1 Vibratory Gaming Headset

This device is specially designed for gamers who love to have not only a great visual experience but also an amazing audio experience. It has a 7.1 surround chip and a vibration chip which will give a complete surround sound and also vibrations at shocking moments.

best gaming headset chinese
aliexpress gaming headphone

The headband is very flexible which can be even twisted with skin-friendly leather pads.


  •    The device also has an adjustable noise reduction microphone.
  •    Contains 50mm speaker unit.
  •    Multi-functional line control to control mic, vibration, volume, and LED.
  •    Can be used even if your computer’s sound card is damaged.


  •    The manufacturer has not mentioned any warranty period

Price: US 15.47

#6 – Hexgears K735 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Hexgears mechanical keyboard is specifically designed for gamers to provide them with more comfort and accuracy. The keys are more sensitive and rigid than the keys on contemporary keyboards, and the device comes with a gold plated USB.

best gaming keyboard china
best gaming keyboard aliexpress

There is enough space between the key lines which makes it easier to clean.

The keyboard promises a key lifetime of 80 million and supports XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.


  •    The device is waterproof and dustproof.
  •    25% touch consistency.
  •    Suits both gaming and work.


  •    The keys produce more sound which may annoy some users.

Price: $52.46

#7 – Data Frog Retro Handheld Game Console

The Data Frog game console is an all in one gaming console which can be used to play games, store music, pictures, and even videos. The console comes with 3000 built-in classic games and can accommodate a 32GB external TF card.

best gaming gadget game console handheld
datafrog game console

It can also be used by connecting it to television which would serve as its AV output.

game console aliexpress


  •    Hosts 3000 built-in games and supports most game formats.
  •    More than 2000 games can be downloaded and saved.
  •    Supports video playback, Mp3, and picture browsing.
  •    Compact in size and easily portable.


  •    The software interface is not so great.
  •    Trouble in connecting with PC

Price: $53.35

#8 – Jarku Six Siege Super Large Mousepads

Jarku’s super large mousepads are made up of rubber in a 70×40 cm dimension. The mouse pads are very large in size and come in various colors and designs which will make your PC setup appear more decorative and attractive.

top gaming gadget
LARGE gaming mouse pad
best gaming accessory on aliexpress

The product is waterproof and highly resistant to wear and tear.


  •    Made of natural rubber.
  •    Eye-catching colorful design.
  •    Non-slip bottom.


  •    Quite expensive
  •    Average printing quality

Price: US 11.35

#9 – Xiaomi Touch Screen Gloves

Who do not love Xiaomi stuff! We have curated some of the top Mi Lifestyle Products.

The gloves are specially designed for making your smartphone using experience comfortable during the winter season.

gamer glove touchscreen

The glove promises to improve the speed and accuracy of the touch while gaming and is available for both men and women.


  •    Suitable for iOS, Android, and any other touchscreen device.
  •    Highly elastic and suits most hand types.
  •    Provides warmth in cold conditions and improves touch sensitivity.

Price: US 9.66

#10 – Xiaomi Gaming Notebook i7-7700 8GB 128GB

This laptop is designed with the sole intention of satisfying gamers and provide them an extraordinary gaming experience.

gamer laptop aliexpress

It hosts a 7th Gen Intel Core processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card which supports games with high-quality graphics.

gamer notebook best

The stainless steel air intake grill and ultra slim S fan prevents the device from getting overheated.

xiaomi gaming notebook


  •    High-quality graphics card and processor.
  •    Efficient heat dissipation system.
  •    Crystal clear HD display.
  •    Dolby Atmos.
  •    Backlit keyboard.


  •    Quite expensive

Price: US 1378

#11 – Free Fire PUBG Mobile Joystick Controller

This mobile joystick controller can host your smartphone very comfortable which will make it appear like a gaming console with a screen.

gaming controller aliexpress for mobile

The product is specifically designed for games such as PUBG, Fortnite, Rules of Survival, Knives Out, etc. and has proven to be more efficient than playing with bare hands.

It also has the L1 and R1 trigger buttons which give us a complete gaming experience.

  •    Simple and compact design.
  •    Adjustable phone handle can suit most phone types.
  •    The Ergonomic grip designed game handle.
  •    A Built-in bracket that enables playing games by placing the console on a table.


  •    Limited gear movement.
  •    Troubles in fixing L1 and R1 buttons properly.

Price: $8.29

#12 – Bobovr Z4 Leather 3D Cardboard VR Headset

The Z4 3D cardboard has built-in 3D glasses that help the users to enjoy a game or movie on their smartphones in 3D.

vr headset for gamer

The device is very easy to use, and all you have to do is download the VR app and select a 3D video, place your phone inside the console and enjoy watching the movie.
best vr headset

  •    Powerful and stereo sound.
  •    Suitable for myopia and hyperopia eyes.
  •    The remote control can also be used to play games.


  •    Lack of gesture recognition.
  •    Hosts only phones between 4 to 6 inches.
  •    Unsatisfactory lens quality.

Price: US 25

#13 – Manba Snake Wired LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard is purposefully designed for gamers which can be connected to both laptops and PCs. Its ergonomic design makes the gaming experience more enjoyable, and the keyboard is backlit.

Wired LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard

AliExpress.com Product – New Wired Backlit illuminated Multimedia Ergonomic Usb Gaming Keyboard + 2000DPI Optical Pro Gamer Mouse Sets + Gaming Mouse Pad

  •    It comes with an optical USB gaming mouse and a mouse pad.
  •    Waterproof and wear resistant.
  •    6-speed multi-function keys.
  •    Have ports to hold phone and lighter.


  •    Not suitable for AZERTY keyboard users.

Price: $39.42

#14 – MODE.UYUT Racing Synthetic Leather Gaming Chair

The racing synthetic leather chair is suitable for both gamers and those who use PC for other works.

The chair has five rollers and is adjustable so that it can accommodate people of various age and size.

best chair leather for gamer
gaming chair

The sponge present at the lower back part prevents us from getting back pain.


  •    Adjustable handles.
  •    Provides great comfort.
  •    The presence of rollers makes it easy to move.


  •    Some may feel the heat if seated for a long time.
  •    The smell of leather may not suit everyone.

Price: S$165

#15 – Dower Me Cooling ATX Gaming Computer Case

If you are worried about your CPU getting heated so quickly when gaming, you can go with this cool computer case as it prevents the device from getting heated. The product supports MicroATX, ATX, and ITX motherboards and can host an 8cm fan.


It comes in white and black colors and has seven expansion slots.

cpu cooling cover

AliExpress.com Product – New all round cooling ATX Gaming Computer Case For M-ATX motherboards Vertical Micro ATX Desktop PC Case gamer computer case

  •    Enough ventilation holes that prevent the system from getting overheated.
  •    Made out of coil rolled steel.


  •    Doesn’t come with a fan

Price: US 95

Buying Gaming Stuffs on Aliexpress

We have been telling people to keep buying from good trusted sellers on Aliexpress. Do not go for the cheaper ones. Go for ones that are very established.

That is all gaming folks. Hope you like our review on gaming gadgets.


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