Top 10 Gifts for Men who have Everything under $25

by Spiddy Tan

gifts for men who have everything under 25

The trends have been changing rapidly. While you consider adding the basic essentials to your wardrobe, you need to make sure it is filled with the much-needed trendy essence. Be it for a holiday trip or the fashion stuff you need when moving to office, we have done the legwork for you and put down the basic 10 items you must have in your wardrobe right away!

10 Trendy Gifts for Men who have Everything

We curated the best gifts for men. 

1. Reflective Retro Sunglasses

sunglasses for men
top10 gift for men

Summers are at the peak and getting a pair of shades is a must in the armoury. The Reflective Retro Sunglasses are high in trend these days. You certainly do not want to miss your photoshoots at your holidays or festivals with these sunglasses. These sunglasses are inspired by the steam-powered machines in the modern industrial revolution. The mirrored classic style lenses have a futuristic approach with a full round frame. They are apt for UV 400 protection and definitely a perfect pick while you want to get your wardrobe done!

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2. Airpods that works

fake airpod aliexpress

Do you know you do not need to spend a 199 usd to buy an airpod. We have this curated item that matches what apple airpod does. It cost just one tenth of the price of the real airpod. Yup 1/10. Oh my god, how can that be! Yes fake airpods have been evolving and this November 2019, you can get one shipped directly to your home at just $20. The i9000 TWS model is our best pick!

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3. Orange Pullover Windbreaker

coat for men who have everything

When the wind howls, it’s definitely tempting to stay lazy at home. But as you move out for a jog and find the wind howling, you surely need your pullover windbreaker. You will barely notice the weight of the pullover when you wear it. And when the wind starts whipping, you would surely be happy to have it. It packs down so small that you can easily carry it anywhere.

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4. Pinstripe Track Pants

pants for men who have everything

If you are the one who loves the casual sporty look with the mid waste track pants, then this is a must-have in your wardrobe. It is a simple track pant, comfortable to wear and looks exactly like the one that’ll cost you hundreds more. The side strip enhances the look of the pant. Blended with pure cotton material you won’t ever find it irritating to the body. Pick your purple or black track pants today and match them with your favourite t-shirt!

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5. Grey Laptop Strap Backpack

bag for men who have everything

Laptop bags, in general, are almost the same type. They are the big oval backpacks you may be bored of and actually gotten out of trend. There’s a lot more variety trendy stuff come up in the market for your laptop backpacks. The grey laptop strap backpack is an unusual one that will suit any type of cloth your wear giving a classy look. It is an apt choice to make if you travel often be it for business or a simple outing. Being a multipurpose bag, it is suitable for travels as well as to carry stuff to the office. In fact, the strap on the bag is an epitome of businessman.

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6. Mesh White Sneakers

sneaker for men who have everything
white sneaker

As the weather is getting warmer at the horizon, the white sneakers are a must in your wardrobe. They are a universal choice that goes with any type and colour of pant, jeans and even the shorts. While you plan to buy a high-quality pair of sneakers now, these Mesh White Sneakers are the best choice to have until spring. Wondering what if they get dirty? Do not worry, that’s a trend of its own. While the material is wash-friendly, you can simply wash them and dry under the sun to get the bright white mesh sneakers for yourself! Definitely one of the best gifts for men.

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7. Casual Military Boots

best causal boots for men

The Casual Military boots are again in fashion now. Made up of the cotton fabric, you will never feel hot wearing them. They are perfectly comfortable for the season and an excellent choice for casual wear. Black in colour, this pair is a perfect match for anything you plan to wear.

best gift for men under 25

The elegant and aggressive toughness allows you to trust these boots anywhere you go. The round tip and the tied laces add up to the beauty of these boots. Grab a pair for yourself or gift one to your loved ones today! Simply one of the top gifts for men.

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8. Contrast Drop Crotch Shorts

shorts for men

The summers are in a full swing and the heat is definitely not going to let up soon. The summer season sometimes just make us feel too hot to cover our legs. To not go away with your style and stay comfortable in the warm weather, these contrast drop crotch shorts are the best to add to your closet.

They are available in the loose fit pant style available in black, green, red and white. Match them with your favourite t-shirts and get one for yourself today! Perfect gifts for men who love to wear simple and easy.

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9. Men’s Gold Zip Leather Travel Bag

handbag for men

Packing for a trip can only be easy if the luggage has a good bag to settle. While the bags with wheels are more comfortable to drag, you may want to carry a handbag along. Especially for a single or a two-day trip, you will never want to wait with the herd at baggage claim. Adding this gold zipper leather travel bag is the best option for your closet to get yourself set for the next travel.

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10. Corkwood Wedding Bowties

bow tie for men

This wooden colour bow tie is made up of corkwood. The fabric at the back has a polyester–cotton blend that makes it comfortable to wear the bow tie. The real corkwood enhances its look to something really outstanding and unique. The features that make these bowties superior in quality is majorly the colour and the material. One can wear it for any formal occasion be it a performance, party or a wedding. Add this bowtie to your closet today and look the best at your upcoming function! Best small gifts for men who love to attend functions. 

From daily wear to formals to the traveling needs and various accessories, these products will simply make your wardrobe look better and smarter. Grab them soon and get-set for a stylish lifestyle this season!

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