Time-Saving Beauty Tips You Need Now

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Getting ready in the morning can be hectic, especially if you have kids. When you’ve got to look presentable, you don’t have a moment to spare as you make sure you look your best. That’s why implementing some time-saving strategies for your beauty regime can go a long way to cut enough time of your morning routine that you might just be able to enjoy that cup of coffee before you dash out the door.

Tip #1:

Take care of that hair

Get a good cut and color to suit your face. Tell your stylist you want something that’s easy to work with and style on your own, especially for busy mornings. Alternatively, if you have long hair and like it that way, try washing and drying your hair at night. Get the right tools to manage your hair too from brushes to styling products to hair irons. They will make getting the look you desire much easier.

Tip #2:

Get organized

Is your bathroom countertop overflowing with beauty products? Do you have to dig through your makeup drawer to find the things you wear day to day? Then it’s time to reorganize everything. Line up all your skin care products in the order you use them for less fumbling. And move only the makeup you use for your workday to the front of your drawer so that it’s easy to get to. Throw out anything you haven’t used in over 6 months. It’s probably not good anymore and if you haven’t used it in that long, you’re never going to use it.

Tip #3:

Try BB cream instead

BB cream is a miracle product. It can serve as a primer, moisturizer, and sunscreen while providing anti-aging benefits. It also serves as a light foundation that gives off a youthful-looking glow without being greasy. Many women are turning to BB cream instead of heavy foundations on top of their moisturizers because of how well it covers and how much easier it is to use than to apply 5 other things before it. Tarte makes a great tinted BB cream!

Tip #4:

Banish oily hair with dry shampoo

Washing your hair every day strips it of natural oils and can cause more damage than necessary. If you’re in a hurry and your hair feels greasy, spray on some dry shampoo and blow-dry with a paddle brush for fast volume that looks salon-fabulous!

Tip #5:

Fix those lips

Nothing is more unattractive than dry, cracked lips. Keep them healthy, soft and supple while giving them a pop of color to kill two birds with one stone. A great one to try is the one by Burt’s Bees.

Try out these beauty tips today and see how much time you save each morning!

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