Top 6 Hair Wig Vendors on Aliexpress (Nov 2021) – Trusted Hair Review

by Spiddy Tan

best hair vendors aliexpress

Your hair is your crowning glory and you want the best looking, shiniest and healthiest hair you can have. Since we all can’t be blessed with gorgeous locks, we have lots of options in the market. Wigs and extensions are the easiest and best choices out there. Hair extensions come in a lot of colours, textures, lengths and styles. Needless to say, they come in a variety of prices as well, depending on the quality. Most of us tend to choose the cheaper hair wigs or extensions without considering the reasons behind the low price. 

In order to save some money, we tend to purchase the not so great quality products which disappoint us badly within a few days of using. Is it not better to spend a few more bucks on the best hair products which will give us good quality and last a long time? It is always wise to remember that good quality products come at a price but the extended service that those products offer definitely make them worth purchasing.

HERE we curate the best 6 hair vendors on Aliexpress this 2021.

Aliexpress Hair Wig Review 2021

To better your beauty and looks, you will need to focus on the best feature of your looks. Doing up a good job on Hair Wigs is one of the most effective ways that will enhance your overall personality and looks. If you are searching for the perfect way to get shining, beautiful and long hairs as per your face type and personality, it is best to look out for some of the Best Hair Vendors on Aliexpress.

In the market, hundreds of the vendors are providing these products for the ladies. Most of these vendors are located in China. It is a country that produces hair wig, hair extension, virgin hair, Brazilian full lace wigs and many other types of hair you can imagine.  

However, only a few hair vendors can provide the excellent quality products having beautiful and smooth looks of the hairs. You never want to ruin your personality by getting fake looking hairs to save your money. If you are searching for the highest quality hair extensions for your looks, you should always focus on the quality.

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Straight Hair Aliexpress Review

Curly Hair Aliexpress Review

Best 6 Hair Wig Vendors on Aliexpress 2021

best hair vendor aliexpress

It is possible to find some of the Top Hair Vendors on Aliexpress when you are searching for hair extension or hair wigs as per your choice. These hair vendors can offer superior quality products at a good price. Trust the quality of the following Aliexpress hair vendors listed below.

#1 – Luvin Hair Store

best aliexpress wig vendor
luvin hair vendor china

If you are ready to find the most appealing and stylish designs of hair extensions, you can always trust at the quality of this hair vendor on Aliexpress.

You will love the quality of these comfortable, thick and soft hairs that will look natural and soft on your looks.

aliexpress virgin hair wigs store

Check out the STORE here

Luvin offers high-quality virgin hair wigs and extensions at affordable prices. Yes they are slightly more expensive, but the qualities are ensured. Look at their pretty models below…

luvin hair promotion aliexpress
luvin aliexpress hair review

To save your money, you will find lots of discount offers, and they are also making it more affordable with additional coupons that you can use to find factory price deals on these products.


  • THIS IS STRAIGHT OUT THE PACKAGE.Cap fits perfect, the density is there.true to bad odor. I wanted to do a video to show you that this unit does not shed! At all likeeee at all. Definitely buying again.
  • This is my second time ordering from this vendor and the hair is bomb. I ordered a straight 24’ inch lace frontal wig and it is true to length. The hair is very silky and my fingers glide right through the hair. Their is little to no shedding and the hair does not tangle. I received my hair a within 6 days, which is longer than usual. Also, the hair did not have a smell to it. I had some streaks put in the wig and it took well to bleach. I am beyond satisfied with my order and I will definitely be ordering from this vendor again.
  • Omg i love this human hair wig. Let me go ahead and go into details about it. It arrived super fast thats a plus. It came in a beautiful luvin bag.Nice and neatly wrapped. It had no smell at all. The seller has been incredible making sure things were all good. Its so soft you can run your fingers through it. I love the texture so much. I love how i can style it however. Will definitely be ordering from this seller again. If you want a great quality human hair wig. Look no further and order from this seller 

Bad reviews

Let’s start off This lace was not my color merchant refused to issue a refund. She offer me $10. All i ask for was for a replacement frontal like the one she post for sale or a refund. Bundles shed like crazy. That was my second time buying from them my last deep wave curly wig i order 30 inch to received a 26 inch. I will never recommend that merchant to anyone else. If there is an issue Good luck on trying to get your money back. If she knew she did not have the lace she is promoting for sale she should of reach out to let me know instead of mailing me anything you want after you got my money.

Check out the STORE here.

best hair wig vendor chinese

The new star is one of the top hair vendors on Aliexpress where you will find 100% natural human hairs with smooth and Shiny looks to enhance your beauty. You will be able to choose from several kinds of hairs at the store.

lace hair wig vendor aliexpress
best hair vendor aliexpress china
full lace wig aliexpress

Whether you need Brazilian virgin hairs, straight human hairs, Peruvian virgin hairs or any other style, you can always pick it at the best price at this online shop.

Check up the STORE here. 

new star hair aliexpress review

Here are some great reviews by their customers.

  • Review 1: 16 & 18 & 20 & Closure 14 Wig 180 density. The customer service is excellent. I told her exactly what I needed and she guided me to this wig. At first, I was looking at the 200% density wigs because I like my hair very THICK. She advised me to try this wig because it is much thicker, I am so glad I did! I have been buying wigs for years and I can tell this is a good one. This hair is absolutely amazing. Sooooo soft and my goodness this hair is THICK THICK. Its three bundles and a closure for real. this is some good hair you won’t regret it. on their other wigs, they may advertise 200 density but this wig is actually thicker than the rest and I like how you can pick the lengths of each bundle. The only thing I don’t like about the wig is the cap is a little hard and tough but I understand that a strong base is needed because the bundles are so thick so it makes sense.
  • Review 2: One of the best vendors on this site! Soft, beautiful curl pattern with minimal shedding, no tangling. . Curl pattern remains intact after washing. Appears to be a little shorter than stated length but it’s still a beautiful wig-I suggest going a couple inches longer than your desired length to ensure that you get what you want.
  • Review 3: I love, love this hair. My second time ordering from New Star…this hair is 10A Virgin that bleaches well with NO SHEDDING. I bleached it then colored it red. My other wig I bought 9 months ago was the Natural Wave and it still looks great as well. This is my wig store from now on. I’ve wasted money on junk from other people…New Star 10A Virgin wigs are the TRUTH!!! Im posting photos of both wigs.

Bad reviews

  • This hair closure is the worst excuse for human hair. After one week is became stiff and stands as though you put gel in it. Even synthentic lays better than it. Absolutely terrible.
  • never shipped my goods even though it came up that they did. they messaged me 2 days later saying that they didn’t have the length I wanted but will send me another one. I have had to open a dispute because they lied about the fact they shipped anything so could not get my money back. it is disgusting that i have to open a dispute for goods that were never sent out. beware of companies doing this as they know they haven’t got the longer lengths! I won’t be ordering from this company again as they are untrustworthy!

Check up the STORE here. 

 #3 – Ali Queen Hair Aliexpress

aliqueen hair store wigs

They are known to offer several styles of hair extensions including straight, natural wave, body wave, deep wave, loose wave and much more for the ladies. If you are a frequent hair buyer, you will know about this particular Chinese Hair seller. They have been around for the longest possible time. Im pretty sure you have seen their hair wigs popping all the time on Aliexpress.

different kinds of hair wig on aliexpress

You will also find 100% Tangle free human hairs having excellent quality to match your looks and beauty at the store.

Check out the STORE today.

Reviews by Real Buyers

  • #1 – It’s perfect. This is the best wig I have ever ordered and I love real human hair. It’s just aaaah… Can’t wait to dye it in crazy color
  • #2 – I am a loyal Ali Queen customer. Every time I order from this company, I receive my hair within 3 business day. This company has the fastest shipping that I have ever seen on Aliexpress. The quality of hair is also AMAZING. Does not shed much, I have dyed my bundles, and the hair does not have a bad smell. I would highly recommend!!!! -USA, Chicago, IL.
  • #3 – The wig came very quickly. It was multi-toned. Parts of the wig were yellow blonde while top frontal section was a white blond. It was very pretty and thick. I could have stayed with the blonde look but I was eager to try the blue color. This hair took the color so well and I did use the water color method. The only problem is not all parts of the hair was the same length. The back was way shorter. Overall very good hair and company. Also the front was pre-plucked, only little plucking needed, if any at all.

Bad reviews

  • The hair texture was not as described and the bundles came in different tones
  • Not 14 inches. Too many short pieces. Very thin and alot of split ends
hair wigs natural

It will be the perfect way to order for these wigs at a discounted price with this trusted vendor.

Check out the STORE today.

#4 – Rosa Beauty Hair

rosa beauty wig vendor aliexpress

At the store of Rosabeauty, you can always trust at the quality of hair extensions that they are providing at the affordable price for the ladies. You will definitely find several kinds of designs, color options and types of these hair extensions to meet your needs and requirements perfectly.

hair review aliexpress

It will be the best way to find the desired quality and a very affordable price.

They are able to provide great volume and lightweight hairs that will look really great and natural at your looks.

Reviews by their Hair Users

Check out their STORE here.

Reviews by Real Buyers

  • #1 – I love the wig so much !!! The shipping was very fast.The hair is true to lengths, hair is no shedding…very soft and easy to manage. Very natural looking hairline. Parting space is wonderful, I’ve received a lot of compliments on it. and professional. communication was great. They were very helpful with any questions I had. Brilliant customer service! Definitely recommend.
  • #2 – I’m so excited about my hair, Love Love Love the hair. This is my fifth time buying this texture from rOSA hair and it never disappoints . The communication with the seller is top, it answers all your questions in every detail, he seller kept me well informed the hair is beautiful with a nice healthy sheen to it. the delivery is very very fast, it takes only 4 days. The locks are smooth and of good quality!! I highly recommend, OMG I love this hair!!! the best hair you could ever get, perfect quality, and doesn’t tangle easily.
  • #3 – This was my first time purchasing hair online, The shipping was very fast (around 3 days) and there was consistent communication with the seller throughout the process. The hair is beautiful, no shedding and lovely texture. I was also pleasantly suprised to see that I had been given a free pair of lashes in my package too!

Bad review

I ordered a 180 density 30 inch wig and they sent me this thin wig . It looks like a half of bundle in the wig and when I told them I wanted to return it and get a full refund they go to tell me they would refund me 6 dollars . They said it would take them 2 months to send my money back . They hair is very thin and sheds like crazy ! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM !

Check out their STORE here.

#5 – Sarla Hair Aliexpress

sarla wig vendor on aliexpress

If you want to add volume and length to your hairs in the perfect way, you can always find some of the best options at Sarla store. It is one of the top hair vendors on Aliexpress where you can make a choice from more than 60 colors of these hair extensions. Yes they specialised in hair extensions. For those who do not love wigs, hair extensions are the hottest alternative to make your hair FULL and pretty. 

best aliexpress hair vendor hair wig half
hair vendor aliexpress reviewed

They are providing the products of hair extensions, half wigs, full wigs, ponytail extension and much more.

chinese hair aliexpress

How to extend your hair?

best hair extension aliexpress

There are lots of size options so you can easily make a choice for the desired one.

Reviews by real buyers

  • The product is very good and arrived in less than a month! So regretted color, but this is my fault even not paying attention. Will ask another 
  • Hair looks natural. But needed sew clips inside it could not leave well stuck the way it comes with wire. THE color is as well as my strands, perfect! 
  • Looooove this hair extension…it does looks natural and real. Highly recommend this to everyone!! 

Check out the STORE here.

#6 – Queen Hair

queen hair wig seller aliexpress

Queen hair – one of the best hair vendor around, is known to offer a complete range of hair extension products to meet your personality in a beautiful way. It is one of the top hair vendors on Aliexpress where you don’t have to worry about the quality of the hairs.

chinese hair vendor

There will be several kinds of style and design options so it will be the perfect Place to shop for these products at a very affordable price.

best aliexpress wig vendors

They are providing excellent discount offers for the customers. Products carry include Hair Lace Frontal and Lace Closure. 

Reviews by Buyers

  • I really love the hair and the shipping was fast I’m definitely buying again. It’s really soft and smooth
  • The hair is very soft and the bundles are thick , I ordered the hair and got it..very quick shipping.
  • Love this hair feels really good and wefts are thick first time ordering here and I love it

Bad review

  • I am very unsatisfied with this hair. it was shedding the minute I took it out of the package and it had a smell. The frontal was so short compared to the rest of the wig that it would not even lay down. I would give this wig one star. I would like a refund.
  • where the frontal meets the cap the tracks can be seen at the top this making the wig unwearable will not be buying from this company again

Check out the STORE here.

Bad experience Buying Aliexpress Hair

In our hair reviews so far, we have tried to give you the results from all the hair extensions we have tested, from every brand, so that you can decide what hair products you would like to buy. But, today we are going to review the worst hair products; yes, we are going to provide the real Aliexpress hair reviews. The Aliexpress hair products that the Chinese e-commerce website Aliexpress sells can be good or can be bad.

Really “Virgin Hair” on Aliexpress?

To write this review, we tested as well as critically examined all the hair products offered by the vendors on Aliexpress.

review of hair extension aliexpress

Most of the vendors on Aliexpress like New Star Hair, Mobb Hair, Hair XoXo, Queen Love Hair and several others guarantee that they are selling what is generally called  “Virgin Hair”

2021 update: Sellers have taken away name “Virgin hair” as a gimmick to sell their hair thus far.

Virgin Hair:

Virgin hair is the most desired because it is pure and real human hair that has not been chemically processed. This hair has the natural texture that we so desire and that is something artificial hair cannot ever have. This hair is not altered by dyes, perms or by chemicals like bleaches. In reality, since a lot of people do colour their hair or chemically treat it at some point in their lives, it is very rare to get real virgin hair. Because of all these reasons, in general, virgin hair is very expensive when compared to artificial hair. It is also difficult for the vendors to source. 

Those vendors on Aliexpress who say they sell virgin hair have also assured that the hairs offered by them are Indian, Brazilian or Malaysian.

But in our tests, we have found those claims to be entirely false.

The hairs are neither virgin nor are they from Indian, Brazilian or Malaysian origin.

Now what they really do is buy large quantities of hair as scrap and the vendors on Aliexpress weave them chemically to give the hair extensions a polished look. Moreover, they steam process the hair products to make them curly, wavy or the way you want it to be.

Since these are not real virgin hair, they don’t last as long as you would expect them to be like one. 

aliexpress hair review sellers

How REAL are those Buyers Review you seen on Aliexpress Hair Sellers Feedback Column?

aliexpress hair feedback and review 2020

Now that we have given you a brief of what virgin hair is and what is really sold by those vendors on Aliexpress, we are sure you are wondering how they have such high ratings and so many positive reviews and feedback, right? Well, let’s burst that bubble as well. As a consumer, you deserve to know.

On the Aliexpress website, you will see several positive Aliexpress hair reviews and comments about the best Aliexpress hair products.

But in reality, some are put by the vendors themselves.

They write those comments and reviews to lure the buyers into buying those cheap grade products. There is also a mechanism in the Aliexpress e-commerce website where the system itself posts positive feedback if the buyers fail to do so within a certain time frame after buying the product.

So you have to be smart in figuring out which reviews are true and which are not. 

FAQs on Buying Hair Wigs from Aliexpress

In Aliexpress, it’s not only the reviews but also the pictures that will attract you. You will find yourself amazed with the pictures of hair extensions and wigs that look natural, shiny, voluminous, beautiful and amazing overall but that is a cheap trick used by the vendors to deceive you into buying their products. What they actually do is they copy pictures from renowned websites selling real authentic hair products and use those copied pictures to market their own products. Actually, it is unwise to believe anything you see in Aliexpress and if you do not trust us; go ahead and check it out yourself. You will find that most of the vendors have used the same pictures to promote their products.

After receiving the hair extensions from Aliexpress, we were dumbfounded with the quality of the products as they were coarse and gave a terrible feeling. The products were nothing like what was advertised. We expected soft, shiny, flowy hair but what we received, unfortunately, was just not that. It was rough and any shine it had, looked fake or superficial. The products were exact opposites of what we have been shown by the vendors and moreover, we spotted the extensive use of animal hair in those products. If you are a pro hair extension user, you will notice the animal hair with just the first glance.

How long does Aliexpress shipment takes to ship the hair?

Most of the hair vendors we have curated send out the goods 24 hours after payment. Shipment can be either in DHL, UPS, Fedex or ePacket. If send via DHL, Fedex or UPS, it takes 2-5 days to reach countries like USA and Europe. The shipping facilities provided by the Aliexpress hair vendors are quick these days and some of the vendors promise a fast delivery for your ordered products to reach you. You will, therefore, not have to wait for a long time like one or two months to get the products delivered to you. Some can even be as quick as 2 weeks.

Are all these hair products from Aliexpress come with Free shipping?

Yes most of the sellers absorb the shipping fee.

Do the Aliexpress hair sellers ship from US or from China?

A handful ship from US warehouse while most ship from China.

Are these Aliexpress hair real?

Most of the curated products use top virgin human hair. We do not recommend getting cheap deals. It is good to get from good hair supplier.

How does the Aliexpress Hair promotion works?

Time to time, hair sellers from Aliexpress will organise a discounted sale to offload some of their products. You can access via “Promotion” on their store page. You can also claim their coupons to decrease your cost of purchasing their hair found on their stores.

What is the return policy of Aliexpress hair like?

If seller send you the wrong color or item, seller will pay the shipping fee and made exchange. If you dislike the product, buyer has to pay for the shipping fee. These terms and conditions are clearly stated in each of the product page. I will strongly recommend you to have a look at it before you made a purchase.

Can the Aliexpress hair be colored or restyle?

Please take care of the hair products like your own hair. It is not advisable to color the hair frequently.

It is another great disappointment that you will face by using the hair extensions from Aliexpress. The hair products are of such bad quality that you cannot dye or color them easily. If you try to do so the color seems so artificial and awful that you will have to throw it into the garbage can. The reason behind this is the poor methods of processing and the harsh chemical treatments that are being used during the manufacturing of these hair products.

So we recommend that you go for these Curated Aliexpress Hair Wigs which are assured to be of good quality. 

Why the Aliexpress hair have dry or split ends?

Like natural hair, the situation of dryness do occurs. What we recommend is to take care of the hair by applying conditioner for moisture treatment. Long hair tend to have such split ends. So it is normal.

What is the Hair Life Expectancy when purchased from Good Aliexpress sellers?

The best hair bought from the best manufacturers typically serves you for 12-24 months and these cheap strands of hair from the Chinese e-commerce website will hardly last 3 months. It is up to you to decide if the money you save in the short term is going to be beneficial in the long term. 

Will Aliexpress Hair Wefts be Itching?

If you ask about wefts, even the best Aliexpress hair products with great reviews are just alright. The threading may start to come out after a few days of using. This is due to wear and tear and basic bad stitching. Within a week, the hair starts piercing through and there are no ways to conceal them. If the hair is chemically treated to a large extent, there are chances that your scalp might start itching as well, especially when worn for long periods of time. So like we advised above, you will really need to vet through the review section to see if the hair products have such an issue.

What is Virgin Hair?

Natural hair coming from donator. Hair that are cut or purchased form donator. Steam process is carry out to make different textures and made available for sale. Most of such hair can be reusable more than one year with proper care.

Review of these Hair Vendors on Aliexpress

These are some of the top hair vendors on Aliexpress where you can easily order for these hair extension products as per your choice. Past reviews by the Aliexpress Hair Vendors are very important to determine how legit the stores are.

Here at Tollotoshop, we spend a good amount of effort trying to go through each and every of the Hair vendor we recommended above. This review of the hair from Aliexpress is based on our extensive research and heavy amounts of testing that we have performed. Our advice: Do not get tempted by the false claims made by some of the vendors. It is always wise to stay far away from the cheap hair products displayed on Aliexpress. Do keep in mind, buying from good sources is important, even if they cost just a little bit more.

Because of a large variety of styles, every lady will be able to enhance the looks perfectly with these natural hair products. After that, you will really love your new looks, and you can try these hair extensions with several kinds of outfits and different occasions without inconvenience.


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