Temu Toy Reviews

by Felicia Tan

Temu Toy Reviews

In this blog, I’m going to talk about Temu toys.

Lots of people say Temu is a great place to find toys without spending too much money. They even have toys that I can’t find in Japan!

Sometimes, I wonder if Temu is safe. But so far, I haven’t had any trouble with it, and my kid really enjoys the toys. I’m definitely thinking of buying from them again.

If you’re looking for cute and affordable toys, you should definitely look at Temu!

Kids’ Temu Toy Reviews

We’re sharing what kids think about Temu toys, along with some photos to help you see what they’re like.

Unboxing Temu Toys

Other than toys, I also picked up some Temu wireless earbuds and makeup!

Look at Temu’s Toy Packaging!

Cute Temu Toy

I grabbed two toys from Temu:

  • A toy phone for my 2-year-old daughter
  • A flower toy for my 4-year-old son

I’m excited to see these unique toys, which are hard to find in Japan!

Temu Toy Phone Review

The toy phone from Temu has a cute deer design. It says it’s for kids 18 months and older, and came in a clear bag. 

Top Temu Toy

The instructions were in English, so I couldn’t read them, but the toy was easy to figure out. 

Most Popular Temu Toy

After putting in AAA batteries, it worked great. 

Famous Temu Toy

The phone has 12 numbers and a heart button that changes its mode.

It plays sounds, music, and songs all in English, which is great for teaching English to kids. Despite its low price, it’s packed with features! 

Popular Temu Toy

My daughter loves it; it’s adorable, simple to use, and it plays lots of tunes.

Temu Flower Toy Review

Kids Temu Toy

Next, we checked out the flower toy for kids over 3 years old. It was for my son who likes to build. 

Children Temu Toy

You can pick how many pieces you want, and I chose a set with 90 pieces. It included different colored flowers, stems, leaves, and even butterflies. 

Beautiful Temu Toy

The toy is colorful, made of strong plastic, and lets you build your own flower beds and gardens. 

Most Recommended Temu Toy

I was also able to stick it onto Lego blocks, which added even more fun!

Overall Thoughts on Temu Toys

These toys come from overseas and include English songs and phrases. They’re not the usual Japanese toys, but they’re great for kids to experience toys that English-speaking kids use, making them good for learning. The toys offer unique themes not common in Japan, making playtime more fun. I recommend them to anyone wanting to try something new and educational for their kids!

Negative Feedback on Temu Toys

Temu, an online marketplace gaining popularity for its vast array of products, including toys, has faced notable criticism regarding the quality of its offerings. A significant number of consumers have reported disappointment with the toys purchased, citing that the products are often subpar when compared to the online descriptions and imagery.

The materials used in these toys sometimes feel cheap and brittle, leading to an expedited wear and tear that is not just frustrating for the buyers, but also raises questions about the longevity and value of these products. 

Parents, in particular, have voiced their concerns, as the infrequent but worrying instances of toys breaking easily could lead to potential hazards for young children, turning what should be a delightful play experience into one of vigilance and concern.

Moreover, another pressing issue that adds to the negative feedback is the lack of proper safety documentation accompanying Temu’s toys. This crucial aspect, often overlooked by the platform, has been a red flag for many customers who prioritize the well-being and protection of their children above all. 

Positive Feedback on Temu Toys

Numerous customers have found Temu Toys to offer exceptional value for money, boasting a delightful array of charming products. The affordability of these toys means that purchasing them in larger quantities won’t break the bank, allowing you to indulge your child’s wishes without restraint. 

With a wide variety of options available, shoppers are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to buy in bulk and delight in the vast selection offered by Temu Toys. This favorable feedback highlights the brand’s commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, solidifying its reputation in the market.

Drawbacks of Temu Toys

Temu Toys may present some drawbacks. These two primary issues include:

  1. Predominantly English Instructions
  2. Frequent Stock-outs

Let’s discuss these in detail.

Predominantly English Instructions

Since Temu Toys are produced abroad, a significant portion of the packaging and guidelines are in English. It could be puzzling to use a complicated toy or grasp its rules at first due to this language barrier.

Nevertheless, there’s a range of toys which offer intuitive play, enabling some people to use them effortlessly without any explanation.

Frequent Stock-outs

Temu Toys frequently introduce new ranges, but sometimes, their existing products run out of stock and may not be replenished.

You might add an item to your cart, but if left for a few days, it might sell out. So, if there’s a piece you’re fond of, it’s best to act quickly and order early!

Advantages of Temu Toys

Temu toys have three benefits and these are:

Affordable Pricing

Temu Toys are primarily known for their budget-friendly prices. On their product page, discounts frequently reach up to a whopping 50% off, with some items even being marked down by over 80%. Given how quickly children outgrow their toys, these attractively lower prices make Temu Toys a standout choice.

Unique Product Range

Another selling point for Temu Toys is their intriguing product range that’s unique to the Japanese market. Their collection includes:

  • Diverse puzzles
  • Screen coloring books
  • Toys designed to aid understanding of fractions

If you’re keen on fresh and innovative toys or a parent seeking stimulating playthings for your child, Temu is worth exploring.

Good Quality

Despite their low prices, Temu Toys don’t compromise on quality. Many parents and kids have enjoyed their products, testifying their satisfactory durability. This brand offers excellent value for money by combining affordability with a decent quality standard.

Who Recommends and does not Recommend Temu Toys?

Not Recommended for:

  • Toy collectors who focus on popular manufacturers.
  • Individuals who have a specific favorite character.
  • Those who highly value the brand of the toy.

Temu toys hold an appeal that deviates from traditional toy brands like Bornelund and Edinter. They lack any toys featuring prominent Japanese characters like Anpanman or Doraemon, which could possibly make it unsuitable for children who have a distinct preference for those characters.

Recommended for:

  • Individuals seeking affordability in toys
  • Those interested in exploring unique, underrepresented toys in the market.

Temu Toys are known for their good cost-performance ratio, offering new, unexpected choices in terms of playthings. You may find toys from Temu that are rare or rarely seen in Japan. For this reason, they’re an excellent choice for those seeking something out of the ordinary or looking for an unexplored play experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Temu Toys

When can I expect my Temu toys to get delivered?

The delivery timeline can vary, but most customers usually get their Temu toys in about a week.

I want to purchase Temu toys at a lower price! How can I do this?

You can avail a discount on Temu toys by using a 15,000 yen coupon. This coupon is available on our mobile app. If you’re a first-time shopper at Temu, make sure to grab the coupon before making a purchase!

Wrapping Up: The Final Verdict on Temu Toys


  • Affordable Pricing: Temu Toys are cost-effective, offering great value for their price.
  • Uniqueness: The uniqueness of these toys is unmatched as many of them are not available in Japan, making them quite exclusive.
  • Fair Quality: The quality of these toys is commendable. They are not extraordinary, but also they do not fall short of expectations considering the price segment.


  • Language Barrier: One of the significant limitations is that most of the writing or instructions provided with the toys are in English. This can be a significant downside for non-English speakers.
  • Availability: Temu Toys often face stock-out situations, indicating either high demand or insufficient supply, which can be disappointing for potential buyers.

With a vast array of options available, every consumer can find a Temu toy that resonates with their preference. Even though there are a few drawbacks, the advantages make these toys worth considering. Always make sure to choose a product that suits your liking and requirements the most when looking into Temu’s lineup.

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