Temu Kids Clothes Reviews

by Felicia Tan

Temu Kids Clothes Reviews

Sharing my personal experience with the Temu kids clothes and discussing the brand’s online reputation is what this article is all about.

The large number of styles and colors available for children’s clothes on Temu was one thing that impressed me during my shopping spree. The prices were extremely pocket-friendly as well as the clothes turned out to be of very high quality, much better than I had expected!

I loved how good the fabric felt. For some awesome bargains in children’s clothing, I suggest you visit their official website at Temu.

My Personal Experience with Temu Kids Clothes

Here, I’ll be sharing an overview of my journey investing in kids clothes from Temu. I’ll be delving into various aspects of the same, giving you a comprehensive idea about the product range.

Ordering from Temu

Temu Kids Clothes Websites

To begin with, I was worried about the safety of the app and that is why I decided to buy it directly from Temu’s official website. But currently I use it as well. The perfect timing was during summer sales where most of the children’s clothes were sold at less than half price, although finding what to buy among a wide range of alternatives was not easy. In addition to children’s wear, there were numerous other things suggested such as tops for ladies.

Payment Flexibility

Temu Kids Clothes Payment

Temu’s payment variety is one of its most striking features. However, for people who are still not sure about the safety of making online payments, there is a way out. Payments can be made at convenience stores such as Lawson, Ministop, Family Mart and Seicomart. The order must be paid within 3 days in this case. Besides, those with limited time constraints can cancel and reorder with a credit card.

Swift Delivery

Temu Kids Clothes Shipping

My order was made on the 8th August and its delivery window was between 12th to 16th August with an assurance of receiving 700 yen shopping credit if it arrived late. Contrary to my expectation, however, the package was delivered within 4-8 days which is quite outstanding for an international parcel shipment. It took less than two days for the items to be shipped after being received through payment and they were already in Japan.

Unboxing Temu’s Clothes

Temu Kids Clothes Parcel

In just 4 days, kids’ clothes were brought in a small parcel. The basic package notwithstanding, the items remained intact and undamaged. 

Temu Kids Clothes Set

I ordered different clothes for both my daughter and her brother. My daughter was smaller in size with a slightly bigger fit on each of her garments which were individually packed in plastic.

Cute Temu Kids Clothes
  • The size 98cm for my two-year-old daughter (88cm tall and weighing 13kgs) was a little large.
  • My son, who is four years old (96 cm, 15 kg), found that size 100cm fitted him perfectly.
Beautiful Temu Kids Clothes

Overall, the fabric seemed to be of higher quality than expected with thickness suggesting warmth for the cooler months ahead. Both items cost around ¥1,000, providing reasonable value for money without sacrificing design or fabric quality. 

Stylish Temu Kids Clothes

I appreciated receiving a soft pad so as not to have the fabric’s rougher backside uncomfortable.

Fabric Selection Tips

Branded Temu Kids Clothes

The boys’ attire featured a lovely variety of fabrics and patterns, complimented by quality stitching. Additionally, the fashionable design was quite appealing.

Temu Kids Clothes Cotton

To ensure that the children’s clothing from Temu remains durable and maintains its quality, we recommend opting for garments that contain a high proportion of cotton.

To find cotton-made clothing, use the “Material” filter and select “Cotton.”

For pieces like T-shirts or sweatshirts that you don’t want to lose their shape or become less comfortable over time, cotton is an excellent choice to preserve the item’s integrity.

When it comes to children’s apparel, it’s beneficial to have garments that can easily wick away moisture, which is why I aim for tops that are at least 50% cotton.

While there are also excellent options made from 100% polyester, it’s wise to look at reviews on the product page to help with your decision-making.

Overall Thoughts on Temu

While the packaging could have been better and some stitching needed tightening up, these clothes were much better than what they should look like at that price point. Both the website and app are easy to use; delivery is fast; prices at sale are cheaper—-not bad at all! Based on inexpensive pricing and the current offer of free shipping for almost all goods it would be worth trying Temu clothing line for kids particularly those who grow quickly or nursery school supplies.

Top Seven Temu Kids Clothes

Explore the wonderful world of children’s fashion with Temu’s handpicked selection of kids’ clothing. From adorable dresses to cool dinosaur prints, there’s something for every child’s style and every parent’s budget.

1. 2-Piece Daisy Print Set for Baby Girls (Product ID: KB04238)

Temu Kids Clothes - Dress

An enchanting summer essential, this set includes a sleeveless dress adorned with a vibrant daisy pattern, complemented by a matching hat. The striking pattern, coupled with a large bow, makes this dress and hat set irresistibly cute. Temu offers an extensive collection of such charming sets in a plethora of colors, inviting you to pick your child’s preferred shade.

2. Boys’ Dinosaur Graphic T-shirt & Plaid Shorts Set (Product ID: WB04091)

Popular Temu Kids Clothes

This cotton duo features a playful dinosaur graphic T-shirt and coordinating elastic waist plaid shorts, beloved by all dino-enthusiast boys. Easy-to-button shirts ensure quick dressing, while the skin-friendly cotton ensures comfort. Temu’s selection boasts a variety of sets from subtle to striking patterns, making it easy to find a set that resonates with your little one.

3. Blue Denim Overalls for Everyday Chic (Product ID: FR18065)

Famous Temu Kids Clothes

Versatile and stylish, these denim overalls are perfect for both boys and girls, offering a quick solution to everyday fashion. The ability to pair with different outerwear makes them suitable for year-round use. As one of Temu’s bestsellers, these overalls are a must-have, so snap them up before they’re gone!

4. PatPat Rib Knit and Corduroy Set for Baby Girls (Product ID:UV22157)

Top Temu Kids Clothes

This fall and winter-friendly set features a rib-knit ruffle long-sleeve top and a button-front corduroy skirt. Available in several chic color combinations including red and black, and black and brown, it’s perfect for stylish seasonal wear. Temu’s array of all-season items means you’re covered year-round.

5. 3-Pack Loose Shorts for Boys (Product ID: UU13000)

Recommended Temu Kids Clothes

A trio of loose, stylish shorts that effortlessly pair with any top for a timeless look. With sizes extending up to 170, these shorts are ideal for brothers or family twinning. Temu makes it easy to stock up for school or leisure at unbeatable prices.

6. Toddler Hooded Thermal Romper (Product ID:LD00689)

Most Popular Temu Kids Clothes

Prepare for the chill with this adorable thermal jumpsuit complete with a hood accented by cute ears perfect for photo ops. Lined with boa material for maximum warmth, Temu offers an array of outerwear that combines cuteness with functionality.

7. Canvas Walking Shoes for Boys and Girls (Product ID: MD04785)

Unique Temu Kids Clothes

Finish off any outfit with these lightweight, comfortable canvas shoes, available in 12 vibrant colors including classic black, red, pink, and green. With sizes ranging from 12.5cm to 20.5cm and at budget-friendly prices, it’s tempting to grab a couple of pairs for variety.

Dive into Temu for a delightful children’s clothing and accessory shopping experience, where style meets practicality across every season.

Potential Downsides of Buying Temu Kids Clothes

Temu offers a broad selection of children’s clothing, but like any shopping platform, it has its own set of challenges. These include:

Quick to Sell Out

Temu, a newcomer to the Japanese market, attracts a global customer base which can lead to high demand for popular items. During sales, items can become even more affordable, attracting more buyers and increasing the likelihood of stock running out. If you spot something you like that is listed as “selling out soon” or shows “0 pieces left,” it’s wise to act swiftly. The turnover of stock ensures there’s always something new to discover, making shopping an exciting hunt for the next great find.

Sizing Can Be Confusing

As Temu operates internationally, size labels may differ from what Japanese consumers are accustomed to, complicating the process of finding the right fit for your child. However, detailed measurements like length and sleeve length are available for each size, assisting in making an informed decision. Careful examination of these details before purchase can significantly mitigate this issue.

Limited Character Merchandise

While Temu boasts an extensive range of children’s apparel, it offers fewer options for character-themed items. For fans of Disney, Paw Patrol, and similar franchises looking for budget-friendly options, PatPat might serve as a better alternative. Similarly, SHEIN, another affordable international retailer, provides an array of choices for both baby and kids’ clothing featuring popular characters.

Advantages of Buying Temu Kids Clothes

Temu’s kids clothing offers three main benefits:

  1. Affordable Pricing
  2. Broad Selection
  3. Adorable Designs

Let’s dig a bit deeper into each one.

Affordable Pricing

One of the standout qualities of Temu’s children’s clothing is the budget-friendly pricing. Among the many online shopping sites, Temu stands out as one of the most cost-effective and easiest to order from. This affordability means you can experiment and order new styles without breaking the bank. Plus, despite some minor shortcomings that some people might find, the low prices make those easy to overlook. Not to mention, most items even include free shipping!

Broad Selection

Temu isn’t only about kids clothing; it showcases a vast variety of products ranging from women’s and men’s fashion to toys/games, kitchenware, beauty/health items, and sports/outdoor gear. Even within a single category, you have multiple product styles, colors, and sizes to choose from. The beauty of this is that you can shop for adults’ clothing and other everyday items alongside kids’ clothing.

Adorable Designs

The last but not least, Temu’s kids’ fashion is known for its cute, eye-catching designs. There’s something for every kid: princess-like dresses for girls or clothes mimicking adult styles perfect for matching with parents. For boys, there’s a plethora of choices — clothes with animal prints, cars, and dinosaurs. With such a vast variety of simple, trendy, or quirky designs, you’re sure to find something that fits your child’s preferences.

Who Recommends Temu Kids Clothes and Who doesn’t?

In this section, I will bring forth the views of people who swear by Temu children’s clothing and those who wouldn’t necessarily recommend it.

Those who DON’T recommend Temu Kids Clothes:

  • Individuals disliking foreign mail order brands: Temu is a Chinese mail order brand. Thus, anyone not fond of overseas mail order brands or who prefers products made in Japan might not recommend it.
  • Luxury-oriented people: The majority of Temu’s products are low priced. Therefore, it may not be a preferred choice for those who seek luxury in their purchases.

Those who DO recommend Temu Kids Clothes:

  • Budget-conscious shoppers looking for affordable kids clothes: Temu’s kids’ clothes are lauded for their affordability and straight-forward ordering process.
  • Parents seeking cute clothes for their kids: For parents who want to dress their kids up in adorable outfits, they generally recommend Temu.
  • Individuals who favor unique designs: Those who want unique attires for their children will likely advocate for Temu Kids clothes.

FAQs about Temu Kids Clothes

Can I return or exchange my purchase?

Currently, they don’t facilitate exchanges. However, the majority of their items can be returned for a refund if the process is initiated within 90 days from the date of purchase.

Do you offer products for babies and expectant mothers?

Absolutely.Their range of products includes baby apparel, toys, bags for mothers, nursing pillows, and more.

Are there any discounts for shopping at Temu?

Indeed, new users can enjoy a welcome offer of a 15,000 yen coupon by simply downloading the Temu app. Make sure to claim your coupon before you start shopping if you’re new to Temu!

Summary about Temu Kids Clothes


  • Affordable Prices: One of the standout features of Temu’s kids’ clothing line is its affordability, ensuring that parents can style their children without breaking the bank.
  • Diverse Assortment: Consumers have access to a broad array of options, making it easy to find something for everyone.
  • Adorable Designs: The clothes come in charming designs that are sure to capture the hearts of both parents and children alike.


  • Quick to Sell Out: Due to their popularity and appeal, these items tend to sell out rapidly, so prompt shopping is advised.
  • Sizing Confusion: The sizing can be somewhat perplexing, requiring a bit of effort to determine the perfect fit.
  • Limited Character Options: For those looking for specific characters, the selection may be somewhat limited.

Temu boasts an extensive collection of children’s attire that is both economical and stylish, adorned with engaging designs. Explore the collection with your child and discover their newest favorite outfit today!

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