SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics Reviews

by Felicia Tan

SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics Reviews

Shop at SHEIN to find everything you need for your beauty regimen at budget-friendly prices! They offer a vast selection, from everyday skincare to the latest makeup trends. Here are their different kinds of cosmetics:

  • Eye Makeup: From vibrant eyeshadows to defining eyebrow products, volumizing mascaras, and precise eyeliners, they’ve got everything to beautify your eyes.
  • Base Makeup: Achieve a flawless complexion with their range of foundations, concealers, and cheek color. Add a radiant touch with highlighters and set your look with their fine powders.
  • Lip Makeup: Define your lips with their array of lipsticks, glosses, and liners, available in an assortment of shades to suit your style.
  • Beauty Tools: Their collection would not be complete without the essential tools of the trade. They have curlers to give your lashes and eye-opening lift, a variety of brushes for precise application, chic pouches for storage, and products for nail care.

SHEIN is proud to offer cosmetics that are not only affordable but also boast impressive glitter and color. So visit and explore their product line.

Top 12 SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics


I just picked up 12 amazing and trendy beauty products from SHEIN!

With these SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics, you’ve got everything you need for a full makeup routine, and it all came at a super affordable cost—somewhere around 5,000 yen!

Here’s the haul I snagged this time:

  • A smoothing primer to start things off
  • Liquid foundation for a flawless base
  • A setting powder
  • Some lovely blush to add a pop of color
  • An eyeshadow palette for versatile looks
  • A shimmery liquid eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner for defining those eyes
  • Mascara to boost those lashes
  • A bold liquid lipstick
  • A shiny lip gloss for that extra glam
  • A cool Buehler
  • A set of makeup brushes for perfect application

I’ll be taking you through each of these SHEIN cosmetics one by one. Stay tuned!

SHEGLAM Birthday Skin Primer

Top 11 SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics

Recommended Level: High

  • Price: 985 yen
  • Available in: 1 shade
  • Product Code: sbbeauty31210407653

Kicking off my SHEIN cosmetic recommendations is their primer, a cornerstone for any makeup routine. The SHEGLAM Birthday Skin Primer not only helps your foundation blend seamlessly onto your skin, but it also offers surprisingly good coverage on its own.

What sets this product apart is its chic packaging, which thoughtfully includes a spatula for easy application. As you dab it onto your skin, you’ll notice the primer’s side leaves a visibly glossy finish, creating a beautiful, veil-like effect. Although it’s tricky to capture the texture in photos, the difference is clear in person, making it a must-have in your makeup kit.

When used in combination with the next two products I’ll be discussing, the results are phenomenal. For a complete guide on how to achieve the perfect base with SHEGLAM products, check out my full foundation routine report!

SHEGLAM Skinfinite Hydrating Foundation Sample

Cute SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics

Recommended Level: High

  • Price: 69 yen
  • Available in: 30 shades
  • Product Code: sb2108056794746038

For the second item on my list of SHEIN beauty picks, I’m recommending the liquid foundation. It comes in a whopping 30 shades, so I opted to test a sample first.

Upon trying the product, I was impressed with its smooth texture, especially given its impressive coverage. The only hitch was that the shade I selected came across a bit too pale for my skin tone. In hindsight, I believe I could’ve found a better match.

Still, if you’re uncertain about your shade, I’d suggest getting samples for two or three different colors. It’s an effective, low-risk way to find the perfect fit for your complexion.

SHEGLAM Light Through Oil Control Powder

Top 8 SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics

Recommended Level: High

  • Price: 773 yen
  • Available in: 3 shades
  • Product Code: sbbeauty03200506490

The third SHEIN gem on my list is their outstanding oil control powder. Ideally used to set your base makeup, this product complements the primer I mentioned earlier, which already provides substantial coverage on its own.

This powder is encased in an elegant gold container, offering not just functionality but a touch of luxury to your makeup routine. When you pop it open, you’ll be greeted by the SHEGLAM logo inside, a mark of their signature style.

The puff it comes with is on the smaller side, so I’ve found that using a larger makeup brush actually works wonders for an even application. Despite its sheer texture, the coverage is impressive—making it an essential addition to your beauty kit.

SHEGLAM Color Bloom Liquid Blush

Adorable SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics

Recommended Level: High

  • Price: 703 yen
  • Available in: 8 shades
  • Product Code: sbbeauty31210604009

Next up on my SHEIN beauty recommendation list is their liquid blush. To achieve a beautifully flushed look, all you need to do is dab a bit onto the apples of your cheeks and blend away.

The product comes in an endearing compact packaging that fits the bill for those who appreciate a little cuteness in their makeup routine.

Despite its liquid form, the blush is incredibly easy to apply and blend. Once diffused on the skin, it imparts a natural-looking flush that brings life to your complexion.

With a charming range of shades to choose from and ease of application, this blush is a definite must-have and a delightful addition to your makeup collection.

SHEGLAM Cosmic Crystal 4-Color Eyeshadow Palette

Affordable SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics

Recommended Level: High

  • Price: 562 yen
  • Available in: 3 variations
  • Product Code: sb2106238118898099

Continuing with our SHEIN beauty finds, the eyeshadow palette earns its place as a must-have in your makeup collection. This compact quad makes creating diverse looks effortless with its range of four easy-to-wear shades.

The palette cleverly combines finishes with the top two shadows boasting a glittery effect while the bottom two offer a matte finish. This mix allows for a plethora of eye makeup styles, from subtle day looks to dramatic evening eyes.

The textures are delightful; when swatched with a finger, the glitters captivate with their sparkle, and the mattes impress with their pigmentation. For those who prefer brush application, the makeup brush I’ll be mentioning later pairs perfectly with this palette, offering precision and ease.

SHEGLAM, SHEIN’s cosmetic label, is known for its safe ingredients, making this palette a great choice for those cautious about skin sensitivity. Each shade is thoughtfully selected, ensuring no color goes unused. With its appealing range and quality, it’s a product that will likely tempt you to explore other color schemes in the collection.

SHEGLAM Starry Wish Liquid Eyeshadow Trio

Famous SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics

Recommended Level: High

  • Price: 844 yen
  • Available in: 7 sets
  • Product Code: sbbeauty03190724055

My sixth beauty pick from SHEIN is their intriguing liquid eyeshadow set. This versatile trio offers fantastic sparkle, with the silver shadow looking particularly stunning as a highlight for tear bags.

The set comes neatly packaged in a box of three distinct shades, each designed with an easy-to-use applicator for smooth application.

All three shades in the set are impressively radiant, adding a touch of magic to any makeup look. For instance, you could spread the brown color across your upper eyelids to give your eyes an instant lift and brightness!

Between their eyeshadow palette and this liquid trio, SHEIN solidifies its reputation for delivering excellent eye makeup products. If you’re up to experiment and elevate your eye game, this Starry Wish Liquid Eyeshadow Trio is worth a shot!

SHEGLAM Line & Defined Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Top 5 SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics

Recommended Level: High

  • Price: 562 yen
  • Available in: 2 colors
  • Product Code: sbbeauty03190812489

The seventh item on my SHEIN beauty recommendation list is their liquid eyeliner. It comes in a waterproof variant, available in two classic shades: black and brown.

This eyeliner’s pen tip has an ideal level of flexibility, making it not only easy to handle but also effortless to create precise lines with. I personally tried the brown shade, and I must say, it beautifully renders both bold and delicate lines, especially at the eye corners.

One possible downside, however, is its longevity. It can slightly fade as the day progresses into the evening. Nonetheless, it’s still a valuable addition to your makeup kit.

If you’re looking to make your eyes appear larger and more striking, the black shade would be apt. Alternatively, for a softer, more subtle eye look, opt for the brown shade.

SHEGLAM All-in-One Volume & Long Mascara

Cheap SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics

Recommended Level: High

  • Price: 844 yen
  • Available in: 1 color
  • Product Code: sbbeauty03200603953

Stepping in as my eighth pick from SHEIN’s beauty line is their all-star mascara, adept at delivering both impressive volume and length to your lashes.

This mascara has become a personal favorite, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again. Its brush is especially noteworthy—easy to use, it cleverly coats each lash, providing substantial volume without the clumps.

Having experimented with over 20 different mascaras, I can confidently say that SHEGLAM’s stands tall above the rest. It has earned the top spot in my list of cosmetic essentials.

What truly sets it apart is the ability to layer for effect. When I gave it a try, I found you can first elongate your lashes and then build them up for volume. The end result is a set of lashes so lush, they rival the look of falsies. For mascara lovers looking for that dramatic, fluffy lash effect, SHEGLAM’s offering shouldn’t be missed.

SHEGLAM Matte Allure Mini Liquid Lipstick Set

Best SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics

Recommended Level: High

  • Price: 914 yen
  • Available in: 5 colors
  • Product Code: sbbeauty03200814541

The ninth product that comes highly recommended from SHEIN’s cosmetic range is their mini liquid lipstick set.

This lipstick set radiates sophistication, boasting packaging that would not look out of place in a high-end department store. Despite a slightly wrinkled box, the lipsticks inside remained perfectly intact and ready to impress.

When swatched on the arm, the colors project a mature hue, but once applied to the lips, they become surprisingly cute and approachable. They omit any glitter content, lending themselves ideally to those who adore a matte finish.

Although I personally prefer a hint of sparkle, this isn’t an issue. You can easily layer these matte beauties with your favorite lip gloss.

Choosing your lip color based on your outfit of the day or your mood makes for a fun routine, and this liquid lipstick set lets you do just that. Mixing the colors to achieve a unique shade just for you is an added bonus!

SHEGLAM Spring It On Glow Gloss

Top 6 SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics

Recommended Level: High

  • Price: 562 yen
  • Available in: 8 colors
  • Product Code: sbbeauty42210202817

The tenth gem in SHEIN’s makeup treasure trove is their lip gloss.

This range, boasting a transparent glitter gloss that’s as adored as their charming pink, makes a statement. The tubes are generously sized, ensuring you’ll have plenty of gloss to last you through each season.

What sets this gloss apart is its warm, pearly essence, offering a subtle shimmer rather than an overpowering sparkle. It also boasts impressive durability for all-day wear.

This gloss isn’t just for wearing alone; it works wonders over lipstick too, adding dimension for a fuller and more playful pout.

It’s perfect for students who have to navigate strict school makeup policies—its understated shine makes it a discreet yet delightful choice for a touch of glam that likely won’t draw attention.

1-Piece Eyelash Curler

Top 14 SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics

Recommended Level: High

  • Price: 160 yen
  • Available in: 2 colors
  • Product Code: sbbeauty18210305660

Coming in as the 11th highly recommended cosmetics product from SHEIN is their stylish eyelash curler. With a price in the budget-friendly 100 yen range, this curler, boasting two chic colors, is designed to perk up your eyelashes in an instant.

While the lack of traditional finger rings made it seem challenging to operate initially, it was quite the opposite. Once familiar with it, the handling was effortless.

The curler’s versatility stole the spotlight, with performance receiving rave reviews from users with double curled, deeply double curled, and single curl lashes. While the curvature didn’t quite match my preference, it outclassed all other curlers I’ve tried. I wouldn’t hesitate to repurchase this eyelash curler, thus firmly securing its spot in my beauty kit.

Makeup Brush Set with Storage Bag (8 Pieces)

Different SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics Brush

Recommended Level: High

  • Price: 423 yen
  • Available in: 4 colors
  • Product Code: sb2110285417411171

The twelfth SHEIN gem on the beauty must-have list is their 8-piece makeup brush set.

The set features trendy muted tones and includes a wide array of brush types, making it as fashionable as it is functional. Each brush set arrives in its own bag, which is a thoughtful touch for hygiene-conscious users.

While the bristles may not rival the luxury feel of high-end makeup brushes, their quality is remarkable, especially given the wallet-friendly price bracket around 400 yen.

Designed with size in mind, the largest brush of this set is conveniently compact. You will find brushes sized perfectly for applications ranging from blush and highlighter to more precise work like eyeshadow.

With a variety of sizes, these brushes cater to all your makeup needs, from eye to cheek applications, proving both comprehensive and versatile for your daily routine.

Recommended SHEIN Eye Makeup Products

We’ve taken on the task of ranking the most recommended eye makeup cosmetics from SHEIN. For this, we’ve carefully studied the number of reviews on their official website, taken into account personal recommendations and weighted them against their cost performance.

If you are on the hunt for trendy and adorable cosmetics, then look no further!

Furthermore, with regard to eyeshadows, we’ve experimented with seven different hues from SHEIN’s eyeshadow range! In this review, we’re going to introduce the best pick in detail – the SHEGLAM Palette & Liquid. So buckle up, makeup enthusiasts, we’ve got the scoop ready for you!

SHEGLAM Cosmic Crystal eyeshadow palette

Best Eye shadow of SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics

Taking the top spot is the SHEGLAM Cosmic Crystal eyeshadow palette, featuring four stunning shades.

Price: ¥562

Colors Included: Charm School, Spellbound, Higher Self

Size: Net weight of 5.2g; dimensions are 8.3cm by 8.3cm

Product Code: sb2106238118898099

This eyeshadow palette brings together four distinct shades in one convenient case. The two bottom colors offer a matte finish, while the top two provide shimmer and sparkle. This palette is celebrated for its versatility, allowing you to create a complete eye makeup look effortlessly!

The colors have excellent pigmentation and are easy to spread, making it a breeze to use. I personally purchased this palette and fell in love with it!

Here’s what stands out:

  • The colors are easy to apply and have fantastic pigmentation – it’s adorable!
  • I was concerned about it arriving damaged, but it was packaged very securely.

One minor note:

  • It does tend to struggle a bit with water resistance.

SHEGLAM All-in-One Volume & Long Mascara.

Best Mascara of SHEIN SHEGLAM

Price: ¥844

Color: Black

Size: Net weight of 8g; length measures 13.6cm and width 2.2cm

Product Code: sbbeauty03200603953

The standout feature of this mascara is its dual brush design – providing volume and length in one product! Some beauty enthusiasts even use both brushes together for a dynamic makeup look.

If you’re seeking both lengthening and volumizing effects from your mascara, this all-rounder could be a perfect match for you. In fact, it’s my personal top recommendation among SHEIN’s cosmetics line!

Check out the feedback:

  • It has an amazing effect on my lower lashes, giving them a fluffy touch – it’s like magic!
  • I find it extremely satisfying that it doesn’t smudge and can maintain its output all day long.

One thing to consider:

  • Although it’s water-resistant, it can prove to be a bit stubborn when it comes to removing it.

SHEGLAM Kyoto In Bloom Eye Palette

Best Eye Shadow of SHEIN SHEGLAM

Price: ¥1,125

Colors: This palette offers a diverse range of shades, including KYOTO IN BLOOM, ZEN OUT, SHANGRI-LA, STAY FUEGO, MEXICO CITY, STAY JUICY, LA, and MARRAKESH OBSESSED.

Size: The palette weighs 10.2g, with dimensions of 18.75cm by 7.4cm.

Product Code: sb2106214112418473

Drawing its inspiration from the picturesque cherry blossoms of Kyoto, this eyeshadow palette features bright and lively colors that are sure to excite you just by opening the lid. Furthermore, each color is named after iconic cities from around the globe, adding a worldly touch to your makeup collection.

Owning this palette means having a piece of beauty from each season and city, ready at your fingertips.


  • The palette’s cute appearance and the fine quality of the eyeshadow, which doesn’t scatter powder easily, make it a delightful purchase. It was also noted that the product was packaged with care, ensuring its vibrant colors reach you in perfect condition.


  • There’s a mention it may feel a bit rough, signaling room for improvement or a unique texture to some shades.

In a nutshell, this palette not only brings global inspiration to your makeup routine but also guarantees a lively addition with its beautifully themed colors and quality.

Recommended SHEIN Lip Makeup Products

We’ve curated a list of top-rated lip makeup cosmetics from SHEIN, based on a combination of user reviews on their official website, popularity by word of mouth, and value for money. If you’re in the market for adorable and fashionable cosmetics, don’t miss out on this!

SHEGLAM Jelly Wow Hydrating Lip Oil

Best Lipstick of SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics
  • Price: 562 yen
  • Color Options: Berry Involved, Loco for Coco, Green Apple Envy, Grapefruit Glow, Mali-blueBerry
  • Size: It has a net weight of 6g and dimensions of 8.7cm in length and 2.4cm in width.
  • Product Code: sb2107236520210100

This lip oil is celebrated for its delightful fruity fragrance and a formula enriched with strawberry extract, hyaluronic acid, and squalane, ensuring your lips stay plump and glossy. Its vibrant and adorable presentation makes it an ideal gift choice.

It’s highly recommended for anyone aiming for hydrated and fuller lips. 


  • Users appreciate its easy-to-apply applicator and the exhilarating strawberry scent. 
  • The inclusion of hyaluronic acid provides real moisturizing benefits. 


  • It may cause a stinging sensation on sensitive skin.

SHEGLAM Matte Allure Mini Liquid Lipstick Set

Popular lipstick of SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics
  • Price: 914 yen
  • Color Options: Private Tour, After The Moment, Sweet Thing, Feel Real, Nude Beach
  • Size: The set has a net weight of 6.9g with a length of 10.2cm.
  • Product Code: sbbeauty31210407545

This set boasts lipsticks with a lush matte finish powered by a formulation enriched with sunflower oil extract that helps prevent wrinkles. It draws praise for its long-lasting effect, hardly budging once it sets!

Another point of delight is the versatility it offers: by combining and mixing the colors, you can create your very own favorite shade.

Our personal experience with this set echoes the positive reviews: we found the color payoff and staying power impressive!


  • Over time, the lipstick sets to a matte finish and becomes impressively resistant to smudging or removal.
  • Each color is lovely on its own, but mixing them together yields surprisingly delightful results.


  • On the other hand, some users have reported receiving the product in crushed packaging.

SHEGLAM Glaze Daze Lip Gloss

Famous Lipstick of SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics

Price: 632 yen

Colors: Apple Spice, Dark Peach, Rose Tea, Jammy, Mocha Cake, Grape Juice

Size: 3ml (net capacity), 1.75cm x 10.75cm (length)

Product Code: sb2207070009266972

This lip gloss offers a great blend of color and moisturizing properties. It carries no fragrance and comes with a firm texture that easily merges with your skin. The product offers a wide color spectrum ranging from cute to mature hues, providing options to complement various occasions.

The packaging is not only appealing but assures a chic and trendy look. 


  • The color of the gloss, which is consistent with the color shown in the picture, is versatile and can be paired with various outfits. 
  • It is a non-irritating and cost-effective choice.


  • The color retention of the product may not be very strong.

Customer Reviews of SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics

The cosmetics brand, SHEGLAM from SHEIN, has received loads of positive reviews! With such an extensive variety, it might be a little overwhelming to decide which one to pick.

Famous SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics Tools

Let’s explore the wide range of cosmetic tools available at SHEIN!

Eyelash Curler

Recommended SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics Tool

Price: 160 yen
Color: Black
Size (H x W x L): 6cm x 4cm x 12cm
Product Code: sbbeauty18210305660

This eyelash curler from SHEIN is a brilliant companion to your cosmetic routine, and it’s unbelievably affordable! The stylish design complements its efficiency in lifting your lashes, providing a glamorous touch. I bought one myself, and was genuinely stunned by its fantastic price-quality ratio.

There’s also another variant with multicolored metal parts available at just 163 yen. Both the items are not only wallet-friendly, but they also sport trendy and adorable designs!

A few key features I noted about this eyelash curler:

  • It lifts your eyelashes significantly.
  • Despite the considerable lift, it is gentle and doesn’t cause any discomfort or feel like it’s harming your lashes.

It brings your lashes up so much that you may want to observe it from a right angle. Please note, if you prefer a softer lash curl (Funwari style), this high impact curler might not be your cup of tea! However, for those who adore dramatic lash lifts, this is a must-have!

15 Piece Duo Fiber Makeup Brush Set

Best Make up Brush of SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics

Price: 289 yen
Color: Black/Multicolor
Size (W x L): 1.5cm x 18.5cm
Product Code: sb2112205825679511

This impeccable set includes 15 unique makeup brushes, ensuring you have all the tools you need for your beauty routine, and it’s such great value for money! Surely, these brushes would enhance the application of your existing cosmetics collection and make the process more enjoyable.

Each brush feels pleasant to the touch and is individually packaged with care. Despite the comprehensive array of brushes included, the set is priced favorably, making it highly recommended.

Here are a few key observations about this product:

  • It’s great to have an extensive collection! The quality of the brushes is surprisingly good, considering the price.
  • Although I haven’t tried them yet, the brushes seem like they will feel comfortable against the skin. Each brush is neatly packed in its own bag, providing added value for the reasonable price.
  • They feel soft on the skin. However, do note, they do have a distinctive smell which some might find off-putting.

Quilted Zipper Makeup Bag

Best Makeup Kit of SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics

Price: 362 yen
Color: Black
Size (L x W x H): 22cm x 15cm x 12.5cm
Product Code: sbmakeup24201222775

This chic quilted makeup bag is a great addition for anyone with an extensive makeup collection. Its soft material coupled with a roomy interior makes organizing a breeze—perfect for beauty enthusiasts with lots to store.

While most makeup bags on the market can be quite pricey, this option defies the norm by offering substantial storage capacity at an affordable price. It’s superb value for your yen!

A handy mirror is included in the design, adding functionality to its stylish form. Overall, this bag is more than just convenient; it’s a recommended purchase.

Here’s what stands out:

  • The size was surprisingly generous, with interior pockets and even a small mirror thrown into the mix—it holds so much more than you’d expect!
  • It’s actually twice as large as I had visualized, able to fit an assortment of items. I’m definitely happy with this purchase.

Note: Upon arrival, the bag appeared a bit squashed, but it quickly reshaped to its full form without any issues.

24 Piece Short Coffin Nails

Best Nail Tips of SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics

Price: 296 yen
Color: Pink
Size (L x W x H): 2.9cm x 0.5cm x 4.5cm
Product Code: sb2206228268776188

Elevate your nail game with these charming short coffin nails, featuring a playful black heart design set against a pink backdrop. They’re the perfect accent to complete your beauty routine, drawing attention to your hands with a pop of color and creativity.

The design is cleverly accented with just a pair of large rhinestone embellishments, striking a balance between simplicity and flair. This thoughtful detail ensures the nails are neither dull nor overly flamboyant, making them a hit for their stylish yet cute appearance.

These nails not only look good but are designed to blend seamlessly with your skin, enhancing the overall beauty of your hands and nails.

Here’s what fans are saying:

  • “Absolutely adore them, I find myself buying them repeatedly!”
  • “Incredibly cute! Love that it comes with just two stones.”
  • “They’re slightly translucent, which I wasn’t expecting, but still, undeniably cute.”

Elegant Wood Grain Tissue Case 

Best Tissue Holder of SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics

Price Range: 685 – 1,134 yen
Available Colors: Wood Grain
Available Sizes: Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L)
Product Code: sh2111108506212311

Discover a refined way to store your tissues with this sleek tissue case that pairs a wood grain lid with a clear body for a modern, minimalist look. Perfect for placing next to your makeup setup, it adds a touch of sophistication without breaking the bank.

Given the range of sizes from Small to Large, you can select the perfect fit for your needs. Despite its modest price tag, this tissue case exudes an air of luxury that you wouldn’t expect from such an affordable product.

The Large (L) size comes highly recommended if you’re looking to accommodate a standard box of tissues.

Here’s some feedback from those who have brought this item into their homes:

  • “For full-sized tissues, Large is the way to go. It’s tidy, aesthetically pleasing, and brings a sense of cleanliness to any space.”
  • “While I’ve found that SHEIN tissue cases typically run small, not fitting a standard Japanese tissue box, this one in Large is just right for Japanese-style tissues.”
  • “I opted for the Small size for my bathroom sink, but it turns out it’s a bit of a squeeze to get tissues out of it.”

SHEIN Previously Lacked a Cosmetics Line

In the past, SHEIN was not known for selling cosmetics, leading to many reviews that mentioned its lack of makeup products. Many potential buyers expressed their disappointment with this reality.

SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics Products

However, things have drastically changed since then. Starting from September 2022, SHEIN has begun offering cosmetics for sale exclusively through their Japanese mail order site. The narrative that SHEIN doesn’t sell cosmetics is firmly a thing of the past.

The existing beauty tool lineup is now complemented with a plentiful variety of cosmetics. You’ll find an assortment of eye makeup like eyeshadows, eyebrows, mascaras, and eyeliners. For base makeup, there are foundations, concealers, cheeks, highlighters, powders, and more. Lip makeup has also made it to the range with lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip liners added to the mix.

These affordable cosmetics have captured the market with their impressive glitter and color intensity, not to mention the vast color palette to choose from.

To explore the products, simply tap on ‘Makeup’ under the ‘Beauty’ category. Check out the items that pique your interest and look forward to splurging on SHEIN’s impressive cosmetics selection!

Summary of SHEIN SHEGLAM Cosmetics Line

The SHEGLAM cosmetics line by SHEIN will make its debut around September 2022, offering consumers a range of eye and lip makeup products at wallet-friendly prices. 

Alongside these beauty must-haves, shoppers can also expect to find an array of popular beauty tools, including brushes and pouches, complementing the new makeup collection. 

Dive into the world of affordable makeup with the rising favorite, SHEGLAM by SHEIN!

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