SHEIN Nail Tips Reviews

by Felicia Tan

SHEIN Nail Tips Reviews

People really like SHEIN nail tips because they don’t cost much and they look adorable. 

You’ll find a bunch of styles to pick from, like pink ones, black ones, and even some with heart designs! 

If you’re curious to see which of SHEIN’s nail tips everyone loves, take a peek at the suggested items list on their main site!

My Reviews on Using SHEIN Nail Tips

I’ve made a purchase of nail tips from SHEIN and I’d like to tell you about my experience with them.

SHEIN Nail Tips Packaging

SHEIN Nail Tips Packaging

SHEIN’s nail tips are stylishly packaged in an adorable box, making each purchase feel like a little gift to yourself. On my latest shopping spree, I was drawn to a chic and understated beige hue. 

This simple color choice adds a touch of elegance to any look, proving that sometimes, less truly is more. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or just wanting to elevate your everyday style, these nail tips offer the perfect blend of fashion and functionality.

What’s included in SHEIN Nail Tips?

SHEIN Nail Tips Components

Included in the SHEIN nail tips package are both stickers and nail files, ensuring you have everything you need for a seamless application. This thoughtfully designed kit allows you to attach the nail tips directly without any additional prep work. 

Whether you’re a seasoned nail art enthusiast or a novice looking for an easy, hassle-free solution to stylish nails, SHEIN has got you covered with this all-in-one set.

Quality and Quantity of SHEIN Nail Tips

Cute SHEIN Nail Tips

SHEIN’s nail tips kit comes with an assortment of 24 tips in varying sizes, ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for each of my nails! 

Stylish SHEIN Nail Tips

I remember trying on a size that was way too large for me at first, but luckily, finding a smaller size that fit just right was no hassle at all.

Cheap SHEIN Nail Tips

What took me by surprise were the nail tip stickers that came with it. They’re incredibly durable! Despite their appearance, these stickers hold up exceptionally well. They’re slightly thick, which might be noticeable at first, but once I positioned them at the tip and pressed them onto my nail, they stayed put without a hint of budging.

The Looks and Styles of SHEIN Nail Tips

Adorable SHEIN Nail Tips

Adding SHEIN nail tips into my daily look has been a game-changer for making my fingertips stand out with a touch of fashion. Despite having short fingers, which I often felt conscious of, switching to SHEIN nails has transformed them into something I love showing off. 

The different SHEIN nail styles are incredible, ensuring that I can always find something that not only fits my mood but also elevates my style. From elegant designs perfect for special occasions to funky patterns that add a playful vibe to my everyday look, there’s always a SHEIN nail set that feels like it was made just for me. 

Each time I try a new design, it feels like I’m rediscovering my love for expressing myself through these small, yet attractive, fashion statements.

Top 5 SHEIN Nail Tips: From Adorable to Stylish

I’ve scoured SHEIN for the most fabulous nail tips and ranked them to bring you the top 5 must-tries! My criteria? Simple: the buzz they’ve created, how often they’re reviewed, and of course, their price-to-wow ratio.

If adorable and chic nail tips are your jam, you’re in the right place. Stick around, and let’s dive into my handpicked favorites!

24 pieces Long Coffin Nails Set: Includes Nail File and Tape

Best SHEIN Nail Tips

Price: 136 yen

Color: Pink

Size: Length 5.1cm, Width 2.6cm, Height 0.5cm

Product Code: sb2112302652552653

Got these pink nail tips with cute heart designs on them.

They are super pretty and make your nails look great!

People love them because they make your hands and nails prettier and they don’t cost much. So, it’s a good idea to get lots of them.

If they’re too long for you, it’s easy to just cut them shorter.


  • They feel soft and look very cute. They stay on so well, which is why I really think you should try them, especially if you’re going to Disney!
  • They’re just so cute, that’s the best way to say it!


  • My real nails show a bit through them, but you can’t really tell unless you look close. There’s a number on them that bugs me a little, but once you trim them, it’s no problem.

30 pieces Short Square Nails Set: Includes Nail File and Tape

Famous SHEIN Nail Tips

Price: 187 yen

Color: Black

Size: Length 5.5cm, Width 2.8cm, Height 0.8cm

Product Code: sbnailart18200506682

These are cool matte black nail tips.

They’re special because not many people have this color, so they look really different and cute!

You get 30 of them in a pack, which means you can use them many times. It’s a great deal for the price!

If you can’t usually wear nail polish because of school or work, these nail tips are perfect for changing up your look in your free time.


  • They’re super cute! They come with tape, but it doesn’t stick well and falls off easily. I use better tape from the dollar store, and then they stay on all day. Since I can’t wear nail polish at work, I love that I can use these to have fun with my nails on my days off. I’m looking forward to trying different ones!
  • You get 30 in the pack! The matte finish is really nice and stylish! They’re shaped deeply, so it’s better to use extra glue instead of the sticker that comes with them. Some were too big, and some were too small, but plenty fit just right. I plan to keep using them!


  • Finding the right size took a bit of time, especially if you have smaller nails.

24 pieces Short Square Nails Set: Includes Nail File and Tape

Popular SHEIN Nail Tips

Price: 139 yen

Color: Green

Size: Length 1.75cm, Width 1.8cm

Product Code: sbnailart18200713546

I’ve got this nail tip that comes in a cute green color.

Each nail tip is unique, with different colors and designs, which makes them super cute and loved by many!

One of the great things about them is how natural they look, like they’re part of your real nails.

And they come in lots of sizes, so you can find a set that fits your nails perfectly!


  • They’re as cute as they look in the pictures! You can wear them in summer or winter!
  • They’re so adorable! They look like they’re part of your nail, not just a nail tip! There are so many sizes to pick from! There’s one with a clear paint-like pattern that shows your real nail underneath, but it doesn’t bother me at all. They’re really nice!


  • They’re really pretty!! But sadly, they didn’t match the shape of my nails.

24 pieces Short Coffin Nails Set: Includes Nail File and Tape

Top SHEIN Nail Tips

Price: 296 yen

Color: Pink

Size: Length 2.9cm, Width 0.5cm, Height 4.5cm

Product Code: sb2206228268776188

I found this nail tip that’s perfectly cute with a black heart design on a pink background.

There are just a couple of big rhinestone accents on it, making it popular for its stylish yet not over-the-top look. It’s really adorable!

The soft pink color paired with the black heart design gives it a super stylish edge.

It matches well with your skin tone too, enhancing the beauty of your hands and nails!


  • I keep coming back for this one; it’s that cute!
  • So adorable! Note that it comes with only 2 rhinestones.


  • A bit translucent but still super cute.

24 piece Long Oval Nail Tip Set: Includes Nail file and Tape

Unique SHEIN Nail Tips

Price: 145 yen

Color: Pink

Size: Length 1.1cm, Width 0.7cm

Product Code: sbnailart18200720173

Check out these nail tips that beautifully blend transparent and pink colors. The tip part is clear, giving off a super natural look that makes it hard to tell you’re even wearing nail tips. They’re really popular because they give the illusion that it’s your real nail but even better!

You’ll find them in a variety of sizes, ensuring you can pick the perfect fit for your nails.

They’re also quite durable and don’t peel off easily, making them a fantastic deal.

Even if they’re a bit too big, you can simply trim them down for a perfect fit.


  • Absolutely adorable! They look so natural and somehow make your fingers appear longer – and they’re so fashionable too!
  • Why didn’t I discover these sooner? Seriously, what level of cuteness is this…? I love how they blend seamlessly with my own nails, it’s fantastic!


  • So cute! They were a bit on the larger side for me, but after trimming them down a bit, they were just perfect!

Frequently Asked Questions about SHEIN Nail Tips

How do I apply SHEIN nail tips?

SHEIN nail tips are designed for ease of use with adhesive stickers included in the pack. Simply apply a sticker to the nail tip and then adhere it to your natural nail for a quick, hassle-free application.

What sizes do SHEIN nail tips come in?

Each SHEIN nail tip set includes between 24 to 48 pieces, offering a wide range of sizes from large to small. This variety ensures you can find the perfect fit for each of your nails without hassle.

How long do SHEIN nail tips last?

Thanks to their high-quality, long-lasting adhesive stickers, SHEIN nail tips typically stay securely in place for up to three days, even through daily activities and baths. However, for the sake of hygiene and to ensure optimal nail health, we recommend removing them at the end of the day, especially if considering repeated use.

For more detailed insights and tips on making the most out of your SHEIN nail tips, feel free to explore our other resources and guides.


The bottom line is, SHEIN’s nail tips are fun. You can get pretty stuff for just about 100 to 300 yen. Pink and heart patterns are hot favorites. To see more of these top-seller nail tips from SHEIN, you can visit their official website’s suggested items list!

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