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by Spiddy Tan

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Saxophones are a cornerstone of Jazz music, offering soulful tones that give the genre its unique and iconic qualities. If you’re looking to pick up a new instrument, learning the saxophone – a.k.a. the sax – can be a fun and exciting journey that’ll open the doors to a timeless genre of music. First things first, you’ll have to get yourself a saxophone.

That said, saxophones (like with most other musical instruments) don’t usually come cheap. While most models from well-known brands usually run up from $300 or more, some high-end pieces – like the kind you would see performers using – can start at around $3000. There’s plenty of choices in that entire range, of course, but still, there’s a big barrier to entry if you’re looking to pick up one of the most influential instruments in Jazz music.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of other great options in 2023, and a whole bunch of them you’ll find on AliExpress, one of the world’s biggest online marketplaces that offer high-quality goods at wholesale prices.

Check out the below here.

Whether you’re looking to pick up a new jazz-fueled hobby, or you’re in the market for a sturdy and reliable new saxophone to get you through hours and hours of practice, or even aiming for a show-stopping new instrument for your next performance, there’s something for you at AliExpress.

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When it comes to a reliable & diverse online marketplace to buy a saxophone, go for Aliexpress. The official stores curated below are featured on AliExpress website and is breaking the stereotypes by providing most exquisite of the Saxophone related online delivery services.

The variety available on the website is unmatched, users can leverage the economical range of prices offered on the below stores

Top 8 Best Saxophones You Can Buy on AliExpress

There are thousands of saxophones and saxophone-related products on AlIExpress, but quality can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. To help you get the best bang out of your buck, we’ve sorted through the AliExpress catalog to find you the best-performing, highest-quality, and top-value saxophones so you can get right to the good stuff.

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1. MFC SC-991 Curved Gold Lacquered Brass B-Flat Soprano Saxophone

Known for their high and bright tones, soprano saxophones are going to be the smallest and lightest saxophones you’re likely to find. They’re also able to produce higher notes than other kinds of saxophones – hence ‘soprano’. When shopping traditional retail, a decent soprano saxophone may cost upwards of $1000, but you can get some great value options on AliExpress for a fraction of the price.

best aliexpress saxophone

The MFC SC-991 Soprano Saxophone is one of the best-selling saxophones on AliExpress, and for good reason. Made with high-quality brass, with a classical gold lacquer finish, this saxophone offers fantastic value for intermediate players and experts alike. Plus, with its low cost, even a beginner could pick up this instrument and start practicing right away.

To make it an even better deal, the MFC SC-991 comes with a set of saxophone accessories so you can get everything you need as a budding sax player right out of the box. This includes a cleaning kit, mouthpiece cushions, reeds, and even a carrying case so you can take it with you to practices and performances alike.

Price: $250

2. Mini Pocket B-Flat Soprano Saxophone

saxophone accessories aliexpress

If you’re looking to try saxophone but are wary of making too big of an investment on an instrument you may or may not enjoy, you can always get one of these Mini Pocket Soprano Saxophones so you can give it a go without breaking the bank. Featuring a striking resemblance in tones to a regular soprano sax, this affordable and portable option makes for great practice. Plus, with its small size and lightweight form-factor, you can easily take it with you everywhere you go – ideal for learners and musical composers alike.

Price: $6.83

3. Aisiweier Gold Lacquered Brass E-Flat Alto Saxophone – Best Alto Saxophones on AliExpress

Although slightly larger and heavier than Soprano saxophones, the Alto Sax is one of the most popular types of saxophones, prized for its versatility and wide range of tones. Ideal for both students and intermediate players, Alto saxophones can cost anywhere between $500 and $2,500, but you can get the great, affordable options below for much less on AliExpress.

best chinese alto saxophone The Alto sax is arguably the easiest to play saxophone of the bunch, and if you’re a beginner looking for the best start to your jazz-fueled journey, the Aisiweier Gold Lacquered Brass Alto Saxophone is the best choice for you. Combining a low price tag with a great tone and high-quality materials all around, this Alto sax is a stellar introduction to playing saxophone.

Plus, the set comes with everything you need to play and care for your saxophone properly. You get a carrying case, cleaning materials, extra mouthpieces, reeds, and straps to help you play more comfortably.

Price: $198

4. Jupiter JAS-1100SG Nickel Plated Brass E-Flat Alto Saxophone

where to buy saxophone online

If you prefer something in a more playful, premium finish, this Nickel-plated Alto sax from Jupiter is a popular choice. You’re still getting the same bright Alto tones you would get on any other decent Alto saxophone, but instead of the standard gold, you get a silvery-white finish. It also comes with all of the necessary saxophone tools and accessories, but an added bonus is the sleek leather case instead of the usual cloth ones.

Price: $259

5. Suzuki Matte Black Brass Professional B-Flat Tenor Saxophone Best Tenor Saxophones on AliExpress

Similar to the Alto saxophone, Tenor saxophones are great, beginner-friendly saxophones that can be used for a wide range of music, from classical to pop and of course, jazz music. A little heavier and larger than your typical Alto sax, Tenor saxophones also offer a wide range of tones, and allow for easier intonation and tone control. You can expect to pay upwards of $800 when you get a Tenor saxophone from your traditional music store, but on AliExpress you can get some great deals on some high-quality options like the ones mentioned below:

aliexpress saxophone review

If you’re looking for a sleek, professional-looking Tenor saxophone, this one should be at the top of your list. Featuring the same standard brass construction as even the best saxophones, but this time in a sleek, matt black finish, this Japanese-made saxophone looks and feels premium. It even features a beautifully etched floral design to add sophistication to this show-stopping musical instrument.

Performance-wise, this instrument is definitely meant for professional use, but even beginners can get plenty of value out of it thanks to the nature of Tenor saxophones being easier to play and not requiring too much expertise to sound good. That said, in the hands of a skillful and experienced player, this saxophone can sound exceptional.

Get the Suzuki Matte Black Brass Professional B-Flat Tenor Saxophone now on AliExpress.

6. Ammoon Antique Finish Brass B-Flat Tenor Saxophone

cheap saxophone review

If you’re looking for a more affordable piece with a more classic finish, this antique-finish Tenor Saxophone from Ammoon is a great option, especially for beginners.

Adding to its beginner-friendly character, the Ammoon Antique Finish Brass Tenor Saxophone comes with everything you need as a budding saxophone player: you get a set of cleaning tools, straps for comfortable playing, a set of gloves, and a high-quality carrying case.

Get the Ammoon Antique Finish Brass B-Flat Tenor Saxophone now on AliExpress.

7. Tide Music Gold Plated Brass E-Flat Baritone Saxophone – Best Baritone Saxophones on AliExpress

Known for their size and weight, Baritone saxophones offer the richest and deepest tones you can get on a saxophone, but are also one of the hardest to play. Plus, since they’re typically large, heavy instruments, even the cheapest Baritone Sax you can get at a local music store could cost you upwards of $3000, maybe a little less for beginner models. Fortunately, there are some great options on AliExpress that you can get for a lot less, like these high-quality Baritone saxophones below:

best alto saxophone

Affordable (at least by Baritone saxophone standards) this high-grade gold-plated brass Baritone Sax comes with a rubber mouthpiece and a bakelite head for reliable quality and durability. Tone-wise, this saxophone is a great performer, delivering all of the rich, deep, and loud tones you would expect from a baritone sax much pricier than this one.

Get the Tide Music Gold Plated Brass E-Flat Baritone Saxophone now on AliExpress.

8. Weifang Rebon Gold Lacquered Brass E-Flat Baritone Saxophone

should i buy saxophone aliexpress

Weifang Musical Instruments are all made and manufactured in China, but over the years they’ve become a well-known brand all over the world. Despite falling into the ‘budget’ category of many musical instruments, Weifang offers superb build quality and craftsmanship in their instruments. So much so that everyone, from beginners to professionals, prefer their more affordable products, particularly for practice and learning.

Price: $1320

Top 3 Aliexpress Stores that sells SAXOPHONES

#1 – Ammon Official Store

saxophone aliexpress seller

Many varieties to choose from. $180 – $300 price range. Basically we do not like you to choose the cheaper range as the fittings may not be good. Spend a little bit of money to upgrade and buy their better versions.

Check store out.

#2 – Simuzinuo Music

This store carries ALTO saxophone! Yes Alto saxophone less than 1k usd. We do recommend you to talk to seller first before commit to buy. Ask sellers for more images and pictures and to make sure these products are the exactly what the seller is selling for.

top chinese saxophones

Check store out

#3 – Belongs to Music Store

This store sells mid range saxophones with different copies of the branded saxophones.

mid range saxophones

Check store out

The array of products available can appeal Saxophone enthusiasts in a great way. One can also obtain great deals through discounts with Aliexpress. If you’re a new user, you can avail special coupons & can apply them while you check out. The site has fair & free criteria to rate the products with stars.

The giant AliExpress has evaluated  this Official store under parameters like Communication, Shipping speed as well as the viability of the item displayed & delivered.

Things to Note when buying Saxophones Online

aliexpress saxophone review

New Arrivals:

Talking about the new arrivals, the site makes sure that user can shop the latest variety of Saxophone available in the world. Being situated in China, the seller works tremendously to fulfil international orders. The products listed on the website are updated on a frequent basis, you might also seek advice before placing an order. When it comes to shipping, Margewate ships your product within the claimed usual time of 120 hours or 2 days.

Courier & charges:

Users can obtain express shipping through the official Yuantong courier service, if you want some other courier to handle your baggage, you may contact the customer service. If you are aiming for a return or exchange, what comes as a great news is that Margewate will bear the freight charge.

Customer Service:

Customer service is dedicated as well as is fast, a user can obtain an absolute reliable communication through the website. You might call the customer service of Margewate and get your problems redressed. You might also mail the website through the submission form available on the website.

Aliexpress Shop:

One of the most intriguing thing about Saxophones that the website has a user-friendly appeal. The users can move seamlessly through different pages & segments of the website without any problem. If you’re from countries like France, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and more, you can see the website in your native language version. The website can be translated into an array of languages, thanks to AliExpress. As a customer, you are required to sign-up with Margewate before you aim to place an order. Once you’re through, you can browse & explore thousands of Saxophones and other musical instruments with added ease.

Major categories available on the website are Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trombone and much more. What comes as a great news is that a majority of online marketplaces doesn’t sell French Horn. With Margewate, you can explore & buy your favourite French horn.


Overall, it can be said that musical instruments like Saxophone is setting new benchmarks in the field of online musical instrument delivery. A variety of products are available on the website for the ease of the user. If you’re a music lover then buying instruments from the site can be of great ease. Avail exquisite discounts on all of the products, set up your shopping cart and place the order. It’d be evident to say that buyer protection is assured as when you buy from good store, you associate with AliExpress.

A great deal of shopping experience can be achieved through other stores.

Final Verdict

For high-quality tones and high-quality materials and builds at low prices, AliExpress is one of the best places to shop for a new saxophone. Whether you’re aiming for the high-pitched and brighter tones of the smaller Soprano and Alto saxophones, or the richer, deeper tones of the heavier and larger Tenor and Baritone saxophones,


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