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list of top alibaba sellers

I am into the reselling business, and for that purpose, I get all my products from Alibaba. However, Alibaba is a huge marketplace with hundreds of sellers waiting to do business with you. Amidst so many options, choosing the right seller can be quite a tough task. No matter what your niche and category are, you need to choose a seller that fits your needs and matches all your requirements. So today, I have compiled this guide to bring you the list of top sellers on Alibaba. Check out these sellers and order from them to receive the best.

Can you trust Alibaba?

Yes, Alibaba, as a platform, is very safe for the buyers. It takes special care to protect the buyers from scams and frauds. However, when you decide upon a supplier, it is very important to run a verification. You need to know whether the supplier is a legitimate one or not. Although the platform is safe, you may chance upon a scammer. So, to protect yourself, you need to run a thorough check on the supplier.

There is yet another way to keep you safe from frauds and scams. To prevent this, you can buy from suppliers using Alibaba Trade Insurance. This is an excellent policy that is meant to provide you with protection in case your products do not arrive. Under the insurance, your shipments are protected by Alibaba and the platform takes full liability in case of non-arrival. Alibaba also handles any disputes between sellers and buyers and also guarantees full money back in case your arrives products do not meet your expectations and requirements as mentioned by the seller.

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What are the advantages of buying from Alibaba?

There are so many advantages of buying from Alibaba. Here are a few that may entice you to give Alibaba a try –

  • You can design your own custom products, giving them your touch of individuality
  • You can buy the products in bulk, directly from the manufacturers
  • The prices are extremely low and affordable
  • The manufacturing costs are low
  • You can choose from a huge number of manufacturers and suppliers
  • You can shop for whatever you need right from the platform

What are the different methods of payment on Alibaba?

There are several ways in which you can make your payment to sellers on Alibaba. Here are the options that you can use, as per your preference and availability –

  • Bank Transfer
  • Escrow Method
  • Alibaba Payment Links
  • Alibaba Payment Terms
  • Alibaba Online Transfer

You can check out which of these methods work the best for you and choose that option to pay the sellers.

Out of all the methods available, the Escrow method is the recommended method simply because it is extremely safe for the buyers. Under this method, your money remains safe with Alibaba until you receive the products and are satisfied with it. Only when you are happy with the products that you have received will Alibaba forward the amount to the manufacturers and suppliers. This is the safest option that you can choose out of all the available ones.

How to avoid shipping charges?

If you are planning to order products from Alibaba but do not want to pay for the high shipping costs, there is just one thing to do. You can hire your own shipping company. This way, you can negotiate the amount and lower down the shipping charges that you pay. This way, you can lower the cost of your inventory and earn higher profits.

Top Sellers on Alibaba

#1 Wujiang Dongnan Garments Industry Co., Ltd.

top seller on alibaba

Wujiang Dongnan Garments Industry Co., Ltd., is into its business on Alibaba since 2002. They are clothing manufacturers and specifically sell dresses and blouses mainly in knitted and cut & sewn fashion styles. This seller is one of the most well-known sellers on Alibaba because of its experience and positive feedback from the customers. Minor details about the clothing piece are inspected and quality is not at all at stake.

You get quite a variety of silk fabric products such as eye masks, long knitted dresses, sleeveless tunics, and many more. They have set their foot into this industry and have been serving across the world quite satisfactorily, which can be seen from all the satisfied customer reviews. You can check out the store for some amazing products and deals.

You can visit the seller aqui

#2 TOP (Xiamen) Plastic & Hardware Co., Ltd.

best seller alibaba

Established in 2012, this manufacturer is known for its first-class and high-quality plastic products. Some of the highlighting products of this seller are lockers, DIY plastic drawers, and hardware. You can get your hardware items from this store without worrying about the quality issues as the customer support service gives a complete guide and discusses every problem and fulfills the requirements.

If in case, you are doubtful about something, the support department gets back to you in less than 24 hours. Other than just selling in China, they also export their products to the USA and Europe. Feel free to visit their store on Alibaba and order your favorite home décor hardware.

You can visit the seller aqui

#3 Top High Technology Co., Ltd.

top seller alibaba

This supplier came into being in 2011 and has such a good performance in the markets that now it has spread in more than fifty countries. It is a marketing domestic network that deals with electronic products where one of the top-selling products is an adapter, a highly useful item.

This supplier also has set up its foot in France, Thailand, and Hong Kong. Full customer support is provided and queries are solved in less time. With huge positive feedback from the consumers, you can get a new adapter for your electronic device without giving it a second thought. Do visit the store and explore!

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#4 Tangshan Top Bio_technology Co., Ltd.

top material supplier alibaba

This is one of the top sellers on Alibaba that is specialized in items to create a healthy life. They are the largest manufacturer of yeast derivatives. Keeping in mind the safety and quality, their products are of high stability. The products are also made with an extreme level of technology services to give you nothing but the best.

A proper quality check is done on every single product to maintain safety. Established in 2009, this supplier of brewer yeast has made its name in the industry and works to modify the old techniques. They are certified from various ends to maintain transparency and high quality. If you want, you can go and visit the store on Alibaba and get your material in bulk from here.

You can visit the seller aqui

#5 Xiamen Dream Top Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

supplier on alibaba that are good

This one is a known trading company that deals with silicone products for daily use. They supply baby products such as silicone chewing pendant for infants, kitchenware like steamers, baking cups, etc. The products you come across are all tested with the help of well-equipped facilities. With very good and positive feedback from all of their branches, this seller has come out to be one of the trusted one among all.

Customer satisfaction is kept on priority and so the questions and requests are handled professionally with a lesser response time. You can contact them if you are looking for silicone products in bulk.

You can visit the seller aqui

#6 Shenzhen Ex-Top Electronics Co., Ltd.

top electronics supplier alibaba

With seven years of hard work, this seller has made its name in this industry. Established in 2013, they have been selling security equipment such as CCTV cameras, smart home systems, DVR, etc. The seller is a manufacturer so if you are looking for security and protection products then you can contact them.

Their business is expanded in South America, North America, Mid East, and others. Proper certification has been issued to them by LCS so you do not have to worry about the quality of the product. Also, the response rate is quite good and they will get back to you in less than 24 hours to solve your product-related queries.

You can visit the seller aqui

#7 Changshu Writing Top Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

pen supplier alibaba

Specialized in producing writing material, this supplier works in a total of five factories, which specifically work for metal and plastic pens. Other than pens, they also deal with gift boxes and other products. In pens, you get all the modern ideas used and some fascinating ones for children. They supply pens with LED light, sprayer pens, and many other varieties.

They are not just bound to China, but also export their products to Europe, North America, and many other regions. From long 16 years into the industry, they offer excellent quality products while providing full customer support. Do give a try to the products from here. You will surely love them.

You can visit the seller aqui

#8 Top-China Nano Science & Technology Co., Ltd

alibaba best seller list

With a lot of achievements altogether this seller has touched heights to a great extent. This one is a famous manufacturer of nanomaterials and nanocoatings and has been serving in this field for a very long time. They have also worked jointly with research centers to focus on the application and production of the products.

The supplier has been working tirelessly for years to give us the latest technology. They have also been quite into new inventions that are meant to make our life easier. As per the records, they have worked on around 100 projects. They have set their foot in most of the regions and have earned respect in this big industry.

You can visit the seller aqui

#9 Nanjing Go-Top Garments & Accessories Co., Ltd.

best clothing seller alibaba

For the latest headband and mask style, you must reach out to this seller who deals with these garments. Head wears like beanies, scarves, bonnets, etc. are their specialty while using a number of fabrics to suit each skin type. In such a short span of period, they have achieved a lot because of their high-quality standards.

The production of the product goes through quality testing and the production flow is quite impressive. About the business, it is spread in different regions and has made its name touch great heights. In all its time in the industry, it really has earned a lot of success. With a lot of hard work, customers get products that satisfy their souls. You must try out your favorite headband from this store.

You can visit the seller aqui

#10 Shenzhen Hongc-Top Technology Co., Ltd.

electronic seller alibaba

In just two years of hard work, achieving a name in the industry is not possible for all but this seller has done it so far. This company came into existence in 2018 and is one of the most well-known trading companies that deals with smart device accessories, various modern electronics, and also with bags and luggage.

The reason for being famous on Alibaba is their truthfulness to high quality and handsome productivity. They go with the trend and provide people with the latest technologies and stylish designs. If you are looking for a manufacturer to start a business relationship then you are welcome here.

You can visit the seller aqui

#11 Shantou Top One Crafts Co., Ltd.

gift box seller alibaba

Have you been looking for fancy boxes for gifting purposes? Then I believe you must visit this beautiful store that provides extremely unique and lovely packaging material. The quality is not at all questionable as the production goes through strict inspection before coming to the seller zone. They are known in the market because of their eco-friendly use of the material and a huge number of varieties.

You can also get your boxes customized with your own designs on top. This adds a personal touch to the gift boxes and makes your business even more appealing to the customers. This seller has been in the industry from long 15 years so the experience adds a touch of perfection to their products.

You can visit the seller aqui

#12 Ningbo New Top Houseware Co., Ltd.

houseware supplier alibaba

This seller started its journey in 2017 and has bagged itself the highest rating in such a short period of time. We all require daily use products and investing in something that does not last long is pretty useless. Products need to be good in quality and must be durable enough, and to make that possible, this seller has opted for plasticware such as plastic cups, paper holders, products for the kitchen, and many more.

Throughout the production process, extreme attention is given and quality is maintained. The seller has received appreciation globally as the products are well equipped and customers are satisfied. They also sell other products like houseware/tableware, health, and many others.

You can visit the seller aqui

#13 Fuzhou Top Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

art supplier alibaba

This trading company is the manufacturer of home decorative items and some of the best products that they sell are wooden art, metal art, canvas painting, and many others. Being in this industry for more than a decade, this supplier has been providing its products to VIP customers as well. Although the price is a bit high, in terms of service and excellent quality, they do not compromise and hence they are on top. All the materials are inspected strictly and are also officially certified by BSCI and FSC. If you are looking for some home décor wall painting then you can explore the painting here with absolutely unique designs and impressive quality.

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#14 Langfang Lead-Top Furniture Co., Ltd.

furniture seller alibaba

Everybody loves to modify their house with uniquely designed furniture and to make that dream come true, you must visit this store. This company started in 2004 and it deals with furniture such as dining table, coffee table, dining chairs, and others. Their main markets are in Western Europe, South America, and Oceania. You must get yourself some home decor products from here because of their good quality, use of advanced equipment in terms of production, and the choice of getting your favorite designs customized. So do not wait and get your luxury looking stuff delivered at your place with full assistance and assured quality.

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#15 Ningbo Top Union International Trading Co., Ltd.

With genuine six years of experience in the field of fiber items, this company is touching heights while keeping all the mandatory steps in mind. To start with, they sell bamboo fiber kitchen wear and table wear items that are biodegradable and extremely eco-friendly. The products sold by this seller have undoubted quality and are certified by some of the most well-known agencies, it has become very famous in this industry. All the certified testing process is done on their products to make them safe. The products also pass all the required audits. This wholesaler cooperates with many famous companies and stores like Friso, Dumex, Casa and others. Do come and explore the store and get your furniture customized.

You can visit the seller aqui

#16 Dongguan Top Bags Co., Ltd.

bag seller alibaba

Bags are used by people around the world for different purposes. Bags are used to carry essentials, sometimes to store things like makeup, and also used at home as a wall hanging cum bag style. For these kinds of things, you must go around this store on Alibaba and get your bag now. They specifically work in the field of bags and sell them in bulk to various customers. This company deals with customers around the world and exports its products in various countries and regions like Japan, Australia, etc. Response rate and time to the consumers is quite good. You must try products from here as they use eco-friendly raw materials. The bags are also of excellent quality and are perfectly stitched to make sure they remain with you for a long time.

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#17 Guangzhou Top Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

medical supplier alibaba

Medical urgency can come at any time so medical equipment becomes essential at all times. So do not go short of medical tools and machines and get your place stocked with all the essentials from this known seller. They have been working hard in this industry and are committed to the quality of their products. With the use of advanced technology that is taking over nowadays, they sell products that are used for everything medical requirement, right from small injuries to big surgeries.

The team behind the production of these machines and tool is quite intelligent and work precisely with experience and professionalism. They also provide full-time online service and take customer’s queries on time. You can get machines for ultrasound, equipment for ENT and dental, and other laboratory room equipment from here.

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#18 Top Green World Packaging Co., Ltd.

packaging seller alibaba

Specialized in manufacturing food packing products with eco-friendly products, this seller has worked in this field while being responsible for nature. They use PP and PLA material that is biodegradable and does not harm nature. Some of their selected products are PLA cups, which you order in bulk.

They also have cutlery, such as forks, spoons and knives, and many others. These are great to maintain the surroundings. They are also hygienic and safe for others. While being loyal to their work and true to it, they have passed all the audits and inspections from great bodies like SGS. They have also spread their business in other major regions of the world.

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Check out these sellers!

I hope you found this guide with the top sellers on Alibaba helpful for your use. The list contains some of the best sellers that you can check out for your various needs. The sellers in the list deal with different niches and categories, so no matter what you are looking for, there is definitely a seller for you. So, if you are looking for sellers, try out the ones listed here. I am sure you will not be disappointed!

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