Top Aliexpress Chinese Wireless Earbuds 2021

by Tollo Francis

best wireless earbuds aliexpress

Wireless earbuds are the best way to listen to any kind of audio, whether it be podcasts, music, audiobooks, or anything else.

AliExpress has quite an extensive range of wireless earbuds that you can get at unbelievable prices.

If you are looking for the best chinese wireless earbuds on AliExpress, we have got some great ones for you. Continue reading for some great options that you can consider.

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How to choose best chinese wireless earbuds?

Ever wondered why Xiaomi’s earbuds are almost everywhere? Why do the most obvious options such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei seem to be battling for their positions in the global earbud marketplace? The features below would make you realize the secrets behind the products’ dramatic success and popularity.

Cost of Chinese earbuds

One of the top reasons why Xiaomi earbuds are some of the bestsellers in the market is their affordability. However, don’t think that you can’t set your quality expectations high because the products are pocket-friendly. The company ensures that it is constantly updated with changing technologies. And while keeping up with the trend doesn’t come cheap, it helps that its business model is unconventional. Xiaomi benefits a lot from traditional advertising and distribution, allowing them to price their products competitively without losing profit.

With prices ranging from $20 – $50, Chinese wireless earbuds are some of the most affordable you’ll find on online shopping platforms. 

Design of Chinese earbuds

The primary thing that captivates the attention of customers is the design of a particular product. Most of them rely on their overall appearance as their major deciding factor. They will raise questions like, is it stylish? Is it unique? So many people love attention and compliments, and so they will always look for something impressive.

Well, Xiaomi is confident in this aspect since they offer a variety. The design of their earbuds is backed by intense research of the market and the demographic of the target consumers. Of course, they also ensure their earbuds are designed ergonomically –minimizing discomfort while maximizing efficiency. 

Durability of Chinese earbuds

And here’s one of the best parts. Wireless earbuds, being a daily item, should be durable. Xiaomi ensures that their products come sweat or waterproof and are resistant to normal wear and tear. It’s also worth noting that most earbuds come with water-resistant certification. Even if they are confident about the quality of their earbuds, they still offer a product warranty to ensure every customer would have a happy or fair buying experience. 

Comfort of Chinese earbuds

Not all earbuds can be appropriately accommodated by our ears. There are different components such as your ear shape as well as the earbuds configuration that can significantly influence comfort. It is annoying to have ill-fitting earbuds, let alone those that keep on falling.

Fortunately, Xiaomi’s product designers have found a way to make the experience enjoyable. They use elastic tips that don’t hurt like plastic ones and feel more comfortable in your ear opening. They also offer customers alternatives such as specific solace earbuds, froth tips, and exclusively formed tips that form your ear shape.

Sound Quality of Chinese earbuds

Xiaomi earbuds effectively work on segregating sound. They use groundbreaking audio technologies that square other clamors in the environmental factors so that you can focus more on the most important sounds. It’s ideal for playing music when you’re in rush hour gridlock or at swarmed places, and you’ll also appreciate it when you are speaking to someone over the phone.

Best Xiaomi Earbuds on AliExpress

Best Price to Get (USD)

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2


Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE


Xiaomi QCY M10 Earbuds


Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 3


Xiaomi Basic S Wireless Earbuds


Top Chinese Wireless Earbuds on AliExpress 2021

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2

best chinese wireless earbuds

You know how it can be annoying when your earphones get tangled or broken due to sudden movement, right? Well, it is the reason why earbuds had surged in popularity in the last few years. However, many products in the market are way out of budget. Or perhaps, you just haven’t come across Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2? Be grateful because this product will save you from the known hassles of owning earphones without breaking your pocket!

The Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2 is an IPX4 waterproof product that is primarily built for function and convenience. It comes with Bluetooth V.5.0 technology that lets you connect to the source from up to 10 meters away. Since its shell is made from durable yet lightweight materials, you can safely put it in your pocket and not worry when you accidentally dropped them. As for the battery life, you can count on a 40mAh battery and a 300mAh battery for the case. These figures mean you can use your earbuds for about 15 hours. And by the way, it takes only a short time to have it fully charged.

Get this product for only $13.15.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE

xiaomi air 2 se aliexpress

Have you ever stayed close to your PC just because your cable is not long enough? Or you had an earphone destroyed because you couldn’t untangle it or the wires were not flexible enough? If you are familiar with these annoying situations, you better check out the Xiaomi Air 2 SE today.

One of the bestselling Xiaomi earbuds, this amazing item boasts bass-forward sound and modern features that warrant a higher price tag than most of its sister products. Despite the few dollars difference, you would surely appreciate that this item is programmed with three EQ settings (Balanced, Bass Boost, and Signature) to customize the audio output.

Bass Boost is ideal for workouts and packs punchy lows, while Signature makes minor adjustments to frequency response, promoting better midrange. The battery life is rated at 5 hours, which is above standard, and the accompanying charging case gets you an extra 15 hours. It also comes with an IPX55 certification which means these earbuds are built to withstand sweat and splashing.

Get this product for as low as $15.67.

Xiaomi QCY M10 Earbuds

qcy earbud aliexpress

True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth headset does not require a wired connection which means you can eliminate those traditional wired earphones’ shackles. And if you are to combine this unique technology with a stylish appearance and budget-friendly price, you’d come up with the Xiaomi QCY M10 TWS Earbuds!

The QCY M10 True Wireless Earbuds can deliver an immediate synchronization effect of sound which is perfect for streaming videos, listening to your favorite music, gaming sessions, and answering calls. It has been upgraded with a 3D ergonomically designed surface that provides better stabilization and comfortability. Furthermore, these fantastic earbuds utilize the 5.0 Bluetooth Wireless Technology.

With built-in premium driver units for superior sound quality, the QCY M10 exhibits surround sound, low latency, and power-saving functions. It also comes with a dual-microphone system that activates noise reduction. You can adjust the operations, controls, and music via the QCY Smart Application. Rest assured that it is resistant to sweat and light water splashes as it boasts an IPX4 water resistance rating.

Get this product for only $14.20!

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 3

xiaomi airdots 3 aliexpress

If you are fond of watching movies, podcasts, or you want to stream videos and listen to music with no distraction, then there is no doubt you would want this Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 3 Earbuds! This one might be pricey compared to the other items on this list, but its features explain why. As the promotional tagline goes, Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 3 is a first-class “radio broadcasting device” compatible with various devices, regardless of the model.

Boasting the Bluetooth 5.2 technology, this product offers twice the transmission rating as the previous models in its generation. The enhanced wireless technology guarantees more stability and faster connectivity. You can play or pause music with a single tap or launch the voice assistant with double taps.

With its IPX4 waterproof rating, rest assured that you’ll have no troubles with light rain and sweat. You can enjoy up to 7 hours of uninterrupted listening. If you’re getting low on battery and you aren’t anywhere near a power source, it’s a good thing to know that its charging case can give you four times the default battery life.

Get this product for only $42.28.

Xiaomi Basic S Wireless Earbuds

cheapest xiaomi earbud

Do you agree that listening to music while doing your favorite exercise makes the routine easier and more enjoyable? Well, if you do, then you better have these Xiaomi Basic S Wireless Earbuds! This product is IPX5 certified, which means it is resistant to sweat and water splashes –no more broken earbuds due to your lifestyle!

Aside from being waterproof, this product offers a reliable sound and even better wireless features than most Xiaomi earbuds on the market. When listening to music, you can enjoy the genre even more by experimenting with Low, Mid, and High sound functions. The earbuds are also digital assistant-ready –flaunting a built-in microphone that can quickly and clearly pick up vocals. This feature allows you to execute basic Google Assistant commands. Apart from the earbuds with a minimalistic design, you’d get a stylish and super-light charging case that can provide up to 15 extra hours of battery life.

Get this product for only $12.73.

Best Non Xiaomi Chinese Earbuds

Tronsmart Onyx Neo Earbuds

best wireless earbuds aliexpress

The Onyx Neo Earbuds is one of the best earbuds that you can get for an affordable price on AliExpress. The earbuds come from a top brand called Tronsmart that has 97.1 percent positive feedback.

The earbuds come with Qualcomm chip that ensures you get an other-worldly music experience. It gives you consistent and lossless studio-quality audio; it is also great because it consumes far less power than other earbuds. It features CVC8.0 technology that gives your crystal clear audio and cancels out all types of noise.

The earbuds come in its own 350mAh charging box, which after a full charge, can give you a playtime of up to 24 hours. The Bluetooth connection distance is up to 15 m. It is a great buddy for those who love working out as it is sweat-proof.

It also comes with an in-built touch system that lets you control your music and calls without using your phone. You can also control it using Siri or Google Assistant.

Customer reviews –

“The earbuds came just as described, and they work perfectly! The sound is pretty good too! I was wanting small earbuds that would barely be noticeable, while still producing good sound and long enough battery life, and these earbuds do all of that! It took a little over a month to arrive, but that was expected due to quarantine and all that. I’m just glad it arrived!”

“Excellent best marketer recommended and product works 10/10 such which description are best to the Beats and the sound is fascinating low pure amazing best is that the xiaomi earphones”

Have you become a fan already?

Check it out here

QCR Waterproof Earbuds

waterproof earbuds aliexpress

With 94.9 percent positive feedback, QCR is a well-known brand for high-quality earbuds. This is a smart touch Bluetooth earbuds that come with a 9D surrounded subwoofer. You will enjoy the high-quality sound and the crystal clear voice, along with noise cancellation. It also consumes less power.

It comes with its own beautiful 3300mAh charging box, which has dual purposes. Apart from charging your earbuds, you can also use the charging box to charge your phones and devices. The Bluetooth connectivity has a distance of 20 m.

The waterproof feature is perfect for those who love spending time outdoors exercising or running with music on full blast. The ergonomic design fits your ears perfectly and comfortably.

Customer reviews –

“Excellent Product, corresponds to the description by the seller, arrived super fast, the quality of sound is very good, the Touch works nicely.”

“Excellent! Play in full dignity for this stuff. Seaside Edge was a month. Came just 31 Dec in the New year. All match the description. Packed well. Great game! Thanks to the seller. Recommend.”

Do you love it?

You can check it out here.

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AUSDOM Noise Cancelling Earbuds

noise cancelling earbuds aliexpress

AUSDOM is one of the top brands on AliExpress with positive feedback of 95.9 percent. The earbuds from the store are amazing and give you an HD sound quality. It comes with CVC8.0 technology that gives you crystal clear sound and stops outsides noises.

The 600mAh charging box works great at charging your wireless earbuds and giving you a longer music and call time. The Bluetooth connectivity takes up low power consumption, however, the Bluetooth distance is only 10 m.

It is waterproof and protects from rain and sweat. The single button operation system allows you to control your music and calls without taking out your mobile phone. You can also control it using Siri or Google Assistant.

The earbuds are lightweight, comfortable, and ergonomic.

Customer reviews –

“Everything’s fine. Got fast, packed well . Can be ordered for a gift. There’s an instruction. Connects quickly to Android, works well. The sound is quieter than in other headphones, so it may not suit those who listen at full volume usually. I ‘ve been walking with them for half a month, everything is super. Charge long hold”

“I am very pleased with my purchase, I recommend this product and I am very pleased with my purchase.”

Interested in this?

You can check it out here.

TOMKAS Earpods

best aliexpress earbuds

Tomkas is again a top brand on AliExpress with positive feedback of 95.5 percent from thousands of satisfied customers. The chic-looking earbuds come with an in-built HD stereo chip that gives you excellent sound effects. Along with that, it also features a noise cancellation technology that cuts out any unnecessary outside noise.

The 500mAh charging box ensures you get longer music and call time on your earbuds. The charging box also looks quite elegant and glamorous. It is also quite compact so you can easily fit it inside your pocket or bag without taking up much space. The Bluetooth connectivity range is not too much; it connects up to a distance of 10m.

The earbuds are also sweatproof and waterproof so you can use them for outdoor activities.

Customer reviews –

“These earbuds have great sound quality and easy set up for the price. This is the fourth pair I have purchased, because everyone that sees them and samples them asks for a pair.”

“Well, what to say …. I’m happy!) ordered from the Russian Federation came in 11 days somewhere. well packed in a doll the whole set has a sound good”

Love this glitzy and chic piece?

You can check it out here.

VOULAO F9 Mini Earbuds with Charging Box

budget wireless earbuds

Another top brand on AliExpress, Voulao has positive feedback of 97.8 percent. The F9 Mini is the ultimate option for music lovers as it gives you HiFi Cinema quality sound. It also features CVC8.0 noise cancellation technology so you do not have to listen to outside noises when you are enjoying your music.

The 2000mAh charging box has a large capacity, which apart from charging your earbuds, can also charge your mobile phone. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 that gives the fastest transmission. The Bluetooth connectivity range, however, is up to 10m.

You also get intelligent touch control that allows you to fully control your music and calls without using your mobile phone. It is lightweight and ergonomic, making it the perfect fit for your ears. The box is also quite compact and portable; carry your music anywhere with you with these earbuds.

Customer reviews –

“Excellent headphones. Exact compliance with the description. Pleased with the magnetic lock in the charger, with which it is enough to bring the earphone to charging, as it magnetizes to the seat. The primary test showed a great sound! I’m happy!!!”

“product was as described. sound quality is great and of good quality.”

Enjoyed the awesome technology?

You can check it out here.

Ternzun Touch Operated Earbuds

top wireless earbuds aliexpress

Ternzun is one of the best stores on AliExpress with positive feedback of 99.5 percent, making it a top brand. It has over 30 thousand satisfied customers. The features of these earbuds are amazing and match those of all good earphones.

The earbuds give you HiFi sound quality along with crystal clear voice. The noise reduction technology is great as it cuts down all the disturbing outside noises. The HiFi stereo sound enhances the depth of the audio you are listening to.

The charging case has a capacity of 400mAh. The Bluetooth connectivity has a range of up to 10 m and it also consumes less power. You can easily use these buds when working out in the gym or going for a run outside as it is rain and sweat proof. It also comes with intelligent touch control that allows you control your music and calls without taking out your phone.

Connect this to Siri or Google Assistant for easier control.

Customer reviews –

“SUPER! SUPER! SUPER !!! recommend buying. Thank sellers. I would recommend to other people.”

“Great product, came quickly, very carefully packed. infinitely pleased! Thank you seller”

Need nothing but the best?

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Robot Sky A6S Noise Cancelling Earbuds

hifi earbuds aliexpress

This is one of the best-selling earbuds on AliExpress and it comes from a top brand called RobotSky, which has positive feedback of 95.3 percent. The brand has over 30 thousand followers who are satisfied with the products.

RobotSky A6S gives you HiFi sound quality and clear audio that cuts out all background noises. You will love the sound quality and performance of these earbuds. The charging case has a capacity of 280mAh. Each single earbud has a capacity of 45mAh that can give you a playtime of 3 to 4 hours with a single charge. The Bluetooth connection range if up to 10 m. It also does not consume a lot of power and boasts of faster transmission.

Customer reviews –

“The sound is normal, no noise. Bass sounds good. They don’t fall out of their ears, even when they run. On standard female ears fit. Plus in the kit there are still nozzles selicon different sizes. In control simple. With the phone, they crossed without interference.”

“Headphones cost their money 100%. Connect quickly, the sound is good for this price category. In general, I’m more than happy.”

Ready for some awesome sound quality?

You can check it out here.

It’s all about that sound base…

These were some of the best earbuds on AliExpress that is going to change the way you listen to music. Did you find any that took your heart away? Get it today!

Are Chinese Wireless Earbuds Worth the Hype and the Money?

Bear in mind APPLE AIRPODS are made in China too. Manufacturing capacity has surpassed all aspects.

The earphones manufactured under Xiaomi’s brand have evidently gone a long way.

From the basic earphones to those with noise-canceling features and now wireless earbuds –changes seem to come now and then. And undeniably, it’s always for the better. Since the launch of the company’s line of earphones, this product remains one of their best-selling items up to this date.

Hopefully, the question, “what makes them hot stuff in the market,” has been answered comprehensively in this review.


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