Best Interactive Talking Robot Toys for Kids 2021

by Spiddy Tan

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The world is getting far ahead today. There are so many technological advancements today that sometimes, it can be unnerving to keep up with them. One of the technological wonders that are quite a trend in today’s world is a talking robot for kids. 

Robots, today, have become very smart, but guess what else is smart? Kids! With the world moving in a fast-paced speed, it is only correct that the kids match pace too. 

Robots are no longer the scary mechanical items that people once perceived it to be. They have become smart and can be used to teach kids. Yes, you read that right. Talking robots today are not just meant for kids’ amusement. They can educate your kids while making it fun for them. 

I find the whole concept of a talking and walking robot quite impressive. Imagine owning a machine that talks to you and becomes your companion. As scary as this sounds, it also is quite entertaining. There are so many variations of a robot available in the market. Amidst so many options, you will find the robot that would be perfect for your little ones. 

You can operate many of the models available in the market using your smartphone. However, such a model costs quite a fortune. But why would you want to empty your wallets when you can get a high-quality talking robot for kids at a fraction of the cost?

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Interactive Talking Robots for Kids 2021

Yes, I have found some of the best talking robots at unbelievable prices on AliExpress. AliExpress is a popular e-commerce site that sells practically everything under the sun. The prices of products listed on AliExpress are a fraction of what you would pay at other websites. However, do not be fooled by the price. The products are high in quality and will meet every expectation of yours. 

So, without further ado, let us get into the world of robots and mechanics. Here are five of my favorites:

#1 – Mini Talking Robot

The mini talking robot is one of the best options for your little ones. It is an educational robot that is easy to carry around with you. The talking robot repeats everything that your child says. You only need to press the button twice, and after this, the robot will repeat everything. The feature is a great way to enhance your child’s listening abilities. You will love this robot as much as your child. 

The robot comes with batteries and is very small in size that easily fits your handbag. The small size makes it easy to travel with this robot. The mini robot will keep your child entertained for hours. You will love playing with it just as much as your kid. If you want to gift something to your child, this is a good option. 

The bright and vibrant LED lights in the robot will attract your kids. The talking robot lights up when your kid talks, and then repeats everything just the same way. Your kids will light up with joy. 

Other Features:

  • Can record and imitate voices
  • 360-degree head rotation
  • Made from alloy

Price: $13.99

#2 – Talking Robot Dog

The intelligent robot dog is again, another robot that you can gift to your child. The robot has ABS material and is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Choosing this robot does not harm the environment in any way. 

There are two ways of controlling the robot dog; it is touch-sensitive, but you can also use a remote control to use it. The dog can do so many things to entertain your kids. It can sing, dance, and tell stories as well. Tuck in your kids at night and let the robot take them to dreamland by narrating a story. The robot dog can also act and talk. 

Apart from all these functions, the dog can also perform numerous actions. Your kids will love watching the dog roll over, squat down, stand up, crawl, or imitate the real behaviors of a dog. The dog will compensate for the absence of a real dog by being just as a loyal companion. 

There are no sharp edges, making it harmless for kids. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. Get this robot for your kids for hours of unlimited fun and enjoyment.

Other Features:

  • Made from environmentally-friendly materials
  • Remote control distance of up to 20 meters
  • Resistant to falling
  • No corner design

Price: $32.98

#3 – The Robot with Voice Interaction

Another robot that you can gift your child is this robot with voice interaction. Although it cannot continue a conversation with your kids, it talks enough to keep your child entertained for hours. 

The toy robot sings and dances, which are excellent sources of amusement for your kids. Apart from these activities, your child can play a guessing game with this toy. You get a set of 20 animal cards with this robot. To play the game, your child needs to select any one of the cards. The robot then asks questions, for which your child touches the Yes or No points. The robot then guesses the animal’s name. Introduction to the game is an excellent way of increasing the abilities of your child. They learn all about different animals and know how to answer the questions. 

The robot also repeats everything that the child says. It can sing 20 different songs and can dance alongside your child. The robot uses high-quality material that makes it safe for the kids. It looks adorable and has a cute voice. Buy this robot for your kids to give them a new companion. 

talking robots for kids

Other Features:

  • With touch sensor functions
  • Comes with 20 animal cards
  • With repeat and record mode
  • Can sing 20 songs

Price: $25.99

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#4 – The Bluetooth Robot

The robot comes with Bluetooth connectivity. Once you connect the robot to Bluetooth, you will be able to listen to music or hear the robot’s voice. It also imitates your child’s voice once you press the recording button. 

Apart from having Bluetooth connectivity, the robot also follows hand gestures. It can move forward, backward, left, or right by following your hand gestures. It can sing and dance along with your kids. This feature will add a lot of excitement.

walking talking robot toy

Other Features:

  • Robot can dance
  • 600mAh battery
  • Charging Time: 120 minutes
  • Remote control functions
  • Gesture sensing functions
  • With wheeled foot

Price: $28.65

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#5 – The Smart Cady Wili

The smart Cady Wili robot provides hours of entertainment to the kids. It comes with a smartwatch, which your kids can wear to enhance the experience. Once your kids wear the smartwatch, they can turn on the auto-follow feature, after which the robot follows the kid around. 

You can also control the robot using hand gestures. You can move the robot in any direction by only using your hands. As mentioned, you can use a smartwatch as well as hand gestures to control the robot. But apart from this, you can also use a remote control to give it directions. 

The robot can sing and dance to provide entertainment for the kids. It can also tell stories that help stimulate the imaginative powers of a child. It can also talk to your child in English. The features of the robot help the child grow and learn in a fun way. 

The robot is available in two colors – white and blue. 

Other Features:

  • Flexible bottom pulleys
  • Flexible arms
  • Comes with eye lights
  • Capable of telling stories
  • Smart watch control mode

Price: $49.99

What to look for in a talking robot toy for kids?

There are several things that you need to consider before you get your kid a robot toy. Some of the basic features you need to look for include the following:


The first and foremost feature you need to look for in a talking robot is its functions. The robots I have listed offer exceptional functions that will not only entertain your child but will also help them learn and grow. These robots do not just sing and dance to amuse your kids. There are other functions as well. For instance, one of the listed robots uses a fun guessing game to teach kids about different animals. When selecting a robot for your kids, do not forget to check out the functions performed by it. 


You need to consider the age of your child when choosing a talking robot. Growing kids have varying preferences that tend to change after each phase. If you have a toddler, it would be a wise idea to choose a robot that performs functions such as repeating and singing. However, an older child would prefer a robot that would follow hand gestures and is more interactive. Always take note of what your child likes before investing in a robot.


Robots come in different price ranges. There are cheap ones, and then there are robots that are on the high end of the scale. If you are unsure whether your child will continue enjoying the robot, it would be better to start with a basic model that does not cost too much. However, if you have a devoted child who loves everything about robotics, you could go for the pricier versions. 

You must also consider the cost of batteries. Some robots require few batteries that last a long time, whereas other models require batteries frequently. 


Getting your child a talking robot could be one of the best ways of introducing your child to growth and learning in a fun way. The robots today are not merely mechanical toys that can move their arms and legs. The robots have become educational toys that become your child’s companion and teacher. Get one of the robot toys for your kids today!


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