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Shavers are the most compulsory item while packing a man’s bag as maximum men use it daily. Some people are a bit old fashioned so they don’t actually want any change in their shaving styles like changing the razor or cream but some like to change with time and use the modern equipment to good effect. So if you are the person who likes changes or maybe your old shaver is not giving a good performance than you are at the right place. Here you will get full information on how to get the best shavers at the cheapest price.

shaver best from aliexpress

Frankly speaking the best place right now for buying a shaver is AliExpress. You will able to get all kinds of shavers and razors here. You can buy the electric one or if you like to be on the old-fashioned side, classic ones are present there too for you.

AliExpress have the best White Label Machines

You can find one of the biggest collections of white label machines here and you will not find any differences between these machines and the Phillips or Braun ones. They are just brands which have a better reputation. The biggest advantage will be the price factor if you are buying these Chinese machines instead of big brands like Gillette.

You can find these Chinese equipments in Aliexpress for around $23 to $47. If you are eying a Braun Shaver, you will get it there between $70 to $75 as the product will be there at a discounted price for the sale. The normal price of the product is around $140. Now there are a whole lot of these machines and you can choose the machine which you need as a replacement for some big reputable machines. The description of some of the best is given here.

POVOS – This shaver, with amazingly good rating to be found on AliExpress. The technology you will get is the latest and you need cables only for charging it. There are triple rotating blades in it to remove hair from each and every corner of the face along with LED indicator which shows life of battery. You can get it in two colors.


AliExpress.com Product – POVOS Professional 4D Fully Washable Soft-touch Switch Shaver with 360-degree Rotation Triple Head Shaving PD9209Q

Paiter 4D Shaver – This rechargeable model is a bit cheaper from others. The cost of it will be between $30 to $35. The best feature that it has is its washable design which will help the user to clean it properly.

AliExpress.com Product – Paiter 4D Electric Razor Electric Shaver Shaving Machine With Beard & Sideburns Trimmer Trippe Head Flexible Men PS-8622 FISHKIM

KeMei – This model has reduced vibration so shaving can be done silently. It has a trimmer to if you want to shape your moustache or beard. The price of this product is around $26.
AliExpress.com Product – Kemei5181 4 in 1 Multifunction Rechargeable Electric Shaver 4D Floating Cutting System Shaver Razor IPX6 Waterproof With Stand


You will not get these products at best price in all the shops. Some of the best shops from where you can buy these products are SZ Lemon, KeyStar and Kingfo.

Above 3 shops come with great reviews.

As told before you can find the classic shavers from AliExpress too. Gillette blades, one of the most famous shaving brands in the market, are also manufactured by these Chinese manufacturers.  As per the best machines available Gillette Mach 3 and Gillette Fusion ProGlide are best.

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