Plantronics Backbeat Go 3 Review – Your Ultimate Music Partner

plantronics backbeat go 3

Ever imagined walking on the streets with headphones tugged into your ears; HOLD ON; without a mobile? Well, you’ve probably not; perhaps never. But now that Plantronics Backbeat Go 3 has stepped into the market, prepare yourself for a new journey where you can directly play your favourite numbers without shuffling playlists in your mobiles.
From the design to its extraordinary features and not to miss, some X factors in terms of performance; Plantronics Backbeat Go 3 is all set to take you on a ride to the ultimate world of music. Are you ready for a truly amazing journey??

plantronics backbeat go 3 review

Review of Plantronics Backbeat Go 3 – Here’s what you can expect from the first-ever wireless earphones:

Initial Look into Plantronics Backbeat
Almost weightless by nature, the wireless stereo headset is a perfect fit for your ears and gives a nice company not only in walking but also when you’re in your jogging or running suit or riding your classy two or four-wheelers. With a sweat-proof design and wonderfully decent sound; it adds to your comfort and glory of moving and listening to music seamlessly. Above all, its integrated microphone casts a technological spell and enhances your musical experience.

Design & Features
Sleek design, sporty appeal and easy-to-ears ear cords sum up the overall look n feel of the wireless device. Plantronics Backbeat has been specifically designed so as not to jam your ears rather give a soothing feeling on-the-go. Wearing this, you hardly feel your headphones; however can give ears to all that’s happening around you. From a person who’s calling you to the horns from surrounding vehicles; you can hear everything and everyone. Thus, you stay sharp and maintain your class.
You can choose from two colours- copper orange and cobalt blue.
The earphones consist of soft buds that connect well with a flexible band and fits perfectly within your ears. It hardly gives you a chance to drop the ear cords. The best thing about the device is that it quickly adjusts the shape of ears and makes all users feel equally comfortable. So, whether you wear it alone or give it to a number of friends; the experience remains unhampered.

Now, time for the X Factors:
• Being a tech-savvy audio device, Plantronics Backbeat accounts for an improved bass which further auto-enhances the audio effect.

• Its 6mm drivers widen the audio coverage of the headphones.
• The frequency responses are between 20 Hz-20 kHz along with a total harmonic distortion rating of less than 3%. This is yet another reason behind its superior quality of performance.

• The earphones also have a custom codec through which you can play the numbers which have been in-built by the manufacturers to double-check its quality.

• The BEST OF ALL? You can enjoy up to 6.5 hrs of uninterrupted musical experience post which, you can quickly charge the device with its integrated rechargeable battery and enjoy another 13 continuous hours of music. While purchasing the headphone, you can also grab the attractive charging case that comes as a separate package. Contrary to conventional charging cases, Plantronics Backbeat’s built-in case is quite larger and also features an LED display indicating battery life and charging status.

• And the last WOW thing is that the headphone lasts about 14 days in stand-by mode. You can also put the device on hibernation mode, only if you want to get 6 months of battery life.

Now that you know about all the conveniences that come unsaid, don’t be just a listener. Instead, start a new life as a digital audio enthusiast. Give away with your old ways of listening to music and upgrade your musical standard. Not just playing numbers, but feeling its tunes, moving with the lyrics and embracing music in your blood and flesh is all that Plantronics Backbeat Go 3 is set to make you do. So, buy the comfort, enjoy the flexibility and live life full of music.

Grab Plantronics Backbeat Go 3 for $99.99 on Amazon
Plantronics BackBeat GO 3 – Wireless Headphones – Cobalt Black with Charge Case

Grab Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 for $49.98 on Amazon
Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 Wireless Hi-Fi Earbud Headphones with Charging Case – Compatible with iPhone and other Smart Devices – White


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