Why is there NO NBA, NFL or Soccer Jersey for sale on Aliexpress

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For a long time, AliExpress used to be the best online shop from where you could buy original and replica sports jerseys from China at a very reasonable price. AliExpress used to have tons of jerseys of all kinds be it NBA jersey or NFL ones. However, these days it has become real hard to come across a jersey on their website and the few you get aren’t worth buying. So many Aliexpress fans are wondering what has happened to all those fabulous jerseys? Have they stopped selling them altogether? When you log on to AliExpress you’ll be able to browse through tons of other items except the jerseys. In today’s post we are going to talk about why AliExpress stopped selling jerseys online.

The major reason why you don’t find any good jerseys on this website is that AliExpress is trying to clamp down on fake items. Most of the seller on AliExpress used to sell duplicate jerseys of famous brands. A majority of the NFL jerseys, MLB jerseys, Real Madrid, MANU jerseys or NBA jerseys that were previously on sale at AliExpress are not original. They used to be replicas of the original jerseys but duplicated in such a way that you won’t be able to tell the difference.

It is no wonder that so many AliExpress shoppers are now concerned why their favourite online shop has stopped selling jerseys all of a sudden. Well, although we are not quite sure why they stopped selling jerseys altogether but it seems obvious that it has got something to do with copyright issues. Selling duplicates of famous jersey brands doesn’t seem like a decent thing to do for a renowned online shop like AliExpress. AliExpress was flooded with replica jerseys which is why they were compelled to discontinue selling jerseys due to copyright issues. So you can rest assured that you are not the only person experiencing this problem on AliExpress. To put it simply, AliExpress has totally stopped selling fake jerseys on their website.

AliExpress along with its parent company Alibaba Group has gotten real big within a very short span of time. Right now they are bigger than any other online shops such as Walmart, Amazon or the likes. This is precisely why AliExpress is now trying to do away with all the counterfeit items which are on sale on their site. They have been doing it for the last few months so its not surprising that you are not being able to find your favourite jerseys on their website. Replicas of licensed products were everywhere on AliExpress but these days you have to be really in luck to find a listing and place an order. We are not just talking about sports jerseys here. Other duplicate items like backpacks, shades, card games and much more had been removed from the website as well.

However, searching for the player’s name + jersey might pop up a number of listings. In case you still don’t find anything worthwhile then you need to buy your jerseys from other websites.

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