Top 5 Bluetooth SPEAKERS on Aliexpress 2020

by Spiddy Tan

I am a passionate music lover who is very zealous when it comes to dancing to the tunes. Music
helps me calm my nerves after a tough day. I also love listening to soothing music before going off to
my dreamland. It is not always feasible to have the earphones plugged in, so for this reason, I was on
the lookout for a speaker that would take care of these needs.

There are several kinds of bluetooth speakers that are available on China Ecommerce portal – AliExpress. With these special sound bass speakers, it can be guaranteed that you can enhance your audio hearing experiences. There may seem to have a wide variety of speakers that are available on Aliexpress and each has a broad range of prices.

Best CHEAP Chinese Bluetooth Speakers AliExpress

Here at Tollo, we review these Best Chinese Speakers that you should lay your hands on. Read on…

#1 – Bluedio Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Surround System

It is one of the most feature rich speakers that can be used for a variety of purposes. This model sports a hands-free system which in turn offers a great variety of practicality in its everyday use. If you want, you can have it affixed on your nightstand. With the efforts of professional tuner, the sounds to the ears is clear and loud.

bluedio speaker aliexpress

Being is a wireless speaker, and it can be operated freely within 10 meters. It is compatible with most smartphones and PCs.  Equipped with bluetooth 5.0, this chinese speaker is one of the best speaker available on Aliexpress.

best chinese bluetooth speaker

Price: $20.99

Check the speakers HERE.

Price: $18.46

What we like about Bluedio Speakers

  • Products to be shipped direct from United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Australia.
  • Established brand in China
  • Fast shipping
  • Quality product with warranty

Review of Buyers

  • I’m surprised at the price and quality every time I use a ‘bluedio’ product. I’ve been using expensive products from around the world (boss, sony, etc.) for 20 years, but I’ve never felt a product with superior price / quality like a ‘bluedio’ product. I probably fall in love with the sound of the ‘bluedio’ product !
  • Surprising comfortable, and audio quality also very good. It sits on the shoulder quite securely,and does not fall off easily. Light weight and I do not feel it on my neck or shoulder. The sound stage is quite unique, as if you are inside a bubble. In some songs you can actually feel the bass on your shoulder. It is quite loud and other people for sure can hear it . 

Check the speakers HERE.

#2 – T2 Portable Outdoor Waterproof Speaker

It is one of the best speakers that can be found on AliExpress and the reason behind this is the fact that it enjoys excellent reviews and is one of the bestselling products on the site. This speaker is waterproof and portable in nature that can appeal greatly to the users.

best portable speaker aliexpress

On the other hand, it is one of the sound speakers with the help of which one can shower on the beach. It has an integrated microphone that is ideal for receiving calls. This device can be controlled via Bluetooth too.  Super battery of playtime up to 12hours is amazing!

waterproof speakers china

Available at US $20.70

Check the product HERE.

What we like about this speaker

  • Ships from China or Russia
  • Portable
  • Easily connect with bluetooth 5.0

What Buyers say

  • I am very pleasantly surprised by the sound. At home there is JBL Xtream and I will tell you for 1379r this option is awesome, shakes be healthy. Delivery in 3 days.
  • Great column! The sound is loud, Bass is normal. At the highest volume overruns, but this is normal. The radio is perfectly self-adjustable. I recommend to everyone!!! 
  • The column is definitely worth its money. There were difficulties with tuning the radio. But with the study of the instructions, it helped catches the radio perfectly.

Check the product HERE.

#3 – Xiaomi HD Stereso Square Box Speaker

We love the design of this Xiaomi Speaker. It looks so stylish!

xiaomi bluetooth speaker

It is regarded as one of the speakers that can be used in laptops too. It can attach to the top or the side of the laptop thereby amplifying the sound. Moreover, this device is also available on a broad range of colors that makes it attractive. It can receive power and information through the USB port of the laptop.

Check out more Xiaomi Lifestyle Products here.

Price US $24.99 per piece

Check the product HERE.

#4 – Mifa Portable Bluetooth Speaker 10w Stereo Music

On AliExpress, I found the perfect companion. The Mifa portable speaker is an answer to all my needs. It connects over a Bluetooth connection, and if you are using a device that does not have Bluetooth, you can use an Aux or an audio cable.

The sound quality is excellent. The speaker also has a built-in mic so you can take your calls easily without having to disconnect. It has a long battery life that lasts up to 12 hours; it is also waterproof to a certain extent.

A feature that I really loved is that it automatically connects to the last connected device without any manual work required. The speakers come in three different colors and two different patterns, so you do not have to limit yourself.

It is one of those devices that are perfect to be carried around in a small bag or a purse. Their size is minuscule, and moreover, they are made of metal that provides them with sturdiness. This device also has an FM radio and an USB card reader. Moreover, this device also has Wi-Fi.

Comes in different colors.

cheap chinese bluetooth speakers

It is cheap and affordable.

china speaker with good bass bluetooth budget

Price: US $28.30

Check the product HERE.

Products to be shipped from US, Spain, Russia or Ukraine.

#5 – NBY Mini Bluetooth Speaker Wireless

With a 360 Degree Stereo Sound, this mini bluetooth speaker is one of the best selected among the rest. It can support up to 3.5hours of play time and carries a bluetooth transmission distance of 10meters. The price range is awesome. With less than $20, this is a good piece of gadget at home.

chinese speaker cheap wireless
chinese wireless speaker

Cost: $14.13

Check the product HERE.

Ships from Russia and China

Accessories for your Speakers

Check out our handwritten Cool Gadgets Review too!

#1 – UGREEN Wireless Bluetooth Receiver – For Car Use

Wireless Bluetooth Receiver 3.5mm Jack Bluetooth Audio Music Receiver Adapter Car Aux Cable Free for Speaker Headphone

Though this device does not feature as compared to other devices, they have the best sound quality. This device has a Bluetooth system that makes possible for the user to control the noise of the speaker from a certain distance. This device is also available at a cheaper rate in AliExpress China.

Available at US $9.74 Product – Ugreen 3.5mm Bluetooth Audio Receiver Universal Car Speaker Music Receiver Adapter with Microphone for Headphone iPhone Macbook

#2 – Rechargeable Batteries

rechargeable battery

You will need these batteries for bluetooth speakers. Prices are very competitive and they ship from US.

Price: from $5.86


huawei bluetooth speaker

Nope, that’s not all. I have saved the best for the last. If you love listening to music while going off to
sleep, this is the perfect option for you. It turns off itself after 10 minutes if there is no manual
operation. Sleep peacefully without worrying about having to turn the music off. Product – Huawei Bluetooth speaker Portable Wireless Loudspeakers For Phone Computer Stereo Music surround Waterproof Outdoor Speakers Box

What? You are getting one right now?

FAQs on Buying Bluetooth Speakers from Aliexpress

1. Most sellers arrange the shipment from Monday to Friday. The shipping includes packaging and handling fees.

2. It takes approximately 30-40 days (USA, CA, AU,). Other countries 40-60 business days, the exact delivery time depends on a few other factors.

3. If you do not receive your item (s) within 60 business days, please leave a message to the sellers.

4. Sellers will guarantee the item you purchase is the item we described in the product overview. If the item arrives and is not as described, please contact them to return the item for exchange.

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