Best Walkie Talkie for 5 Year Old Kids 2021

by Spiddy Tan

best walkie talkie for kids

We know that kids nowadays spend more time on screens than actually playing outside. We, parents, would want them to have engaging activities while teaching them to be independent. Allow your kids to enjoy being outside while learning to explore by themselves through the use of walkie-talkies.

The toy walkie talkies are great for your kids. They will love spending hours with their new toys. The walkie talkies expand their imagination and let them freely create stories. You can also use these walkie talkies as a means of communication between your you and your kids. 

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Kids Walkie Talkie to BUY

Today, your kids are going to love through this article as we list down the Top 10 Best Walkie Talkies for Kids.

#1 – Strong Toyers Twin Walkie Talkies

walkie talkie for kids

We know how much we want our kids to spend less time on their iPads, phones and computers. Giving them a walkie talkie might just be a solution! The Strong Toyers Twin Walkie Talkies can give a great new adventure to your kids with its 99 privacy codes that you can teach them. It also comes with an earphone and a charger jack for more convenience.

If you are worried about the antenna haphazard as it can give unwanted accidents, this walkie talkie has a fixed antenna which is designed specifically for kid’s use. Let your kid explore and wander without any worries, because you might be more worried about getting rid of the dirt on his shirt after playing outside. ☺

Key Features:

  • 22 public channels
  • Scan/Call/Monitor Function
  • Fixed antenna & Removable Belt Clip
  • LCD backlit display, battery status indicator
  • Good sound quality with adjustable volume level

Price: $17.76

#2 – KSUN UHF Walkie Talkie

top walkie talkie for kids

Go for a nice camping without hearing any “I’m bored, mommy!” and let your kids wander through the woods without you worrying about them using the HIINST Kids Walkie Talkies.

These walkie talkies will definitely elevate your little kid’s curiosity as they wander around and communicate through the HIINST Walkie Talkies.

It also comes with a built-in flashlight for emergencies especially when your family is taking the weekend outdoors. This will be camping on a whole new level for your kids!

Key Features:

  • With high gain antenna
  • With double knobs of pure steel
  • Vox voice activated transmission
  • Automatic battery save
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Selective channels
  • LCD backlit
  • Auto channel scan
  • Page tone alert
  • Low battery alert

Price: $15.58

#3 – 2 pcs Walkie Talkie Watch for Kids 

small walkie talkie

How cool is it to have a watch that doubles as a walkie-talkie and 6 other functions? This amazing 2-piece walkie talkie is also a Magnifier, Night-light, Secret capsules, Compass, Reflector.

Aside from that, it promises a crisp and clear sound due to its background noise muting function. Take your kids into a whole new adventure with this walkie talkie watch!

With this walkie talkie watch, you cannot just give your child more fun with the emerging technology, but he can also learn how to read the time and enhance his communication skills by talking to you and his friends.

Key Features:

  • Wrist watch style with adjustable band
  • Extendable antenna make the transmission distance longer and sound clearer
  • continuous talk from 2 miles up to 3.7 Miles

Price: $4.38

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#4 – Rechargeable Walkie Talkie 2pcs For Kids Retevis 

children walkie talkie

Save your money and delay the kids for demanding a cellphone by gifting them a Retevis Rechargable Walkie Talkie! Engage them onto this exciting form of communication while allowing them to play with their friends. Camping at night can be exciting and convenient because this walkie talkie has an LED backlight and a flashlight. The attached belt clip also makes it more easier to wear.

Key Features:

  • Unique Small Body Design
  • Noise reduction feature
  • Keypad Lock
  • 10 Call Tones to Choose From

Price: $29.99

#5 – Owl Walkie Talkie

baby walkie talkie

Who knows how cute walkie talkies can be? The owl walkie talkie is perfect for the growing curiosity of your little one! It only as one button which allows for easy use especially for young kids who wanted to try out a different way of adventure. Give your child a happy childhood with the one-buttoned owl walkie talkie!

Key Features:

  • Clear voice transmission
  • One Tone Call
  • Eye LED Indicator

Price: $18.85

#6 – BaoFeng Children’s Walkie Talkie

best walkie talkies for kids

Teach your kids how to be responsible by having them tell you where are they currently in through a very fun way with the BaoFeng Children’s Walkie Talkie. It is very lightweight and small which makes it easier for your cute active kiddos to carry around.

It is also packed with 10 alert tones, 5 of them are animal tones which your kids can recognize and name as a game! You can give your kids the independence of letting them choose which color would they want.

They can have a selection of blue, black, pink, green, and yellow. Your kids will surely flash their cute smiles with these walkie talkies!

Key Features:

  • Max 5 KM range in the open field
  • Power supply is 4 AAA batteries
  • 8 Storage Channel, each channels with 38 privacy codes
  • Built-in flashlight
  • audio low battery alert
  • backlit display
  • keypad tones
  • auto squelch

Price: $12.44

#7 – Wekome Kids Walkie Talkie

best walkie talkie for kids

Lessen screen time and your kids’ urge to get their hands on your mobile phone with the Wekome Kids Walkie Talkie. This walkie talkie looks just like the old Motorola phone model in which you may use to lure your kids that this can be they first phones ☺. Pair this up with exciting games that both you and your little one can enjoy, so you can heighten up your connection and friendship.

Aside from this walkie talkie looking just like a mobile phone, this has a feature to receive a signal for up to 6 kilometers for maximum coverage. It has a sleek and professional design which also features a camouflage-colored walkie talkie if your kid enjoys playing like soldiers! Give him a real-life soldier experience with this amazing toy.

Key Features:

  • Up to 6km coverage in an open field
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Voice message

Price: $9.20

#8 – Leixen Children’s Walkie Talkie

children walkie talkie

Twist up the Scavenger Hunt game this weekend as you let your children and their friends learn teamwork, problem solving, and effective communication while having fun! Hand them the Leixen Children’s Walkie Talkie which has up to 16 channels. The product comes with earphones and laces so your kids can never lose the walkie talkie as they play around.

Key Features:

  • Up to 3km coverage in an open field
  • Colors: Blue, Red, Black, Write, Yellow
  • Easy to use one-button walkie talkie

Price: $26.10

#9 – TopSung Walkie Talkie for Kids

china walkie talkie

Who said only little boys can enjoy using walkie talkies? This cutely designed walkie talkie from TopSung will get your beautiful daughter into playing with it. Let your little daughter explore beyond the four corners of your house playing dolls. Let her wander around even when you are enjoying the day at an amusement park or outdoors because the TopSung Walkie Talkies cover up to 5km. Never worry about her getting lost anymore with this amazing use of communication.

Key Features:

  • Rechargable
  • Power-saving feature by minimizing talk range
  • Voice-activated transmission allows radio to transmit messages when user’s voice is detected without having to press any buttons
  • Provides up to 10 easily recognizable call alert tones for incoming calls
  • Roger beep tone feature provides confirmation indicating the completion of the user’s transmission, and signals to others
  • Double Channel Monitor feature to avoid missing any calls
  • Bright LED backlight at night

Price: $6.99

#10 – AUTOPS Kids Mini Smart Video Digital Camera and Walkie Talkie

smart walkie talkie

The Autops Kids Mini Camera and Walkie Talkie might be the magic pill for limiting the screen time problem for your little kids! This amazing walkie talkie has 8 megapixels of camera which they can enjoy using just like a tablet or a smartphone which also has a front and rear camera features.

It also comes with games and videos which makes it a lot more like a phone. What makes it more special is that it teaches your kids on how important communication is. This can be your first lesson for your child on how to properly communicate with you as their parent. With this product, your kid might drop down the phone and tablet and enjoy playing with this camera and walkie talkie instead!

Key Features:

  • Rechargeable
  • Simple auto focus shooting
  • Creative filters available
  • Comes in blue or pink
  • 32 GB Maximum storage capacity

Price: $35.98

#11 – Retevis RB616 RB16

walkie talkie best for kids

If you have smaller children, then this adorable Retevis RB616 RB16 walkie talkie can be one of the most cute gifts you can ever give your children. This walkie talkie comes with a very simple operation that even younger children can understand.

Other Features:

  • Clear sound quality
  • Manufactured with environment-friendly materials
  • Big PTT design

Price: $17.05

#12 – KSUN KSM3 Walkie Talkie

kids best walkie talkie

If you’re looking for a simple yet high-tech walkie talkie for your kids, the KSUN KSM3 Walkie Talkie is the one you’re looking for! If your kids love playing for hours, this walkie talkie can play along with them for hours with its 8,000 mAh battery.

This heavy duty walkie talkie can also allow your kids to communicate even when they are 50 floors apart! They will surely enjoy playing and talking with this walkie talkie’s crisp and clear sounds.

Other Features:

  • Low Battery notification
  • LED dot matrix screen
  • Voice control functions
  • Channel scanning

Price: $31.03

#13: Mini Portable Handheld Two-Way Radio

top aliexpress kids walkie talkie

This Mini Portable Handheld Two-Way Radio is explicitly designed for kids 3 years and up to enhance their communication and social skills. Your cute children can use this two-way radio for up to two meters, and you can even tag along as they play!

Other Features:

  • Made from environment-friendly ABS plastic
  • Intercom distance: 30-50m
  • Easy to carry

Price: $7.95

Are walkie talkies safe for kids?

Yes, walkie talkies are safe for kids. It is recommended to choose walkie talkies that offers 22 channels or more to promote safe communication. This would also prevent any unwanted callers or people from communicating with your kids.

Are walkie talkies illegal?

You might be hearing stuff about walkie talkies that you are required to have a license if you have a handheld walkie talkie. Yes, that is true but only for radios that are tagged with GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service). The good thing is that all or most of the walkie talkies sold on AliExpress aren’t tagged GMRS so it’s perfect for kids and family use.

Buying Cheap and Good Walkie Talkie for Children

We all need to teach our kids with efficient communication, especially on today’s world. Walkie talkies provide our kids with a fun lesson on how much important communication is. They will learn how to respond with your calls and reply back, especially in times of emergencies.

Walkie talkies establishes active listening to little kids too. As they talk with their friends or with you, they are able to pick up instructions and interpret messages clearly. Their vocabulary can also increase because they spend more time communicating verbally than scrolling up and down with their gadgets or phones, or merely chatting.

These walkie talkie toys can help you as you parent your child into becoming a more independent and curious child. Aside from communication, always make sure to engage in playing and bonding activities with your kids to strengthen their feeling of security and confidence as they grow older.


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