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best xiaomi products 2019

If there is one electronics brand that can be said to be a dream come true for the common man, it’s undoubtedly Xiaomi! Their highly progressive devices and gadgets are sold at prices that can make the best electronics brands across the world sob.

Xiaomi Inc. is a Chinese company popular across the world that designs, develops, and sells an array of technological products. These include but are not limited to smartphones, mobile apps, laptops and other related consumer electronics.

Year on year, Xiaomi makes sure it introduces something new in the market that manages to wow us. It has to be noted that the products created by Xiaomi are not only highly progressive but also look sleek, slim and sophisticated.

It is a fast growing company selling high-quality products that are affordable. It can be safely assumed that most people in the world today have access to the best technology, thanks to Xiaomi. If you are looking forward to experiencing the Xiaomi effect, you should perhaps start with these Best Xiaomi products

Xiaomi Lifestyle Products 2020

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1. Xiaomi Dash Camera

Price: US $36.26/piece
Rating: 4.9/5

xiaomi dash camera

Dash cameras are a blessing for every driver, especially when it comes to claiming insurance for an accident. Without a doubt, Xiaomi’s dash cameras use advanced technology that tops many other Chinese brands in the market. 

With a 1080P full HD resolution, the Xiaomi 70mai Smart Car DVR is a WiFi enabled action Dash Camera. It has a sufficient screen size of 2.7 inches and weighs between 201g to 300g, which is quite light. It has a TFT LCD screen that is not waterproof. With an optical image stabiliser, the camera is a 12 Dual Core with a DSP Chipset.

This camera has a view that is two times wider than the human eyes and easily shows three lanes owing to its 165 degrees super wide-angle. The unique feature of this camera is that it also has an ADAS safe reminder function, a voice system that gives warnings to the driver, and three gears inductive modes.

There is also a symmetrical heat emission hole design on the upper and bottom part of the camera. With an SD support of 64 GB, this is perhaps one of the finest dash cameras out there.

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Price: US $36.26/piece

2. Xiaomi WiFi Router

xiaomi router 3

Price: US $29.00/piece
Rating: 4.9/5

The Xiaomi WiFi Router is a 128MB, 2.4G/5GHz, 1167Mbps, WiFi Repeater Dual Band gadget. With the brand name of PIXLINK, this WiFi router has a transmission standard of 802.11 and supports both WDS and WPS. You can get a three times faster internet access along with more reliable streaming for your connected computers and mobile phones.

With wireless connectivity, the router has a firewall and VPN, both, with two USB interfaces. It has four external antennas for faster wireless performance and excellent signal across greater distances.

You can manage your network settings easily with the Xiaomi Mi WiFi app for better efficiency. It is available in white colour. Sellers on Aliexpress ship these across the world.

Price $29.00

3. Mi Notebook Air Pro 

mi notebook review

Price: US $1,095.68/piece for 15.6inch
Rating: 5/5
A company that makes powerful battery packs and mobile phones is sure to make powerful laptops as well. The strong Windows 10 operating system on this laptop makes it easy to navigate and manage digital files.

This laptop is powered by Intel Core Quad Core processor. Designed with HDMI output, this features powerful graphics for those who love playing games or enjoy watching shows with high definition clarity. The 16 GB DDR4 RAM enables easy multitasking and quick processing. With fingerprint access to unlock the keypad, users truly get a seamless experience unlike any other.

You can buy this laptop for free shipping.

Other Features:

  • 1.0 MP camera
  • 256GB SSD Storage Capacity
  • Dual Band 2.4GHz / 5.0GHz WiFi

Price: from $1,095.68

4. Xiaomi TV Box 

mi box s aliexpress

Price: US$479.20/piece
Rating: 5/5

Mi TV Box S powered by Android 9.0 is a boom for people who enjoy entertainment through various apps to toggle seamlessly between them. This is very easy to plug into a wall or at the back of your TV and use. It supports voice search and Chromecast as well, delivering a world of content effortlessly. It has a stable, efficient, and reliable processor and supports Dolby Digital+ and DTS.

It is built on top of a Cortex A53 quad-core processor which is paired with 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. That will enable 4K HDR playback at 60fps and support for Dolby DTS audio. The wireless remote control makes it even more convenient to relax in front of the TV and watch your favourite shows.

Other Features:

  • Google Assistant
  • Supports wired and wireless connections
  • Bluetooth 4.2

Price: US $470.20/piece

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5. Xiaomi Mi Band

mi band 4 china

Price: US $33.90/piece
Rating: 4.9/5


With fitness becoming the newest fad in the world, fitness accessories have taken over the market by a large extent. 2021 saw the introduction of the Newest Mi Band 5 with upgraded features.

The color screen, greater display brightness, improved battery capacity, BT 5.0 connectivity and other features overtook its predecessor by a whole new level. Available in several vibrant colours, this fitness band will soon become your favourite and motivate you to adopt a better lifestyle. 

With a battery of 125mAh and a standby time of twenty days, this band operates on Android 5.0 and supports Bluetooth. It has been one of the best Xiaomi products these past few years.

Other Features:

  • 1.1″ AMOLED Display
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring
  • 5ATM water resistance up to 50m

Price: $33.90

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6. Xiaomi Earphones

xiaomi earphones

Price: US $8.37/piece
Rating: 4.8/5

One of the most popular products by Xiaomi, these in-ear earphones have garnered the Red Dot Award for excellence in design.

The spiral design earphones have tips which point towards the ears for enhanced comfort. It’s unique design greatly helps to improve the quality of sound particularly in the bass, mid and high ranges.

You get to choose from a range of exciting colours to match your mood and taste.

Inside the parcel, the box is securely wrapped with puffed polyethene, so nothing gets crumpled. The packaging is pleasant. Replacement pads are included with the earphones.

The earphones are pleasant to the touch, the colors are attractive, and they perform exceptionally well for the money paid. These are compatible with all Xiaomi phones and most Android and IOS phones.

Other Features:

  • Function: Play / Pause, Answer / Off, With Microphone
  • Compatible with Android and iOS

Price: $8.37

7. Xiaomi Smart Scale

xiaomi smart scale version 2

Price: US $45.13/piece
Rating: 4.9/5

This is version 2 of the scales. These are made of good quality glass that is very tough and sure to last long. By making use of the BIA technology, the Xiaomi Smart Scale allows the users to test 10 aspects of their body data including weight, figure, muscle mass, BMI, basic metabolism, bone mass, water level, visceral fat level, fat rate and body score.

It allows you to evaluate the effect of an evening jog or a trip to Starbucks. One of the best parts about the scale is that it comes with a memory that can hold data of up to 15 individuals.

The scales are excellent and can be quickly configured to sync with the application on your phone. Just scan the QR code in the instructions and automatically get diverted to the MI Fit app.

Other Features:

  • G-shaped Manganese steel sensor
  • High-precision BIA chip
  • With balance ability measurement

Price: $45.13

8. Xiaomi Wireless IP Security Camera

xiaomi ip camera

Price: US$25.90 – 27.30/piece
Rating: 4.5/5

In today’s unsafe world, it is almost essential to have security cameras installed for some peace of mind. Know everything that goes on within your household by installing the IP security cam by Xiaomi.

People with babies or pets in their home would find this camera particularly useful. This silent gear doesn’t come with any sound or blinking lights. The rotating top provides you with a full 360-degree view of your room.

The added advantage is that this camera comes with excellent night vision and a special subject tracking mode for greater benefit. The lens distortion feature can be turned on or off according to your convenience and all the video files can either be stored locally or on the cloud.

This wireless cam needs to be placed anywhere within the Wi-Fi zone and can be controlled with your smartphone using the Xiaomi Home app.

Other Features:

  • Night vision function
  • 1080P resolution
  • Support Android 4.4 and above, iOS 9.0 and above

Price: $25.90 – 27.30

9. Xiaomi Smart Power Strip

xiaomi power strip

Price: US$11.85 – 19.93/piece
Rating: 4.7/5

The smart power bar by Xiaomi is built with safety as a priority. It comes with useful features like inbuilt surge and overheating protector. There are three power sockets, three USB ports and electricity consumption tracking. This is also a device that can be connected to the Xiaomi app.

All the power sockets are childproof so they can also be left on the floor. The rubber grommets on the bottom prevent the power bar from sliding all over the floor or a slippery tabletop. This comes with an extension cord that is 1.8 metres long.

Comes in UK, EU, AU and China Plug versions.

Other Features:

  • Triple home protection
  • Anti-flaming temperature control feature
  • Phosphor Bronze Wire
  • Unique Mini Plug

Price: $11.85 – 19.93

10. Xiaomi 20,000 mAh Power Bank 3

best xiaomi products

No list can be complete without the popular power banks by Xiaomi. This CE certified power bank with 20,000 mAH capacity is sure to keep all your gadgets up and running. This is one of the few power banks which comes with 2 USB ports for charging your smartphone and tablet simultaneously.

A capacity as high as 20000mAh assures that you can use your devices for a long time. This is the latest version of battery packs that were introduced.

Price: US $49.89 – 52.83

11. Xiaomi Backpack

xiaomi best selling backpack

Price: US $8.69 – 17.83/piece
Rating: 4.8/5

It might come as a surprise to some that a company that makes world-class electronics even makes backpacks. Well, like all Xiaomi products, their brightly coloured backpacks are made of excellent quality material that is sturdy and can comfortably handle daily use. 

This super light, waterproof backpack of 10 litres is ideal for a one-day hiking or camping trip. With a whopping carrying capacity of 10 Kg, this one can be packed in three different ways for ultimate comfort and convenience. Available in several trendy colours, this will soon become your favourite and you won’t part with it!

Other Features:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Water repellent

Price: US $8.69 – 17.83

12. Mijia Pen

xiaomi mijia pen

Price: US $3.23 – 8.09/piece
Rating: 4.9/5

When Xiaomi makes backpacks, it should not come as a surprise that they also make pens to write with. Of course, they have to be the best pens with high precision and smooth ink flow, no less! This smart looking pen serves the basic function of writing, drawing or scribbling.

It includes replaceable ink cartridges, a .55 mm ball point tip which is imported from Switzerland and all-metal connecting parts. If you are looking forward to the smoothest writing experience then make sure to buy one for just around $5.

Other Features:

  • Retractable
  • 0.5mm fine point
  • 9.5mm contoured grip

Price: $3.23

13. Xiaomi Smart Bulb

smart xiaomi bulb

Price: US $15.04 – 19.72
Rating: 4.9/5

These iOS and Android compatible smart bulbs do a lot more apart from lighting your room up. The 800 Lumens 10 W white light comes with adjustable brightness to ensure you get optimum lighting.

The Wi-Fi enabled bulb allows you to control the light from anywhere where you have access. This energy saving bulb is available in a wide range of colours and lighting modes.

This product is of very high quality and works perfectly well. We have tested the software as have noted that it works without any glitches All the different colours and brightness are amazing.

The software control is also nice. The product when bought from Aliexpress is shipped excellently with a thick foam layer to protect the bulb. It easily lights up a medium-sized room. 

Price: $15.01-19.72

14. Xiaomi Toothbrush

xiaomi toothbrush

Here is another pleasant surprise from Xiaomi – Toothbrushes! What we like about this toothbrush is its soft bristles and that it comes with a travel box. All this for roughly $3 per toothbrush.

We, the editors of are big fans of this product. All our family members are using it at the moment and have no complaints about it.

best selling xiaomi products 2019

Price: $5.13/ 2 pieces

15. Xiaomi Smart Phones

We leave the best for the last! Xiaomi Smartphones were the first products launched under their brand name. Over the years, the brand has evolved from a cheap and good budget phone brand to high end, premium and awesome smartphones with spectacular features.

In 2020, we saw the launch of the new Xiaomi Mi 10, Xiaomi Redmi Note 9, and more! We are eagerly awaiting the launch of new phones by Xiaomi in 2021!

Latest Xiaomi Phones this 2021

We are expecting more…

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best xiaomi products 2021

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