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best baby nasal aspirators aliexpress

As a mom one of the most dreadful thing that happens is dealing with cold and cough among babies. It is a difficult situation to handle. Yet it is another challenge that all moms must face. When dealing with cold, a blocked nose can be a nightmare. Fortunately, aspirators have made it easier t get rid of that stubborn snot which troubles the baby so much.

A baby nasal aspirator helps clear the snot thereby getting the airway clear for baby to breathe easily. Lot of aspirator can be found online. But for your convenience we have chosen 10 best nasal aspirators that work wonders amongst babies. They are the best because they fulfill certain criteria. Some of the key features that these aspirators fulfill are the following;

  • Safety – When using any baby product safety is of primary concern. All these products meet with the standard safety measures.
  • Effectivity – They are highly effective and recommended by moms.
  • Price – These aspirators are affordable and will not cost you a lot.
  • Quality – The aspirators used in this list are of superior quality and they pass all sorts of quality checks.

If you have never used an aspirator before, the process might seem invasive and thus scary. But it is a simple, mechanical process that clears the blockage in the nostrils of the babies. A child with a blocked nose will not be able to sleep or even eat. An aspirator easily resolves the issue.

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Best Nasal Aspirators for Babies on Aliexpress

Here is our list of the top 10 picks.

1. Gentle care aspirator

This aspirator is so gentle that on touching you will be able to feel the softness of the product. It is made of silicone and is extremely gentle for the child’s nostrils. It has a valve that prevent backflow. With your breath you will be able to control the suction level. As a mom you will be the best judge of what would suit your child.

To use it you can consult the instruction manual provided with it. One end will go inside the baby’s nostril and the other inside your mouth. This product is ideal for 13 to 18 month old infants.

As the child observes the mom is doing it herself, they will have calming effect and fuss less. Tis aspirator is very easy t use and getting a grip is quite convenient due to its small and effective size. Calm your baby down and then start the process. As the aspirator can be used for over 6 months, cleaning is a priority. All the parts are detachable and cleaning is a breeze.

Price: $0.46

2. Newborn essential

Yes, it is a nightmare if your new born has a congested nose. This particular aspirator is designed for newborns. What makes this aspirator a must have for newborns is the fact that the size is perfect for your newborn. The size and the softness are the two primary criteria that you need to consider when getting an aspirator for a newborn. It is small and appropriately sized to fit into your few month old baby’s nasal passage.


The tender silicone touch will not alarm the baby and you will be able to effectively remove the congestion in no time. As you control the suction you can be as gentle as your baby needs the suction to be. Washing it is also quite you use it for your infant, do sterilize it. You can put it in the sterilizer or use a boiler. As it is made of superior quality it will easily stand the heat. Before first use and after each subsequent use sterilize the aspirator to ensure safety.

Price: $1.38

3. Most affordable aspirator

Apart from being the most affordable aspirator available in the market. This aspirator is really effective. As it almost looks like a you’re your child will not be intimidated by it. It is available in pink and blue. Another important point that makes this aspirator as one of the best is the fact that no one has to suck at the other end. So if you are a mom who can not bring herself to suck out with your own mouth, then this is the one for you.


It is equally effective and a great way to relieve your child from congestion. Before starting the aspiration process let your child play with it, let them explore. It will take away any fear or apprehension they might have regarding the product. Once you take it away and clean it properly, it will be ready for use. Cleaning is quite easy as the parts come off and you can put back easily as well. Make it appear like a game and it will be over in a few minutes. It is ideal for infants as well as toddlers.

Price: $1.17

4. Quality electric aspirator

If you are not comfortable about your suction power or want a sure way to remove the decongestion then this aspirator is the best choice. It is so mild and safe, even though it is electronic. There are different suction levels to choose form. Depending on how much congestion is there you can choose the suction level. As it is made up of water proof material you can easily clean them. For fist time use boiling with salt or sterilizing it is recommended.

There would be no backflow so you have one less thing to worry about. It is effective for not just runny noses, it works well with dry snot as well. However, if you are dealing with dry one, it is better that you use a saline spray to soften the snot. Within a couple of minutes it will be done. you can sing or tell story to your baby or even let them play as you clear away their little nasal passages.

Price: $9.42

5. Gentle suction

Most parents who have recommended this product is mainly because it is very gentle and mild for even a newborn. Easy to use, this product can be cleaned thoroughly without any trouble. Controlled by your breath, the control of the suction process stays completely under your control. So,you can increase or decrease the strength after estimating the comfort level of your child. Not just newborns it can be used for infants as well. If you are buying this for your newborn, you will able to continue its usage till your child is a toddler. So, keep it clean and uncontaminated it is made up of great quality silicone material. It can last long when preserved well.

While cleaning pay attention to not just the pipes attached to it but also the bulb where the snot collects. Run hot water through it, if you feel you can keep it soaked. However using detergent for cleaning the product is not advisable. It works best with mucus over dry accumulation.

Price: $0.79

6. Protective case snot remover

The best aspect of this aspirator is that it comes with a case. As this product is meant for newborns the extra casing makes sure the equipment stays protected. The bulb part has two tubes. One for the baby’s nostrils and the other for mom’s mouth. The tube aspirator which is included in this set does not allow any backflow. It is convenient to clean and super hygienic to store.

The casing will let you carry the aspirator if you are going for a vacation. Even the aspirator can be washed and cleaned. After each use make sure you wash the aspirator. Make sure all the parts are tightly attached. You can detach them or wash and sterilize the product as it is. Though ideal for newborns it can be used for 18 month old as well.

Price: $1.79

7. FDA approved bulb syringe

Decongesting a baby’s nose is not going to be an easy or relaxed experience for any parent. But if you are concerned about safety or whether the product that you are about to use meets FDA recommendation ten this is one such product. This aspirator causes the least amount of discomfort and your baby will not yell or cry when he will come to know how it works. It is so painless and fast that the baby will not even realize that his nose has been cleaned.

The bulb syringe causes a suction which draws out the mucous. As a mom if you are concerned about how hygienic are the aspirators which needs the mom to draw with breath, then again, this one should be your choice. But this aspirator does not work well with dry, congested nose. But if you use a saline water spray and let it soak for 5 minutes then the aspirator will work even with dry congestion.

Price: $1.12

8. Noiseless suction bulb

Some babies vehemently protest any kind of nasal intervention. There is no point even trying to make a little baby understand the necessity for clearing their nose. This aspirator is so gentle that it makes no noise. It has a feather touch and the baby will not even anticipate the nose has been cleaned. It is electric but absolutely safe to use. all the parts of the device are detachable and can be washed and sterilized.

The doctors approve of the design because it is so easy to hold and minimal contact is required. The mild device will not even wake a sleeping baby even if you are trying to clear the nasal passage during sleep. You can adjust the suction level according to the comfort level of the child. There are five degrees to choose from. Even doctors rely on this device because of its quick and painless benefits. It is battery operated and rechargeable.

Price: $8.65

9. Ideal companion for flu protection

With change of season babies are prone to fall sick. One such cause of concern is flu. The most reaction is having a congested nose. It will make the baby feel extremely uncomfortable. So, when you start noticing the first signs of runny nose, take action. This aspirator is perfect for preventing a runny nose taking shape of a full-blown flu. Though most parents fear runny noses and feel that a flu is around the corner, by taking action you can help the baby suffer much less. It is an inexpensive method that lets your baby breathe free. You will have to control your breath and draw the snot.


The mom will have full control on the degree of suction and you can carefully get the mucous out without causing the baby much discomfort. As it works on the principle of suction, cleaning is also quite simple. Just pump in water, preferably hot water mixed with a little salt which will help disinfect the tube.

Price: $0.70

10. One piece tube aspirator

If you are worried about having too many pieces of the aspirator and how to keep them clean, then this tube aspirator will surely relieve you. As for your baby he will be so happy and playful once the snot is removed. It works by suction mechanism. But do remember this works best with wet mucus or runny noses. It will not be much effective with dry ones even if you spray with saline water. The tip is so soft that it is very gentle. Your baby will not feel any pressure inside the nostril.


Made of silicone your baby will not be hurt and the malleable nature will adapt to the anatomy of the child’s nostril. You can even perform the clearing wen the baby is fast asleep. It is lightweight and can be conveniently carried in your bag. You can use it for even newborns as well as infants up to the age of 12 months.

Price: $2.77

Buying Nasal Aspirators from Aliexpress

We have no issues buying nasal aspirators from Aliexpress. Most of these china made products are as good as it can be. Bear in mind a majority of those retailed on Amazon are actually made from China.

Though a nasal aspirator is not a very comfortable experience for the child, it is still the best way to clear nasal passage. Even as a parent you might dread it, but using the best one will ensure that your child gets quick relief. You will immediately notice a difference once the congestion gets cleared. Give your child the best care that you can provide.

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