Aliexpress Hair Reviews 2020

by Spiddy Tan

Your hair is your crowning glory and you want the best looking, shiniest and healthiest hair you can have. Since we all can’t be blessed with gorgeous locks, we have lots of options in the market. Wigs and extensions are the easiest and best choices out there. Hair extensions come in a lot of colours, textures, lengths and styles. Needless to say, they come in a variety of prices as well, depending on the quality. Most of us tend to choose the cheaper hair wigs or extensions without considering the reasons behind the low price. 

In order to save some money, we tend to purchase the not so great quality products which disappoint us badly within a few days of using. Is it not better to spend a few more bucks on the best hair products which will give us good quality and last a long time? It is always wise to remember that good quality products come at a price but the extended service that those products offer definitely make them worth purchasing.

Aliexpress Hair Review 2020

In our hair reviews so far, we have tried to give you the results from all the hair extensions we have tested, from every brand, so that you can decide what hair products you would like to buy. But, today we are going to review the worst hair products; yes, we are going to provide the real Aliexpress hair reviews. The Aliexpress hair products that the Chinese e-commerce website Aliexpress sells can be good or can be bad.

To write this review, we tested as well as critically examined all the hair products offered by the vendors in this Chinese e-commerce website. review of hair extension aliexpress

Hair Sellers on Aliexpress

Most of the vendors on Aliexpress like New Star Hair, Mobb Hair, Hair XoXo, Queen Love Hair and several others guarantee that they are selling what is generally called  “Virgin Hair”

Virgin Hair:

Virgin hair is the most desired because it is pure and real human hair that has not been chemically processed. This hair has the natural texture that we so desire and that is something artificial hair cannot ever have. This hair is not altered by dyes, perms or by chemicals like bleaches. In reality, since a lot of people do colour their hair or chemically treat it at some point in their lives, it is very rare to get real virgin hair. Because of all these reasons, in general, virgin hair is very expensive when compared to artificial hair. It is also difficult for the vendors to source. 

Those vendors on Aliexpress who say they sell virgin hair have also assured that the hairs offered by them are Indian, Brazilian or Malaysian. But in our tests, we have found those claims to be entirely false. The hairs are neither virgin nor are they from Indian, Brazilian or Malaysian origin.

If you want to see our curation of Aliexpress Hair sellers, read our post HERE.

Top Trusted Hair Vendors on Aliexpress 2019

Now what they really do is buy large quantities of hair as scrap and the vendors on Aliexpress weave them chemically to give the hair extensions a polished look. Moreover, they steam process the hair products to make them curly, wavy or the way you want it to be. Since these are not real virgin hair, they don’t last as long as you would expect them to. 

aliexpress hair review sellers

How REAL are those Aliexpress Hair reviews?

Now that we have given you a brief of what virgin hair is and what is really sold by those vendors on Aliexpress, we are sure you are wondering how they have such high ratings and so many positive reviews and feedback, right? Well, let’s burst that bubble as well. As a consumer, you deserve to know.

On the Aliexpress website, you will see several positive Aliexpress hair reviews and comments about the best Aliexpress hair products. But in reality, those are put down there by the vendors themselves. They write those comments and reviews to lure the buyers into buying those cheap grade products. There is also a mechanism in the Aliexpress e-commerce website where the system itself posts positive feedback if the buyers fail to do so within a certain time frame after buying the product. So you have to be smart in figuring out which reviews are true and which are not. 

Authenticity of Aliexpress Hair Product – Queens Hair Product Indian Virgin Hair Body Wave 4 Bundles Remy Indian Wavy Human Hair Extension 8A Indian Body Wave Virgin Hair

In Aliexpress, it’s not only the reviews but also the pictures that will attract you. You will find yourself amazed with the pictures of hair extensions and wigs that look natural, shiny, voluminous, beautiful and amazing overall but that is a cheap trick used by the vendors to deceive you into buying their products. What they actually do is they copy pictures from renowned websites selling real authentic hair products and use those copied pictures to market their own products. Actually, it is unwise to believe anything you see in Aliexpress and if you do not trust us; go ahead and check it out yourself. You will find that most of the vendors have used the same pictures to promote their products.

After receiving the hair extensions from Aliexpress, we were dumbfounded with the quality of the products as they were coarse and gave a terrible feeling. The products were nothing like what was advertised. We expected soft, shiny, flowy hair but what we received, unfortunately, was just not that. It was rough and any shine it had, looked fake or superficial. The products were exact opposites of what we have been shown by the vendors and moreover, we spotted the extensive use of animal hair in those products. If you are a pro hair extension user, you will notice the animal hair with just the first glance.

Hair Smell

Another way of differentiating virgin hair from chemically processed fake hair is by the smell. The cheap hair products from Aliexpress really gave an awful pungent smell and our guess is that the smell is due to the chemical treatments or bad processing. This is something that is unacceptable and no one should be wearing something so bad. To bypass this process, we suggest that you speak with the sellers and see their reviews.

Hair Wefts and Itching

If you ask about wefts, even the best Aliexpress hair products with great reviews are just alright. The threading may start to come out after a few days of using. This is due to wear and tear and basic bad stitching. Within a week, the hair starts piercing through and there are no ways to conceal them. If the hair is chemically treated to a large extent, there are chances that your scalp might start itching as well, especially when worn for long periods of time. So like we advised above, you will really need to vet through the review section to see if the hair products have such an issue.

Hair Shedding and Tangling

The hair extensions from Aliexpress started shedding from the very first day and it only got worse, increasing with time. Moreover, there is the issue of the hair getting tangled badly. Our suggestion is to go for Vendors who have a good reputation or have good certifications like the one below.

quality hair certification

Hair Coloring

It is another great disappointment that you will face by using the hair extensions from Aliexpress. The hair products are of such bad quality that you cannot dye or color them easily. If you try to do so the color seems so artificial and awful that you will have to throw it into the garbage can. The reason behind this is the poor methods of processing and the harsh chemical treatments that are being used during the manufacturing of these hair products.

So we recommend that you go for these Curated Aliexpress Hair Wigs which are assured to be of good quality. 

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Hair Life Expectancy

The best hair bought from the best manufacturers typically serves you for 12-24 months and these cheap strands of hair from the Chinese e-commerce website will hardly last 3 months. It is up to you to decide if the money you save in the short term is going to be beneficial in the long term. 

Hair Shipping

The shipping facilities provided by the Aliexpress hair vendors are quick these days and some of the vendors promise a fast delivery for your ordered products to reach you. You will, therefore, not have to wait for a long time like one or two months to get the products delivered to you. Some can even be as quick as 2 weeks.

New Star Aliexpress Hair Store has promised of 2-5days of worldwide delivery.

shipment for hair wigs from aliexpress

Is Buying Hair on Aliexpress worth it?

This review of the hair extensions from Aliexpress is based on our extensive research and heavy amounts of testing that we have performed. Our advice: Do not get tempted by the false claims made by some of the vendors. It is always wise to stay far away from the cheap hair products displayed on Aliexpress. Do keep in mind, buying from good sources is important, even if they cost just a little bit more.

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