10 New Fashion Trends for Girls in 2019

by Spiddy Tan

With 2019 finally here, we are all ready to take on the fashion world with what’s trending. With the bygones left in the past, it is now time to think what beauties will adorn our wardrobes this season. What really sets apart the trends in 2019 is that they are all united by one thing – expression of women empowerment.

Some of the trends continue just as before, with modifications that have made the designs all the more better than before. The mix is quite a wonder to look at. Brace yourselves and ride with all the colours, patterns, and designs that are all set you to give you moments of awe.

Girls’ Fashion Trends 2019

#1 – Tie-Dye

You must have heard of DIY projects related to tie-dies, which includes making beautiful tie-die designs and patterns on clothes, and more. This pattern was famous in the 60s and were the preserve of hippies. However, this is now the latest fashion trend that has taken the fashion world by patterns and designs. There are several tie-die patterns and fabrics that you can see in 2019 that will be one of the most satisfying pieces in your wardrobe.

You can see tie dye pants, t-shirts, dresses and more that will make you fall in love with it.

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#2 – The various shades of sunshine

Warm rusty reds are one of the biggest trends of the summers in 2019. You can fuse together wine and orange colours to create a seamless effect. You will find excellent colours to suit you. Everything from casual wear, formal, semi-formal to cocktail dresses can be found in these hues.

The colours make you look stunning and also helps you stand out in the crowd. The popping colours are absolutely brilliant and bright, perfect for those peppy moods that you have.

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#3 – Utility

This is a term that you will hear around a lot in the coming summer season. This is the perfect option for those who seek a balance between fashion and function. This trend sees the return of the long-forgotten combat trousers. Be sure to invest in a stunning pair of combat trousers to make heads turn.

You will also find denim boiler suits, oversized anoraks, and utilitarian jackets.

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#4 – Bows

One of the most feminine trends of the season is bows. The bows come in pretty shades. The bows adorn everything from dresses to tops, raising the bar. The bows ump up the fashion game and makes an outfit look stunning and beautiful. The London Fashion Week was especially pervaded by bows. The back of the dresses was adorned with beautiful bows at the fashion week.

Let the bows lure you and make you feel the lively joy of childhood again when bows were our favourite accessories.

Choose from a wide range of clothes that have bows placed at all different places to enhance the beauty of the clothing items.

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#5 – Tuxedos

Tuxedos are not just the thing of men now. The Tuxedo trend has taken over and is now being adored by women all over. There are so many sexy ways in which you can style the tuxedo. It is worn by celebrities in a way that makes you want to stop and drool. The tailoring of the tuxedo is extremely desirable. Tuxedos look polished, sharp, and yet very sensual. From fluid midi styles, the fashion industry is now moving towards a sharper silhouette. Tuxedos are definitely quite confidence building and suits the women of all shapes and sizes.

Gone are the days when Tuxedos was only for the masculine sex. Let’s all derive pleasure from this sensual piece of clothing that makes heads turn.

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#6 – Ruched Dress

One of the pairs of dresses that you must definitely invest on in this season is the ruched dress. It is a romantic take on the body-con dresses, while being more forgiving. It adds beautiful curves to those with slimmer frames, and if you are one on the curvier side, it knows exactly where to stretch and frame your body. This type of dresses will be on top of the wish list of many, and you shouldn’t be the one to stay behind. The pleats can be anywhere, whether it is the waist area or the shoulder.

Pleats are back, but only to raise the bar higher than before. The pleats that are in trend in 2019 are tighter and more intricate. It makes the silhouette look extremely remarkable with each movement. Pleats have been in the fashion world for as long as we can remember, but what we are going to see in 2019 is going to be the baddest of all.

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#7 – Leotards

Leotards have almost always been linked with ballet dancers, however, it is no longer limited to only that now.  You can pair up your leotard with beautiful skirts, but again, it is not just limited to that. There are endless ways and options available to you. One of the popular and beautiful ways to style is with wide-legged pants. The wide legs enhance the beauty of the leotard, creating a perfect balance. You can also use a long skirt with a lacey backless leotard to bring the attention to your beautiful curves.

There are so many options to choose from. Backless leotards, lacey ones, and satin ones – there are just so many to lure you. Choose the ones that make you feel confident and beautiful and you will be ready to take on the world.

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#8 – Ruffles

Ruffles have always been very cute and desirable. This is one of the best ways to relive your childhood days that were encircled around ruffled frocks and dresses, all of which were absolutely adored by you. It is now time to bring those moments back. There are so many beautiful designs available to make sure you are not bored by its languid and smooth shapes.

Choose the kind of ruffled dress that brings out the beauty in you. Invest in pieces that have ruffles at just the right places, and which help in bringing attention to your best parts.

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#9 – Bold Colors on the Suit

What is really fascinating about suits is that they bring out the feminine beauty perfectly. This wardrobe classic is a must have for women. In 2019, these suits come in all bold colours that are not only pretty to look at but are a style statement that women can proudly and sensually adorn.

You will find everything from skirts, shirts, trousers, and jackets in bold, pretty and bright shades that will make you pop out in the crowd. You can pack a punch with a full look of brightness or tone it down using denims and softer hues that will match perfectly well.

Whatever be the shape and design, it’s all about the colour and the way you rock it.

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#10 – Shorts

Shorts have been the summer favourites of almost every girl since time immemorial. Two types of shorts prevailed in the fashion week – cycling shorts and board shorts. You will find various styles to flaunt, such as stretchy ones and loose, slouchy ones. The choice depends on you; choose what makes you the most comfortable and the most confident.

There are so many different ways to style your cycling and board shorts. Pair them up with a slick jacket or loose shirts, and you are good to go. You will also find well-tailored shorts that reach your knees, and look extremely gorgeous.

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Latest Fashion Trends for Girl

That was quite a lot to learn from the latest fashion trends. These trends are perfect for every shape and size. Define your true style with these trends that will help accentuate our beauty and show your true beauty. However, it is not always important to follow each and every trend. It is also important to stay comfortable and at ease when wearing anything. Pick out the trends you love and modify them as per your liking and taste. It is not important to blindly follow the models walking the ramps. You, too, are flawless and beautiful, with or without all the latest trends.

And if you do fall in love with these trends and want to follow them, be sure to pick the ones that give your body the perfect silhouette and that accentuates your figure at all the right places. With these trends, you are sure to be the talk of the town and the star of any party. So, let the colours, designs, and patterns speak for you as you confidently and effortlessly glide through the world of fashion.

Let the games begin!

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