What you need to know about the singles day 11.11 sale on AliExpress

by Tollo Francis
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This time of the year people usually wait for the day and the day is back again with a bang. The day is 11-11 and it is also called as Singles Day sale. Now maximum people know about the sale but there are some who didn’t  have any information about it. For the whole scenario will be described here keep reading.

First of all, you need to know not only AliExpress but some other Chinese e-commerce also have a sale on that particular date like DHGate, GearBest, and BangGood. So there must be something so that you will know how to buy the best products and here it comes.

There are usually three types of deals which you can get in this sale like

  • Sale deals inflated artificially: In these deals, the price of the products is increased before the sale week and in the sale week it gets discounted to the normal price before so usually you get to buy the product at its normal price.
  • Real Sale Deal: In this type of deal the price of a particularly big selling product is dropped significantly by the seller and the thing he tries is to up-sell other items present in that store.
  • Limited Quantity Deals: There are some big and reputable brands which sell their products at a lower discounted price in the sale like KZ, Huawei, Bluedio, and Xiaomi.

If you want to save money the last two are the best options especially the last one. Now there are some tips on how to survive and get the best products from the 11-11 sale.

  • The things you don’t need and you are only buying as the price is low, don’t buy them at all as you will later feel bad for them and think you lost your money for nothing so think about your necessity and then buy.
  • While buying small electronics products from the sale please check the price from other genuine websites(DHGate, GearBest, BangGood) to know that the price drop is real or they are just faking and actually selling the product in its real price.
  • Don’t plan in a hurry, plan it in advance and then check the items which you want to buy and keep them adding to the cart for onetime payment and you are thinking how does it help? It will bring a big discount coupon and you will be receiving a bigger discount.
  • There is a discount for every product but what you need to check is the seller has coupons or not because coupons bring additional discount to your buys.
  • Always check the website properly before completing payment as you might miss some other big deals. There is a blog post which releases on the midnight of the day of the sale and you can get all the required information about the discount in products from that blog and choose the products according to your need.

So, these are the rules if followed will help you to buy the best possible products from the sale.

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