What you need to know about Purchase Protection on Aliexpress

by Tollo Francis
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If you have never purchased a thing on AliExpress or not done it for some time, you need to learn a few steps before doing that. First of all, you search and find your desired product but at the same time don’t forget to check the rating of the product and the comments done by the people who bought it. It will help you to get clarity about the quality of the product. After that, you must check the specifications of the product. You can contact the seller directly if you have any confusion.
New people need to open an account in AliExpress first. You can also login through Facebook. Payment option is easy here as you can pay using all popular methods like Mastercard, Visa, or Western Union. You can check the product details you have purchased in the option ‘order data’.

Purchase protection for the buyers:

• Privacy Protection: If you pay online in AliExpress, there is no risk of exposing your bank information on any of the other public sites. AliExpress is completely trustworthy in this matter.

• Payment Protection: The payment you did is only sent to the seller after your confirmation which includes that you have got the product successfully and are pretty happy with what you got. But one thing you need to do is you have to click on the ‘confirm product is received’ option within the delivery time. If you don’t do that, AliExpress will assume that you got the product and are happy with it. So, they will clear the payment to the seller. You can always check the status of your product after ordering it and the delivery time it will take to reach you.

• Shipment Protection: The estimated delivery time for any product in AliExpress is 60 days. If did not receive the product within the estimated time, you will get a complete refund from AliExpress. But there are certain cases like if you are liable for the late by not receiving the product or it is not caused by the platform, then the refund will not happen. If the product is being rejected by the customer or any other natural disaster, you will not get the refund as it is beyond the buyer or seller jurisdiction. If there are some exceptional circumstances which are really hard to handle then AliExpress can demand a few more days for delivering the product to you.

• Authenticity Guaranteed: There is a Guaranteed Genuine program in AliExpress and a lot of the sellers take part in the program gleefully. They give some extra insurance if the product they are selling is proved fake. If any buyer can prove that the product he received from the seller is not genuine, the seller will pay him up to double the price which the buyer has paid. The same guarantee also applies to the wholesale buyers. So, if you see that the product you bought has the ‘Guaranteed Genuine’ in it. You can be sure that the product is original. Though you can check that personally and if some problem is there just contact AliExpress.

• Refund Protection: If you bought a product and you are not happy with the product or it is different from what you have seen in the website. AliExpress certainly gives you the option of getting a refund from the buyer.

Claiming Process on AliExpress:

Aliexpress buyer protection period
This is another thing which people ask all the time. If you don’t know the claiming process from AliExpress then we will certainly show you here. After checking the details here, you will have no other question for sure. First of all, you have to contact the seller from whom you have bought the product and open a dispute. If you see that within 15 days you have not reached an agreement with the seller then you can certainly make a claim as that is the time when AliExpress comes forward to solve the matter.
To start the claiming process, first of all, you need to go to the website and open your AliExpress account. There on the homepage, you will see the option called ‘My Orders’, you just have to click on that. Next, you will see another option over there, ‘Escale Dispute’. You will get a form there. You have to fill the form as much as possible with correct details. Then just send the form. The Case Management Team of AliExpress will now look into the matter of your claim. After that, you can start your session at Claim Center. There you will find the option ‘See Details’. Click on it. You will be able to see a detailed page with every detail regarding your claim. At the time settlement, you will receive many calls from AliExpress until the case is solved completely and your claim is settled.

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