How to make Wifi signal Stronger in my house

amplifi HD

Well we all know WIFI is a MUST in this modern world and most of the newest portable devices released in the market need Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. It has become a Necessity in our technology driven era.

how to make wifi signal stronger in my house

Here we have curated 3 devices which can help in making wide area the ideal place for large amount of internet transmission.


It introduces their “Surround WiFi” setup. The package contains 3 Luma routers which can be strategically placed around your house, with the guidance of an app, to get the best connection on all corners of your home. Its app also grants you administrator control which lets you monitor and limit the internet use of other devices connected to your network.

Cost $149 on amazon. Click HERE to grab it!
Luma Whole Home WiFi System (1 Pack – White) – Replaces WiFi Extenders and Routers, Works with Alexa, Simultaneous Dual Band 2.4/5GHz, Parental Controls/Security, Gigabit Speed, WPA/WPA2 Encryption




Eero does a similar job for more or less the same price. Cost $179 on Amazon.

eero Home WiFi System (Individual) – Blanket Your Home in WiFi, Replaces Wireless Router and Range Extender, Gigabit Speed, WPA2 Encryption

Amplifi HD

Mesh setups for home use may become a standard in the near future. Unless a better technology to connect us to the web emerges, Wi-Fi is surely here to stay. This wifi amplifier with a cooler router that has a LED display showing real-time status of your internet connection. Cost $129 on Amazon.

AmpliFi Mesh Point HD

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