What to look out for when buying a second hand mobile phone in Singapore?

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The second hand mobile market is a 17 billion dollar market industry worldwide and over 120 million used smartphones are being sold on a yearly basis. The average value of each device is around $140.

This market is huge and it has a lot of money involved and when there is money involved then you can be rest assured that there will be a lot of fakes and fraudsters who will try to rid you of your money. So what are the things that you need to look for before buying a second hand mobile phone?

  • Getting the right second hand device.

The value of a device plummets after the release of a new version. For example, when the iPhone 6 released, the value of the iPhone 5 dropped considerably. So whenever you are intending to get a new phone, make sure to get one close to the latest version because the value of the phone in a lower version is much lower and paying a premium for that is pointless. Even Apple sells the lower version phones at much cheaper prices. When you are buying a second hand phone, try to get a latest version as much as possible. The software can be updated easily and you can use the latest features.

  • Get into the details

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In the image above, can you see which version it is, which generation of iPad? The versions can be a confusing topic for users especially if one isn’t too tech savvy. Always understand the version number and the generation of device it is. So don’t accept any transaction where it isn’t clear which version it is. Something that looks really similar can be a much lower version or a previous generation device.

  • Find out what rates is going around

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Not every company goes at the same price. Just a decade back, the resale value of Nokia phones was extremely high because they were the most sought after phones. These second hand sellers have an approximate idea of what’s the rate that is going for every device. For example an iPhone 6S, which is 2 months old, might have a certain rate. Make sure to find out the going rate for a device. You can find this through contacting multiple sources and speaking to many dealers. Once you find out what the approximate rate is, then you’ll know if you are paying too much or not. And always be aware of too good to be true deals.

  • Inspect the device

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There have been cases where a sale of the phone has happened through an online classifieds website and the buyer does not inspect the device because it comes in a beautiful packaging that is sealed professionally. And instead of phones, many people have found stones. To avoid this, take time to verify the phone, see if the touch is working, look for scratches and cracks and check the software if it’s buggy or not and also check for the version numbers.

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