LG V30 Amazon Price with reviews

lg v30 amazon price

Here comes the latest phone by LG, V 30. The phone was recently launched by the makers to give cut throat competition to Samsung, HTC, Panasonic and Google phones. While Apple has been steady, Samsung and Google had been trying hard to crown the android market. Well in this race, LG has joined the hands and come up with its flagship phone, V30. Said to be one of the best phones by LG, here we will provide you all the details about the new phone and let you whether it is worth a buy or not.

Powerful Processor and Software

LG V30 comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 ensuring swift performance. The processor is powerful enough not letting you down while playing games, downloading videos or applications.  The phone is backed with 64GB internal storage but comes with 4GB Ram a bit less compared to processor and software provided in the phone. A 6G Ram would have been much better on the phone. 6GB Ram and 128 GB storage version of the phone is also rumored but no confirmation has yet been given on it. Nevertheless, one can expand their internal memory up to 200GB with external SD card slot. V30 runs on Android Nougat, 7.1.2. The phone does have a resemblance to iPhone home screen. The light touch let the phone run smoothly making it a snappy phone.

Sleek Design and display

The phone comes in a slim design having curved sides and HD display screen of resolution 1440×2880.  The touch screen phone is quite big 6” display providing better view and angles. The phone is light in weight weighing 158 grams. The aluminum rear panel is same as provided in the v20 phone. The edges are curved and have a glossy metal frame around. The phone is water and dust resistant thus not to worry if its slips out of your pocket. LG has not yet ditched the headphone jack which sits comfortably on the top corner of the phone. The charging button is on the bottom and beneath cameras, the fingerprint sensor is placed on the back of the phone. The phone with OLED panel display provides vivid colors and angle view which is quite handy for the user. With no physical button in the front, users get to have full screen in the front.

V30 would be available to buy in Lovely deep Lavender, Aurora Black, Moroccan Blue, and Cloud silver color. Unnecessary bezels have been removed from the phone making it a top notch screen to screen phone. The phone is comparatively easy and light to handle.

Dual Cameras

The LG V30 phone comes with a dual camera: 16 MP primary camera with f/1.6 aperture and wide angle lens of 13MP. The images captured on the phone are said to be great and provided some of the nice and wide angle shots. Although the camera is great but it lacks when capturing images in low light. Not clear and crisp images were produced when shot at night time. But there are some cool camera features to look out for. For amateur photographers, Cine shot Movie mode let you produce high-quality photos allowing point zoom and clear images.  The front camera is under marked with only 5MP producing decent selfies. There are various other modes in the phones which users can try and get top quality images. The video shooting quality is amazing.

Audio quality

The phone does have a pretty good sound quality. When all other players are removing their head phone jack, LG has been focusing on improving it more. The phone comes with quad-DAC which is definitely a winner when audio quality comes into play. The B&O earbuds go great with the phone, music lover would surely love to listen to music on it. While watching videos, the sound is loud enough to listen without a head phone but listening on the earbuds would provide you a theatre like a feel.

Battery backup

The LG V30 comes with a battery of 3300 mAH non removable as opposed to the removable li-ion battery in the V20 phone.  Nothing can be said at this moment as to how far the battery will last. But the processor and efficient software will ensure at least a day long of battery back up. The phone will be able to fast charge and supports wireless charging as well.


The LG V30 phone is easily connected via GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, USB and LTE/VOLTE.  Wherever you go with a strong network connection and high-speed internet, you can share photos, images, and files via these connectivity options.


The soon to be released the phone in September haven’t got any price range yet. LG has not revealed the price during the launch of the phone. But an insider reveals that the price of the phone would be around $800 range. If the rumor holds true then the phone directly in competition to Galaxy S8 and Sony XZ is aptly quoted.

Here are the Amazon Prices for LG V30 by LG.

Bottom Line

LG previous phone G6 and V20 has been quite good phones LG has hit the nail first time with its specification and features in the LG V30 phone.  With sleek and stylish design, upgraded processor and software, water and dust proof all screen phone is the new defection of style and performance by LG.  With non removable battery and fast charging option, LG has also rightly placed the cooling pad and heating pipe so as to avoid phone from over heating. This is rather a plus point on the phone. The software is power packed with face recognition, unlocking the screen with your look even when the display is off or via voice. L V30 would be the first phone which would be available in the UK.  V30 is likely to open for sale from 21st September in Korea and 28th September in the US.

After the release and user experience of the phone will only let us know how LG’s new phone has performed. But with the add on features and specification listed, the LG V30 would surely surge up to its sales and prove to be a great phone to the users.

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