Is Soft Surroundings going out of business

by Felicia Tan

Is Soft Surroundings going out of business

In the pulsating and ever-evolving world of retail, there are inevitable moments when we find ourselves questioning the stability of even the most well-established brands. Recently, rumors have begun to circulate regarding the reputed home décor, fashion, and beauty retailer – Soft Surroundings’ financial predicament. Is there any truth to the buzz? Is Soft Surroundings really going out of business?

With its aesthetically pleasing and quality product offerings, the brand has evidently carved its niche in the retail sector over the years. However, like many other businesses, Soft Surroundings too has had its fair share of ups and downs. In response to the speculations, this blog aims to delve deeper into the firm’s current financial status, while addressing your trepidations about the future of this beloved retail giant.

About Soft Surroundings

Soft Surroundings


Established in 1998, Soft Surroundings is a U.S-based lifestyle brand dedicated to the notion of providing customers with a calm, comfort-filled living experience. From its humble beginnings as a catalog-based business, Soft Surroundings has grown exponentially to achieve a strong omni-channel presence in the retail landscape.

The company’s product offering spans across a multitude of categories. Soft Surroundings specializes in women’s apparel, beauty and skincare products, bedding, home décor, and accessories. A distinct feature that sets the brand apart is its commitment to designing and sourcing products that encourage relaxation and well-being, largely for women aged 35 and above. This unique selling proposition has powered Soft Surroundings to occupy a unique niche in the market.

Throughout its journey, Soft Surroundings has garnered several prestigious milestones. Notably, the company was recognized amongst the ‘Top 1000 e-retailers’ in the United States in 2019. Also, Soft Surroundings continually expands its brick-and-mortar footprint, with 75+ retail stores spread across the nation as of 2021.

Soft Surroundings continues to build a loyal customer base with its pledge to offer ‘softness to touch in every aspect of life’. Its unwavering dedication to quality and customer service attest to the brand’s commitment to its mission: ‘to ensure that our customers maintain their unique sense of style without sacrificing comfort and, most importantly, to do everything we can to help you relax’.

Who is Soft Surroundings target audience?

Is Soft Surroundings closed

Soft Surroundings is a brand that primarily targets modern women who value both style and comfort. Their target audience consists of women across a wide age range, from their 30s to 60s, who are looking for clothing that offers classic elegance with an emphasis on comfort. This demographic includes working professionals, retirees, and women seeking versatile wardrobe options. The Soft Surroundings customer knows the importance of treating herself with care, and is seeking products that cater to her well-being and self-care routine.

In addition to clothing, Soft Surroundings offers a variety of home decor and beauty products, broadening their appeal to women who are passionate about creating a welcoming and serene environment in their homes. They focus on offering stylish, high-quality items that evoke feelings of relaxation, luxury, and simplicity. By promoting a lifestyle centered around comfort and well-being, Soft Surroundings fosters a loyal and dedicated customer base that appreciates the brand’s commitment to providing fashionable, comfortable, and high-quality products.

How many locations does Soft Surroundings have?

Is Soft Surroundings is going out of business

Soft Surroundings, a well-loved brand associated with comfort and simplicity, boasts an impressive number of retail locations. According to their official website, Soft Surroundings currently operates in at least 50+ different retail locations. These locations stretch across multiple regions, appearing in various shopping centers and standalone brick-and-mortar stores. This allows customers across a vast geographical range access to Soft Surroundings’ unique, luxurious, and comforting product lines.

Notably, the substantial number of retail locations underlines Soft Surroundings’ commitment to growing their brand and being accessible to their loyal customer base. Their strategic location selection allows them to effectively reach their target audience, spanning women from their 30s to 60s, and provide them with the feel-good, comfort-oriented products they are known for. Regardless of the specific location, Soft Surroundings’ stores continue to promote their ethos centered on fostering relaxation, luxury, and well-being.

Who owns the store’s Soft Surroundings?

Soft Surroundings going out of business

Soft Surroundings’ ownership has its roots in a strategic partnership established in 2012. The brand, which began as a clothing catalog in 1999, was primarily the inspiration of Robin Sheldon. However, a significant ownership shift occurred when Soft Surroundings sold a majority interest in its company to Brentwood Associates, a leading consumer-focused private equity firm. Brentwood Associates acquired Soft Surroundings in August 2012, providing support for the Soft Surroundings management team to refine its retail store strategy.

As such, today’s ownership structure of Soft Surroundings is predominantly held by Brentwood Associates. This partnership formed between the initial founder Robin Sheldon and Brentwood Associates marked a new beginning for Soft Surroundings, igniting its further expansion and refining its retail strategy. Additionally, Soft Surroundings continues to develop into a top direct marketer and specialty retailer of accessories,branded clothing, home furnishings, and beauty products under the direction of Brentwood Associates.

Rumors & Facts about Soft Surroundings

In recent times, rumors have been swirling that Soft Surroundings is going out of business. It’s not uncommon for speculation surrounding a company’s financial status to surface, particularly in fluctuating economic conditions. However, it’s critical to separate fact from fiction.

Several sources on the internet seem to be buzzing with speculations about Soft Surroundings’ possible downfall. While these online theories may create a stir, it’s important to examine the credibility behind these claims. It is equally important to assess the company’s official statements and actions to gain a clear view of the situation.

After thorough research, there isn’t any official announcement or confirmation about Soft Surroundings going out of business on their website. The website operates normally, displaying an array of products spanning across women’s clothing, beauty, home décor, and more. Given this, from a customer-facing perspective, the business appears to be running as usual.

Moreover, Soft Surroundings has not released any official statement concerning closing down the business. In fact, its press release page continues to update with their ongoing initiatives, promotions, and store expansions.

While it’s undeniable that many businesses are facing financial challenges due to global events, it’s crucial not to jump to conclusions based on unsubstantiated rumors. Until there’s an official statement from Soft Surroundings itself, one can assume it’s business as usual for the lifestyle brand.

Why are Soft Surroundings Stores closing?

Soft Surroundings is closing down

Soft Surroundings, a women’s apparel and homeware brand with a commitment to providing comfort without compromising style, has recently been impacted by a series of store closures. Despite the brand’s increasing popularity among its key demographic, the general retail landscape shift has substantially affected the brick-and-mortar side of business operations. The management has deemed it necessary to shut down multiple physical locations, which they have expressed in their recent business updates.

The closures have been ascribed to the increasingly digital-first approach by consumers, with the pandemic hitting the brick-and-mortar retail industry heavily. E-commerce sales have surged, providing customers with a more convenient shopping experience without leaving their homes. Consequently, several retailers, including Soft Surroundings, have needed to realign their business strategies to stay competitive in the advancing setting. It entails consolidating and transitioning a significant portion of their stores into online platforms.

The silver lining, however, is that the brand remains committed to meeting the expanding digital demands of its clientele. Soft Surroundings assures its loyal customers that the store closures will not affect the quality and availability of their products that consumers enjoyed in-store. Instead, these shifts will make their favorite items more accessible than ever through strengthened online operations. Moving forward, Soft Surroundings focuses on offering the finest quality, comfortable, and stylish products, optimizing its digital presence to stay connected with their customers.

Current Market Status of Soft Surroundings

Soft Surroundings is closing

Soft Surroundings’ recent performance in the market seems steady. Despite the challenging retail environment triggered by COVID-19, the company continues to serve its customers through online and direct mail operations.

From a competitive standpoint, Soft Surroundings keeps its distinctive space in the retail sector. Their focus on providing high-quality, comfort-driven products for women primarily over the age of 35 allows them to maintain a unique position, differentiating them from competitors who primarily target a younger demographic.

Trends in the retail market significantly impact Soft Surroundings. The recent shift towards online shopping due to global pandemic has affected its store operations. However, Soft Surroundings has been proactive in enhancing its e-commerce presence to cater to this change. Another trend highlighting the increased demand for wellness and self-care products has been favorable for their inventory, which emphasizes comfort and relaxation.

While the company does face competition, its strategy to focus on underserved demographic and comfort-oriented products enables it to retain a strong customer base.

Factors Impacting Business Performance of Soft Surroundings

In this section, we delve deeper into the various elements that influence the business performance of Soft Surroundings. We will examine the effects of global events, particularly the COVID-19 pandemic, evaluate local factors like demand and competition, and explore their online presence and e-commerce performance. Through this exploration, we hope to provide a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics shaping Soft Surroundings’ business landscape.

Global Impact – Pandemic’s Influence

The global COVID-19 pandemic has significantly influenced Soft Surroundings’ business performance. With massive shifts in consumer shopping behaviors, retail businesses have faced challenging times. Soft Surroundings’ in-store sales might have faced a dip due to lockdowns and restrictions, but the brand smartly adapted by bolstering its e-commerce sector[1%5E].

Local Factors – Demand and Competition

Local factors, such as demand and competition, also impact Soft Surroundings’ business performance. Despite facing stiff competition from other retail brands, Soft Surroundings sets itself apart by targeting an often-ignored demographic – women over 35 seeking stylish yet comfortable attire[2%5E].

Online Presence and E-Commerce Performance

E-commerce has become an integral part of retail business in the 21st century, and Soft Surroundings is no exception. They have increased their online presence and focused on providing their customers with an intuitive, straightforward online shopping experience[3%5E]. This has, arguably, helped the company maintain its financial stability during tumultuous times brought about by the pandemic.

In conclusion, while global and local factors present challenges, Soft Surroundings’ emphasis on unique product offerings, target demographic, and a strong online presence make it a resilient player in the modern retail landscape.

The Future of Soft Surroundings

Soft Surroundings is out

Looking towards the future, Soft Surroundings remains committed to prioritize the needs of their consumers while adapting to market changes.

Their strategy moving forward involves continuing to invest in their e-commerce platform and streamline their online shopping experience. Their shift towards online retail over physical stores is likely to continue in light of the pandemic spurred boost in online shopping.

To address the issues they’ve faced due to the pandemic, Soft Surroundings is keen on leveraging its strong online presence and continuing to implement health and safety protocols in their stores. They’re likely to focus on strengthening their supply chain, minimizing delivery times, and optimizing their inventory to meet the consumer demands.

Market experts predict a favorable future for Soft Surroundings, especially considering the steady demand for comfort-driven products. Furthermore, their unique positioning within a demographic often overlooked by other major fashion retailers—women over 35—should provide them with a sustained customer base.

In conclusion, Soft Surroundings appears poised to navigate the future through a strategic blend of online and offline retail, coupled with a consumer-centric focus and attention to their unique demographic.


In summary, despite the recent difficult climate for retailers, Soft Surroundings is not going out of business. Even though the company had to face some significant challenges in the wake of COVID-19, like many others, it has remained resilient. It continues to serve its customer base both online and across its network of brick and mortar stores.

Furthermore, although it’s true that a lot of businesses scrambled to keep up during the height of the pandemic, that doesn’t always mean the worst. Many companies, including Soft Surroundings, have used this as an opportunity to adapt, innovate, and possibly even strengthen their position.

Therefore, Soft Surroundings’ customers can rest assured that the brand they love is not going anywhere and will continue to provide them with the high-quality, comfort-oriented clothes and home goods they have come to expect.

Rest assured, the Is Soft Surroundings going out of business? concern is unfounded. As a patron, you can expect to see more from this dynamic, enduring brand in the years to come.

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