Is it safe to use my credit card on AliExpress?

safe to use aliexpress with credit card

Is it safe to use my credit card on AliExpress?

Concerns over safety of your credit/debit card are not justfied. Credit cards and identity thefts happen, and generally you should be wary about where and how you enter your card number. So, is it OK to use your credit card on AliExpress?

Is it safe to use credit/debit card on AliExpress?

The answer is, generally yes, but it depends.

TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT: I use my personal credit card on AliExpress; and I have always been, since the day I started shopping there. I have had 3 different credit cards with 2 banks, and not once had an unauthorized transaction, or any security issues.

However: the reason I say “it depends”, is because regardless of how much AliExpress wants to protect you, there are things that can be beyond their control.

For example:

Are you connected via WiFi, or are you on a hard wire? WiFi can be tapped by others, even if they are not on your network. It is recommended that you do not enter your full card number when connected to a public network.

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Are you using your own computer, or are you on a public machine? A public computer may have a malicious program (they are called keyloggers) installed, that will record all the keystrokes on the machine at a given time. It is not recommended to enter your full card information on a public computer. Alipay (free service lets you save your card on AliExpress so you don’t have to type it in every time you buy something) is really helpful in this case, as it allows you to skip typing your credit card number out so the keylogger will not get it.

So, as long as your connection is secure, and you are using a safe machine, it should be absolutely fine to use your credit card on AliExpress.


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