iPhone Spare Parts Suppliers on Wholesale Pricing from China

by Spiddy Tan

AliExpress is the ideal online retail shopping place to get the iPhone spare parts. With great offers and customised products at affordable prices, AliExpress ensures that you are offered a wide variety with speedy delivery. Not only do you get awesome products on this Ecommerce platform, it is also ensured that you are offered the right iPhone spare parts. If you are looking for quality spare parts for your spoilt iPhone phone, look no further!

In the recent past, AliExpress has emerged as one of the most popular options for internet buyers. They can not only purchase devices, but also tonnes of spare parts for those devices. The spare parts available on AliExpress include screens and other phone parts components at incredible prices. These parts can be bought both individually and in wholesale or bulk purchase.

For iPhones, you can purchase spare LCD screens, touchpad screens and even motherboard. Most of these are packaged along with assembly and replacement tools. This ensures that you can replace your damaged phone with a new screen.

You can check out the following wholesale iphone parts 

AliExpress.com Product – Full Set parts For Apple iPhone 6 6 plus LCD display Metal Bezel /Front camera /speaker /home button flex cable/ Screw/ Bracket

AliExpress.com Product – Back Rear Main Big Camera Module Flex Ribbon Cable for iPhone 6 6s Plus 6Plus 6s Plus Replacement Repair Parts

You can also purchase camera lenses, original batteries, and assemblage tool kits. At present, the hottest selling part for the iPhone 6 and 7 is the Fisheye Lens which is a 3 in 1 mobile phone clip lens with a wide angled macro camera lens. A KHP Phone Battery for the iPhone 6, 7 and 8 models are also very popular on the website.

AliExpress.com Product – 10pcs/lot Original Quality 0 zero cycle Battery for iPhone 7 1960mAh 3.82V Replacement Repair Parts
AliExpress.com Product – 100% Original Brand KHP Phone Battery For iphone 5S Real Capacity 1560mAh With Machine Tools Kit Mobile Batteries
AliExpress.com Product – Sinbeda New Front Facing Camera For iphone 6S 6S Plus Proximity Light Sensor Flex Ribbon Cable Replacement Part

iPhone Parts Supplier from China whom have good reputation

If you do not want spare parts but want to replace your phone altogether, AliExpress takes care of that as well. To look for a replacement of your phone, all you have to do is go to the website, click on ‘Phones’, redirect to ‘Mobile Phone Parts’ and then search for your phone model. What more, you can also choose the seller that you like!

Relying on customer reviews and ratings, we bring to you 3 sellers that you can most likely rely on


  1. Happy Gloria

iphone mobile parts china


2. Fortress Store

iphone spare parts aliexpress

3. New Net Store

ipad parts supplier

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