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The Roomba used to be the show stealer among all the automated or robot vacuum cleaners until the advent of budget friendly models. The cost factor of Roomba is one of the main reasons which has impelled other brands to think of introducing cheaper products in the market with the same features and same level of functionality. However, rarely do these budget friendly robot vacuum cleaners live up to the expectations. Unlike all the cheaper robot vacuum cleaners, the ILIFE V5s does surprise everyone with its features and performance which is far more than what would be expected from a budget friendly cleaner. As of today, the ILIFE V5s can be purchased at less than $200 and it indeed has proved to be an amazing product.

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This elegant looking golden colour robot vacuum cleaner has the looks much similar to the Roomba and it comes with a button on the top which puts it live into action. The best part about the robot cleaner is that whenever it runs out of charge, it does not need to be manually taken to the charging station, rather it goes by itself. It moves using 4 wheels on its base, two of which are fixed and the rest movable. The bot uses infrared sensors to prevent crashing into the walls yet clean the entire floor area and cliff detection sensors to stay safe on the stairs and not fall down.


The ILIFE V5s robot vacuum cleaner comes in a compact packaging. The packaging of the robot cleaner comprises of the vacuum cleaner itself, a charger for the battery, a remote controller, extra rotating blades, an additional set of HEPA filters, an extra mop pad and a cleaning brush for the maintenance of the vacuum cleaner by cleaning the parts.

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  • THE BATTERY: The ILIFE V5s robot cleaner can work for about 2.5 hours in a room with the dimensions being 400 square feet by 400 square feet when fully charged. It derives power from a 2600 mAh lithium-ion juice pack. However, the user must read the manual depicting the charging instructions so as to extract the best performance from the robot vacuum cleaner. Also, the charging modes on the bot can be toggled between automatic and manual which determines whether the bot would go to the power station automatically or not.
  • REMOTE CONTROLLER: The robot vacuum cleaner comes with a very user-friendly remote controller which makes manoeuvring the robot very easy. Some of the available functions on the remote controller include directing the bot to go back to the charging station, scheduling a cleaning if you are out of home, alter the modes of cleaning and some more.
  • MOPPING MODE: The robot vacuum cleaner comes with a detachable 300 mL water tank which can be used for mopping the floor. However, the dustbin on the cleaner needs to be removed manually and the water tank needs to be attached manually for the mopping action. Thus, the ILIFE V5s poses to be a one-stop solution for getting cleaner floors.
  • SCHEDULING OF THE CLEANING ACTION: The cleaning using the ILIFE V5s robot vacuum cleaner can be scheduled with the appointment cleaning mode.
  • SLIM DESIGN: The slim design of the ILIFE V5s robot vacuum cleaner enables it to navigate throughout the room easily and even reach places which are hardly accessible.

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The following are some of the cleaning modes that the users get on the ILIFE V5s:

  • Auto-clean mode: This is the default mode on the ILIFE V5s robot vacuum cleaner and the cleaner is directed to clean the entire floor area.
  • Spot Clean mode: In this mode, the robot vacuum cleaner concentrates on a specific region only and the cleaning action takes place by the bot rotating around in circles. This mode is essential for all those regions which are hard to clean.
  • Wet Clean mode: This is the mopping mode of the robot vacuum cleaner and in this case the dustbin of the cleaner needs to be replaced with the water tank.
  • Edge Clean mode: This is quite a beneficial feature on ILIFE V5s where the robot is directed to clean the regions nearest to the edges. By default, the robot stops at a distance of about 6 inches from the wall but on the edge clean mode, it would go further and clean the regions nearer to the wall edges.

When the ILIFE V5s robot vacuum cleaner is in default mode, the modes are switched automatically in the order automatic cleaning mode followed by spot cleaning mode and then edge-cleaning mode. The technology used by the ILIFE V5s to navigate and clean the floor is the Smart Route Planning technology which ensures that about 99 percent of the floor area is cleaned thoroughly. The cleaner also works well on slopes up to about 150 degrees.

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The dustbin and the tank cannot be used simultaneously on the ILIFE V5s robot since both occupy the same slot and the user has to manually change them. In the future a design which can combine both the tanks into one is expected.

One of the other flaws in the current model is that, while put in the mopping mode, the battery can power up the bot for about 3 hours while the tank capacity supports mopping action for less than an hour which calls for an increase in the tank capacity.

The robot vacuum cleaner loses its usability completely if the user has a carpeted floor since there are chances that the robot cleaner might get struck on the carpet edges and the mopping function becomes totally useless.


The ILIFE V5s has compact dimensions as compared to any model of Roomba which further ensures that the bot can get into narrow regions and do the cleaning action. It has also been found that the action of ILIFE V5s is much quieter as compared to the working of the Roomba bots. The battery life of ILIFE V5s is also much better as compared to that of Roomba. Also, the ILIFE V5s combines the mopping and cleaning actions which cannot be done by Roomba bots alone. With such a decent pricing, the ILIFE V5s is definitely worth an investment and the ILIFE V5s would definitely make the home cleaning process totally painless.

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