How to tell originals from replicas on Aliexpress?

aliexpress replica vs orginal

There is a lot of debate going on among the customers whether the products on Aliexpress are real. Are they just replica Aliexpress?  This has been a hot topic among the customers for a long time now that is why we thought to shed some light on it. We are writing this article so that you can understand the differences among the originals and replicas Aliexpress.

If you spend some time on the Aliexpress website, you will soon be able to notice the differences between the originals and the fakes. If some Chinese seller speaks that the product you are looking at is original then the product might be original and if it proves otherwise then they will return the money as soon as possible. The main way to tell the difference is by looking at the prices; if you get the Swarovski Jewelleries for USD$10 then it is a fake product since the originals cost more than the USD$200. Brands charge higher prices for a reason, you must remember that.

The quality of the products sold on Aliexpress:

Before getting on with the originals and replicas Aliexpress, it is better to discuss about the quality of the products sold in the Aliexpress. As we all know, the replicas and the originals will never have the same quality; you will be able to tell the difference by putting them together. Thus, we insist that you chose the products that have extremely good reviews on the Aliexpress. However, Aliexpress is renowned for its quality replicas that looks absolutely original hence if you become fond of something then go get it. But when it comes to the replicas Aliexpress then do not forget to check the reputation of the seller. Also do not forget that there are few sellers on the Aliexpress website who do not have such popularity but that does not imply that they sell bad products. Even they can be good and you must give a try if you desperately want that.

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What should you do when you are not being able to find a particular brand?

The maximum number of bargains in the Aliexpress website is concealed behind acronyms. The sellers of the replica Aliexpress are not allowed to use the brand names hence they use the acronyms for selling the products. Thus, it can become hard to find a specific brand in this Chinese retail website. You can search the keywords or acronyms used by the sellers to identify their products or you can use a simple trick.

Use the generic name of the product along with an adjective to describe it, the first letter of the brand and the generic name of the product. If you search the brand name without using the vowels then it will also work. And there are also some products that can be found by searching them by country from which they come from.

Real technology brands on the Aliexpress website:

One of the most prominent sections in Aliexpress is technology and the website sells every day a huge number of phones as well as tablets. The popularity of this section is mainly due to the large availability of authentic Chinese brands. Actually, there are several manufacturers who come from China hence the Chinese vendors can sell the mobile phones at discounted prices. How to identify an original product? The answer is simple; if you see the ‘Guaranteed Authenticity’ stamp in the product description then you can be fully assured of the originality of the product. Moreover, if anywhere in the product description you can find the word original or anything related to the authenticity of the product then the product might be original.

Some of the original brands which are available in the Aliexpress:

Original vs Replicas: Shoes and Clothing

In the case of the shoes and clothing products, the products can be original as well as replica Aliexpress. There is a Chinese brand called Onemix that replicates the Nike products, so while buying the shoes or clothing products, be very careful and try to read the product description before going for the kill. But if you like a replica then you can go for it as the qualities are not bad though very low when compared to brands like Nike, Puma or Addidas.

Modified, refurbished or deleted logos:

As mentioned before the dealers use the acronyms for selling the products to avoid the copyright troubles, similarly they sometimes modify or change the picture of the products so that the same logo cannot be seen in their products. There are also some vendors who completely erase the logos to avoid any sort of trouble.

Hence, that is all you need to know to understand the difference between the originals and replica Aliexpress. Shop wisely and get the best products from Aliexpress website.

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