Guide to NOT Buying Cheap Replica Converse Shoes

cheap converse shoes

You can choose from loads of Conserve items – both ORIGINAL and REPLICAs while shopping at AliExpress. If you are looking forward to buying only the authentic Converse products then keep reading this article where we will tell you how to distinguish between the Converse originals and replicas.

Start your search by typing ‘Converse Original

This is a very good idea since it would help to filter out all those sellers who are offering Converse replicas.

Choose the ‘Top Rated’ filter

Going for the ‘Top Rated’ filter is a good way to browse only through the best ranked Converse sellers on AliExpress. You can also choose to search for the bestselling Converse shoes on AliExpress so as to reach items with over 40,000 sales. Any Converse item with over 40,000 sales can be surely regarded as original.

Go to the Seller Guarantee Section

Click on the ‘Guarantee by Seller’ button to find the ‘authenticity guaranteed’ seal. The product list which would follow would contain a shield sign $ which suggests that the item is entirely original. In case the seller inserts the shield sign on a replica then they would risk a rather high penalty from the company. In case you buy a duplicate item with the shield sign then the seller of the duplicate product would be compelled to return you double the amount you spent on it.

List of original Converse sellers

Let us now take a quick look at a list of stores offering bestselling original Converse sneakers on AliExpress

  • Best Sports Stores– With a rating of 3 diamonds and a whopping 96% customer rating, Best Sports Stores is undoubtedly one of the most authentic Converse sellers on this platform. Most customers have only good things to say about them.
  • Sports Online Flagship Store– This one also has a rating of 3 diamond with more than 4,500 orders placed on Converse shoes. One of the best part about this store is the massive discounts they offer. Some of their shoes come with more than 50% discount allowing the buyers to avail a bargain of a lifetime.

original converse aliexpress

It needs to be mentioned here that because of the high demand for Converse products the stock of many sellers can sometimes be found to be exhausted. In such a situation a customer might have to go for a seller with less rating and fewer reviews. Buying from a seller with fewer reviews isn’t necessarily a bad idea since it would allow these vendors to prove their worth by providing you with the best quality products.

No matter from which vendor you are buying your shoes, always try to find some time and leave a review so that other customers get to learn from you.

Buying Converse White

The Converse White is one of the bestselling Converse models on AliExpress and this model is rather quick and easy to buy. If you are adamant about buying a pair of Converse originals then make sure to order the White Converse Original.

Difference in quality between original and replica Converse

Although most of the Converse products you will find on AliExpress are original, yet there is a chance of duplicate items when you search for ‘All Star Shoes’ or ‘Chuck Shoes’. The Converse replicas doesn’t cost more than $25 and are not necessarily of an inferior quality. Many of the Converse replicas are good quality footwear which lasts for long. Many buyers remain satisfied with these products since they are available at less than half the price of an original Converse.

Buying the best Converse shoes on AliExpress

Unlike other online shoe store, at AliExpress you are going to find loads of sellers offering different items with different prices for different kinds of customers. In order to judge the reliability of the seller you need to do the following:

  • Check out the Diamonds and Crowns the seller has. The diamonds and crowns are awarded by AliExpress to the top sellers depending on the quality of their products and the customer satisfaction quotient.
  • Check out the ratings of the store. It goes without saying that positive ratings indicate the customer satisfaction which is further proven by the comments and reviews of the users.
  • Ideally go for a seller with 94% rating or above. The credibility of the seller also depends on the age of the store and the number of orders placed on that store. Naturally shops with more orders can be regarded as more trustworthy by the customers. In case the store has more than 1000 orders then consider it as one of the best stores on AliExpress.

One of the primary concerns of AliExpress is the satisfaction of the customers which is why we try to pay special attention to the requirements of the customers. We want our customers to clearly differentiate between the original and replica Converse products before they decide to hit the ‘make payment’ button.

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