Guide to Buy the Most Suitable Aliexpress Shoes this 2019

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Shoes make you complete. It’s the last thing that you add to your style, personality, and outlook. The kinds of shoes you wear also reveal the person that you are. And with the varieties of show brands, models, sizes and styles, AliExpress has been the perfect destination for getting your desired shoes. Here, you can get your favorite footwear at 75% cheaper rate, compared to other shops and retails.

Having said this, let’s have a look at a comprehensive guide and review to purchase shoes on the famous online platform –

Guide to Getting the Best Shoes from Aliexpress

aliexpress shoes vendors

Originals to Replicas: Everything is at AliExpress

The retail portal sells both original and duplicate shoes. The following icon makes it easier for you, to browse through the latest original collections. Shoes featuring the icon are a part of “Guaranteed Authenticity” program. This means, if you purchase any shoe bearing this icon, and later it turns out to be faulty, the seller is bound to return double the money, you had paid for the shoes.

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Finding the Right Aliexpress Shoes

While looking for the right shoes, size becomes a major concern for most shoppers. At AliExpress, the shoe sizes pertain to the American system of measurement that most shoe buyers aren’t aware. Thus, the portal offers a conversion table using which you can know your shoe size, as per the American measurement.

Before you order your selected range of shoes, take some time to go through the reviews of past customer so that you know about their experience, of the same brand/ model of shoes. Look for negative comments (if any), and if you find good ratings of the sellers, and they don’t have any wrong impression on their previous buyers, well those are the pairs who must buy.

Varying Aliexpress Shoes Sizes Across Shops

Although AliExpress uses a standard American system of shoe measurement, yet the sizes vary from shops to shops. Actually, it all depends on the seller. In order to be sure that you are buying the exact size, as per your requirement, go by the measurement table that each of the sellers offer you. By doing so, you get the most appropriate size, without any hassle.

Size Conversion Tables at AliExpress

For a majority of sellers, you can find the size conversion table in the middle of each product page. And to make it easier for you, there are different conversion tables providing more convenience  

Generic Aliexpress Shoes Size Conversion Table

AliExpress has a generic conversion table, where you choose a gender (man, woman), and then select your country. By this, you search the equivalent size, which is most suitable, keeping in mind, your country origin. And in this process, if you are in doubt, never hesitate to contact the seller, who shall clearly if sizes are bigger/smaller, and help you with your perfect size.

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aliexpress shoe size guide

Men/Women Specific Shoe Size Conversion Table

Many brands like Solomon Sneakers where the sizes vary by a small margin have separate size conversion tables for men and women. The table directly takes you to the countries, and the gender; thus allowing you to select the size, at one go.

aliexpress shoe size guide

Shoe Size Conversion Table for Children

Finding the right shoe size for your kids, is also not a problem, thanks to the size conversion table, which specifically caters to kids’ shoe sizes. Here, you can choose the right pair, going by the country of your child.

children shoe size guide aliexpress

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Top Shoe Vendors on Aliexpress

Here are some Shoe Vendors on Aliexpress you should consider when buying shoes.

Men Shoes Sellers on Aliexpress


piergitar aliexpress shoe vendor


hecrafted aliexpress shoe vendor


lining shoes

Women Shoes Vendors on Aliexpress


female shoes aliexpress


female heels aliexpress


women flats aliexpress

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