2021 Taobao Global Direct Shipping Guide to Singapore and Malaysia

by Spiddy Tan

taobao direct shipping

When it comes to shopping at the grand Taobao, we’ll it’d be evident to say that the experience is rich and intriguing for the buyers around the country. The website of Taobao is one of the most exuberant websites you’ll see on the internet. When it comes to the company’s agent website, consumers are leveraging it to the crux through direct shopping. In other words, you can just simply save a hell lot of money & get the best bang for your buck through the agent’s website of the provider.

The Chinese e-commerce giant is breaking the stereotypes by providing the customers with most intriguing of the prices as well as customer satisfaction. You might achieve a fell of jolly accomplishment when you shop over Taobao.

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Compare Shipping Cost – Buying From Taobao from Singapore and Malaysia

TypeShipperShipping feeEstimated fee for 2kg parcel ($50 order)
Taobao directTaobao Global Direct ShippingAuto-calculated at checkout. Rates start at 29 RMB for first kgVaries, but should cost slightly more than forwarder
Taobao forwarderCai NiaoFirst kg 29 RMB / subsequent 500g 10.5 RMB$9.96
Taobao forwarder4PX (PopStation)First kg 31 RMB / subsequent 500g 10 RMB$10.16
Taobao forwarder4PX (doorstep)First kg 33 RMB / subsequent 500g 11 RMB$10.95
ForwarderEZBuy (Sea)$1.20 up to 30kg + 8% agent fee$5.30
3rd party forwarderPeeka (Economy Sea)$1.40 per 500g + 3% agent fee$7.10
3rd party forwarderOops (Sea)26 RMB up to 2kg + agent fee $1 per kg$7.18
3rd party forwarderEZBuy (Economy Air)$1.69 per 500g + 8% agent fee$9.34
3rd party forwarderSGShop (Economy Sea)$1.25 per 500g + service fee + clearance fee$10.92
3rd party forwarderSfinex (Air)First kg 30 RMB / subsequent kg 30 RMB (decreases as package gets heavier)$11.95
3rd party forwarderOops (Air)First 500g 36 RMB / subsequent 500g 12 RMB + agent fee $1 per kg$11.96
3rd party forwarderSGShop (Economy Air)$1.99 per 500g service fee + clearance fee$14.12
3rd party forwarderPeeka (Eco Air)First 500g $10 / subsequent 500g $2.70 + 3% agent fee$19.60


Steps to Buying Direct From Taobao

buy direct from taobao

Preparation is important

When it comes to preparation, it simply means that moulding the Taobao platform in accordance with your preference. Well, as mentioned above, the provider is Chinese therefore the website is offered in the Chinese language. One can simply use deemed browsers like Google Chrome & can achieve an easy translation of English as well as other languages. The platform had recently launched the global website world.taobao.com for the purpose of catering global demands of the customers around the world. One can leverage the official forwarding services i.e. Taobao cargo as well as Taobao Global Consolidation/Shipping features of the website as well. The provider is currently providing its services in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, HongKong, Taiwan in the Asian region. When it comes to West, the e-commerce giant is catering to the needs of the customers from countries like USA, New Zealand, Taiwan, Canada and much more.

Worried about translating the pages? Well, we got your back:

#1 – Install Google Chrome

By installing the browser, users from around the world can attain an upper-edge for the translation purposes. You can also add translation plugins from on the browser for an automatic translation process. You can look up to translate in Google Chrome’s settings, you’ll see Chinese Simplified language there. You can easily enable the chrome to automatically translate the pages whenever the Chinese language gets detected by the browser.

taobao english translation

Well, now you can easily enjoy the perks of automatic translation whenever you visit Taibao, easy right? There might be a case that you’re stuck on a complicated Chinese page and the browser is unable to translate. Well, in that case, one can simply look up for other platforms like iTools.

#2 – Getting an account on Taobao

Once that you’re on the website, getting an account is the next step. Toggle through the site and you’ll see the option to get yourself registered. The site is deemed when it comes to providing an English version of the sign-up page. An easy & quick sign-up process has been ensured by Taobao. What comes as an appealing fact is that, at Taobao, you can communicate directly with sellers as well as middlemen through downloading Aliwangwang.

Here is a video to show…

#3 – Search the product

Now let’s say you are registered and your account is running, now you can seamlessly search amidst millions of products online. You can use image search for the purpose of attaining best results as well as a traditional method of searching through keywords. A user can leverage the keyword search in the English language easily. Just simply click on the category or an item of your choice, you’ll see a webpage with most exuberant of the user-appeal and bundled information, respectively.

translated taobao page

With amenities such as description, similar items and as a user, you can obtain a rapid shopping experience. You can simply control your shopping cart on the website as well, when it comes to easily adding to & removing the products from your Shopping cart, the process is a piece of a cake. Once you are done with the item, press buys now, this will redirect the website to a seamless check-out process. For the purpose of activating the final shopping field, you are required to confirm the items in your cart.

Let’s talk about some ways by which you can attain a happy shopping experience while you buy products from e-commerce sites like Taobao:

  1. Using an international size converter is always appreciated. One can simply refresh the knowledge of their metric system through this.
  2. Checking the seller ratings is of utmost importance, for users, seller ratings are available at tips. Leverage the ratings for building a trust with a seller.

The site has a diverse product filter system for the international buyers, what comes as a sad fact is that, you can’t just buy all of the products from the array of millions of products on Taobao. The global website of the provider i.e. world.taobao.com filters products on the basis of visitor’s country. But, you can always use some tricks and get your work done. By this, we mean that you can contact the seller directly & explain him your need. You can get your product shipped personally without any brand tags etc.

#4 – Place the Order

Now comes the favourite part, placing an order. The foremost step when it comes to placing an order is inputting your shipping address. The sad fact is that the purchase path of the portal is only in Chinese language, well you can always use a translator. You can easily enter your Shipping information after that. Let’s understand the keywords mentioned on the place order page, 所在地区 the keyword has two drop-down menus when you click on it. The first one is Region and another dropdown you’ll see is of Country wise list. Hailing from Malaysia? Select 马来西亚 from the menu, then pick your city as well as country respectively.

shipping page of taobao

For US customers: pick 海外其他 from the main menu then choose 美国 for the US. For identifying the option for your phone number, the Chinese translation stands at 手机号码. When it comes to providing a mobile number, it is advised to provide real ones as order related information can be obtained from the same.

List of country names in Chinese:

  • USA – 美国
  • Canada – 加拿大
  • Australia – 澳大利亚
  • New Zealand – 新西兰
  • Singapore – 新加坡
  • Malaysia – 马来西亚
  • Japan – 日本

Choosing a preferable shipping is of utmost importance, once you’re through Submit option, you will be able to see delivery details. The users now have two options, either to go for Taobao Cargo or get an individual agreement with product seller. You can utilise the Taobao official forwarding service named as Taobao global consolidation as well as shipping. There are 2 payments involved when it comes to using the official shipping service, the first payment involves product cost as well as domestic shipping fee. If you pick Taobao Cargo option, your order will be sent to forwarder’s warehouse from that of sellers’.

The second payment is for the shipping related fees; this is done to further escalate the order to the user’s final destination. You are supposed to log-in to your Taobao’s account once all of your parcels have arrived. One can log-in to Taobao for the purpose of paying international shipping fees. On a successful payment of the same, your parcels will be further connected to the end destination by the forwarder. The Taobao cargo option is only available with world.taobao.com & not with taobao.com. For now, the Taobao cargo facility only caters international shipping to Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, USA, Japan, Malaysia and of course, Singapore. Contacting directly the seller for the shipping purpose is not advised much. This is due to the face that in the majority of cases, the shipping fees can be booming.

Choosing the forwarder of your choice is the next aspect, for USA related orders, the default forwarder is JCEX-ups. Remembering the name of the forwarder is advisable when you place an order. Items falling in the array of Food, Magnet, batteries, Liquid etc. aren’t available for international shipping. High-risk items are what JCEX-ups isn’t shipping internationally. When it comes to availing products in the upper-mentioned category, Zhongshan parcel forwarder is one such entity featuring an express high-risk item shipping. JCEX can be a bit cumbersome for those who have ordered prohibited items, as the carrier will hold the items in their warehouse and will require you to pay for the return transaction, only then your refund will be issued from the original seller.

Here is the Taobao Sensitive List Items.

taobao buying guide 1
taobao buying guide 2

#5 – First payment explained

As mentioned above, there are 2 methods for the payment of the Taobao cargo service. The first payment is done on the basis of product cost & domestic fees for shipping of the product.

With your first payment, the product simply becomes yours & gets transferred to the third-party forwarder. Alipay account platform would be featured for the same, your Taobao account’s username will be copied to the Alipay’s user namespace. For the first-timers, it is mandatory to register on Alipay with a unique password (not same as that of your Taobao account). After that you’ll be allowed to pick your payment method, a user can make use of payment methods like Visa, Master Card and even JCB.

alipay taobao purchase

On a mere 3% transaction service fee, you can pay for your purchases. You can also pay with e-banking with a service fee charge of 1.5% (only for Malaysian user). You can also use purchase cards issued by Alipay. These carry a service fee of 2%, what comes as a great fact is that, Australian users can buy these cards from their post-offices.

Second Payment – International shipping to your address

This is meant for paying international shipping fees i.e. to pay for the product to get shipped to its final destination. When you make your first payment, you can look up for the respective item in the purchased items in the order information tab. You can have a chat with the seller, in case of any changes in the order, you can notify the seller about the same. For the purpose of checking order status, you can obtain a detailed deal of information about the successful payments, dates etc.

taobao international payment

When it comes to international shipping, a seller generally takes around 1 to 3 days to process the orders. If the tag 卖家已发货 doesn’t appear after 3 days of paying for the order, you should attack the seller immediately.

There might be a case that the item is not available at the moment, or any respective size or colour isn’t available, this can be a reason for the delay. When this happens, the seller will inform you via official notification issued via Aliwangwang.

#6 – Tracking & receiving the items

tracking order taobao

Talking about the average delivery time for your orders, the US customers can get the product in their hands in like 5-7 business days. While Australian and customer from other countries can expect the delivery in 7-8 business days. For Singaporeans, the delivery days stands at 5. You can track the order via courier company’s official website. What comes as a great pack is that, the forwarders are experts when it comes to modifying your packages to safely escape the customs. Hence, you aren’t required to worry about any of it. For international buyers, this is a great deal.

#7 – Post-sale

You always have the option to refund the goods within 25 days of purchasing them, you can simply click on refund button in your Taobao account. After that, you’re required to initiate a request through After-sales-application within 15 days of clicking the return button. Your money would be credited to your credit/debit card within 7 business days, once the seller has received the item.

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