Fake iPhone 11 – Worth to buy?

by Spiddy Tan

iphone 11 clones

Is it worth it to buy a fake iPhone 11?

Getting an iPhone has become a symbol of style and status. We cannot deny the pleasure and attraction an iPhone holds, whether you are a fan or not. Apple is one of the most innovative companies in the world, and it keeps surprising us with features we never thought were possible. Chances are, you are looking to buy an iPhone as well. 

The latest iPhone 11 is no less. It is visually attractive with excellent features and functions. However, the price range of an iPhone 11 is enough to choke anyone. It is crazy expensive, and not everybody wishes to splurge on a phone you might want to change in maybe a year. So, what do we do?

The answer is to get a fake iPhone 11. What? Yes, there are iPhone 11 clones available online. They have almost the same features as the real iPhone 11. While not every function is the same, it makes the dream of owning an iPhone 11 come true. 

iphone 11 clone review

iPhone 11 Clones Review

DHGate is an e-commerce website where you can find some of the best iPhone 11 replicas. The resemblance of these clones with the real iPhone 11 is uncanny. Here is what I have to say about the iPhone 11 clone available on DHGate. If you are looking for one, or are curious to know if it would be a good fit for you, read on – 

Store 1: Beijing-2008

The store is one of the top suppliers of DHGate, which is in its eleventh year on the platform. Ever since it joined the platform in 2007, it has managed to complete over 14 thousand orders with positive feedback of 96.7 percent. 

iPhone 11 clone.JPG

Display Resolution: 1280 X 720

Camera Pixels: 8.0 MP

Recording Definition: 720P

Memory Card: up to 32 GB



Battery: 1600 mAH

You can check out the clone here.

Store 2: ibaby888

The store is, again, one of the superior suppliers on DHGate that has positive feedback of 95.2 percent. It has been selling on the platform since 2013, and till now, it has completed over 45 thousand orders. 

fake iPhone 11.JPG

Here are the specifications about the iPhone 11 clone: 

Display Resolution: 1520 X 720

Camera Pixels: 13.0 MP

Recording Definition: 720P


ROM: 32 GB

Battery: 3500 mAH

You can check out the iPhone 11 clone here.

All that you should know about the iPhone 11 clones

Goophone is one of the well-known manufactures of mobile phones. It is famous for incredible Apple clones that look so much like the original you would probably not realize it is a fake. 

The iPhone 11 clone from Goophone is one of the marvels of the manufacturer. The replica is so convincing that you would not doubt it if you did not know. The Goophone iPhone 11 comes with the same dimensions and three-camera setup as the original. Visually, there is nothing that would raise doubts about it. 

The clone is a twin of the original iPhone 11, at least visually. It would be difficult for any novice to tell the difference only by the visual effects of the clone. However, some features will give you a complete iPhone feel.

What is the difference between an iPhone 11 clone and an original iPhone 11?

The differences, visually, between the clone and the original are minor. You will hardly be able to tell the difference without someone else pointing them out to you. However, there are differences, which you must be aware of before you think of buying a clone. 

How do you find out the differences between an original iPhone and a clone? 

The iPhone clone has features and functions that match the original Apple iPhone. However, not everything works smoothly. I have put together some of the features that work and those features that do not work. Continue reading for the details. 

Here are the specifications that work well in the iPhone 11 clone the same way it works in an original Apple iPhone 11 – 

  • Back Touch
  • Truetone
  • Volume Rocker
  • Spotlight Search
  • Tap to Wake using Double Touch
  • Flashlight
  • iPhone 11 phone case works on the clone
  • Three cameras, but only one lens works
  • Control Center with 3D touch works in some cases

You may feel ecstatic that so many original iPhone features work in the clone. However, there are features that you will not find in the iPhone clone. Here are those features that I wish would soon be available in the clone –

  • Live Wallpapers
  • Emergency SOS
  • Face ID
  • Gesture Control

An iPhone 11 clone is like your mid-range Android phone with an iOS makeover. The operating system is Android, but it has an iOS on top of the theme. However, you must know that the quality is not the same as an original. An original is better in every aspect – hardware, software, camera, quality, and other specifications. 

But despite these differences, a clone works. It will give you the feel of an iPhone at a low price range. 

So you can see that most of the integral functions of an original iPhone 11 do not work in the clone. However, if you can miss out on these functions, there is no harm in getting it for all the other benefits that it holds. 

iPhone 11 clone in a nutshell:

  • Look

The iPhone 11 clone looks exactly like the real iPhone 11. The resemblance to the original is uncanny; I could not believe that it was not an original. The iPhone 11 clones are the exact replicas of the original with differences so minor you cannot even see them. What else? The clone comes with an Apple logo in the back that completes the whole look. 

The iPhone 11 clone is not as strong as the original due to the materials used. However, in terms of the price factor, it is quite attractive. 

  • Durability

Android devices were not durable 10years ago, but manufacturers have come a long way since then. Android devices are durable today and last a long time. An iPhone clone uses the Android Operating System, and so, you will be able to use it just like any other android phone. You can use your iPhone clone for at least four years before you feel like you have to change it. 

  • Operating System

iPhone clones come with the Android Operating System, but with an iOS theme on top. The interface of the iPhone clone looks exactly like the original; they mimic every function of the original iPhone 11. Anything that you see on an original iPhone 11 will be available in the clone. 

  • System Update

You can update your iPhone 11 clone just like you would update your Android phone. The updates are pushed on the clone the same way as they appear on your android devices. 

  • Camera Quality

The camera is one giveaway; it is the one thing that is low in quality when compared to the original device. In contrast to the original, an iPhone 11 clone’s camera is substandard. You cannot expect the same quality of an original iPhone 11. If you are planning to buy the clone only for the camera, it is better that you skip it. 

How to know a fake iPhone 11 from the original iPhone 11?

Technology has come a long way, and today, differentiating between an original and a fake is visually impossible. There are cases when the functions and features of a clone deceive you too. Manufacturers have reached a point where they can accurately mimic the functions. However, if you would like to know if the iPhone you have is an original or a fake, you can go to Settings > General > About. In the About section, check the Serial Number. If the number you enter is invalid, chances are you are holding a fake iPhone in your hands. 

Is it worth to buy a fake iPhone 11?

After all the knowledge that you have gained from the article, the final question remains the same – whether you should get a fake iPhone 11! 

Buying a fake iPhone 11 depends on your reason for buying. If you are looking for an iPhone for its looks, the brand, and the functions, but do not want to spend a bomb on it, then you must go for it. You get everything at a fraction of the original price. 

In terms of functions, you get a replica of the original phone that works. However, if you want a fake iPhone 11 for the camera, you had better skip on buying the clone. The camera quality is mediocre and does not meet the standards of an original iPhone. 

But, after everything said, the iPhone 11 clone is not a knock off that will stop working in a few days. The Android Operating System will last you at least a few years.

And the best benefit? You get to hold an iPhone without shelling out a ton.

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