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by Spiddy Tan

best phone ring holder

With so many technological advancements happening every single day, who knew a simple device such as a phone ring holder could be of so much use? There is no extravagant technology attached to a ring holder, but it is one of the indispensable items today. It is a practical device that gives you a better grip on your phone. 

I am very clumsy, so I do not trust myself with handling my phone without dropping it at least once a day. I am sure you would understand this problem, especially if you are as clumsy as I am. The real struggle happens when I am trying to click a selfie, and the phone slips from my hand. Does that ring a bell in your ears? 

So, when the ring holders came to the market, I was ecstatic. Here was a product that would save my phone from many falls and scratches. And to my added joy, there are so many designs that I can choose. A ring holder is also a pretty accessory that adds glamour to my phone.

Best Phone Finger Rings

Are you looking to buy a ring phone holder, too? There is no better place to find the best quality ring holders at affordable prices than AliExpress. The e-commerce giant has some of the best (and my favorite) ring holders at affordable prices. 

#1 – Xeno Phone Ring Holder

The Xeno Phone Ring Holders come in various designs and pretty colors. Apart from the colored holders, you will also find transparent ones. They look adorable and enhances the beauty of the phone. You can choose the circle holder, or go for the kitty or flower-shaped ones. 

xeno ring holder

The ring holder rotates 360 degrees, and it gives you a proper grip. The phone holder has a 3M adhesive that does not damage your phone. It is reusable, even if you wash it. With this ring holder, you do not have to worry about slipping your phone by mistake.

You can check out the price here.

Price: $0.59

#2 – UGreen Ultra Slim Phone Holder

The ultra-slim phone holder allows you to get a comfortable grip on your phone. It looks trendy and comes in two colors – black and silver. The phone holder works with every phone. The ring phone holder has a strong 3M adhesive that firmly sticks on the back of your phone or to other flat surfaces. When you stick the phone holder on your phone, wait for at least one hour before using it. If possible, leave it on for 24 hours for maximum efficiency and strength. 

UGreen phone ring holder

The ring holder is made using a high-quality zinc alloy that increases durability and strength. The holder has 360 degrees and 180 degrees fold rotation that increases ease. Add style and strength to your phone using the UGreen ring phone holder.

You can get the ring holder here.

Price: $2.99

#3 – IMIDO Finger Ring Stand Holder

I love the design of this ring holder; it is classy and looks elegant. The dewdrop-shaped ring holder comes in five colors including golden and red. It is durable, stylish, and comfortable for a better grip of your phone. It is made of high-quality alloy zinc that adds to the strength. The 3M adhesive is strong and stays stuck on your phone for a long time. It is reusable even after you wash it with water. The ring holder has 360 degrees rotation and 180 degrees fold. 

dewdrop ring holder

You can get the ring holder here.

Price: $1.18

#4 – Cute Silicone Ring Holder 

The silicone phone holder looks adorable and adds a cute touch to the phone. It is made of silicone and comes in the shape of a rectangle. There are tons of choices in terms of colors. The phone holder comes with a little heart on it, adding to the cuteness of it. 

silicone holder for iphone

You can get the silicone holder here.

Price: $1.08

#5 – Different shapes phone ring holder

If there was one phone ring holder I had to choose for my phone, it would be one of these. The high-quality ring holder comes in different shapes that look adorable. Do you love French Fries or Donuts? You will get a ring holder in these shapes. They also have holders in the shape of a popcorn, burger, as well as signs of superheroes. Add a quirky touch to your phone with these ring holders. 

quirky ring holders

You can get any of the holders that catch your fancy here.

Price: $0.60

#6 – Heart-shaped ring holder

The heart-shaped ring holder comes in two colors – black and red. The hearts have two eyes on it that adds some amount of quirk to the ring holders. It is compatible with all phones and flat surfaces. The adhesive is strong and lasts you for a long time. You will love the prettiness of this ring holder.

heart ring holder

Get this heart-shaped ring holder from here.

Price: $0.65

#7 – Gyro finger ring holder

The Gyro finger ring holder has a car wheel design. I love this design for its innovation and strength. When the ring holder stays in a stationary position, it looks like a car wheel. But, when you start rotating it, you will be amazed to see the intriguing pattern on it. I love it so much I cannot stop rotating it. 

gyro ring holder

You can wash it with water and still reuse it many times. The adhesive on the ring holder is durable and stays securely on the back of your phone, giving you ease and comfort. The ring holder gives you ease in the one-hand operation of your phone. You can also use the holder as a stand when you want to remain handsfree while watching videos or reading documents. 

You can get this ring holder here.

Price: $3.99

#8 – Flower Phone ring holder

The flower phone ring holder is adorable and elegant that enhances the beauty of the phone. The white-colored flower is chic and beautiful; it has gemstones to beautify the holder even more. It is convenient and the adhesive is strong that holds on to your phone for a long time. With this holder, you will not only have a pretty accessory for your phone, but it is also very convenient. The ring holder gives you ease to hold the phone without dropping it. You will no longer face hassles when trying to click selfies.

flower ring holder for iphone

You can get this pretty flower ring holder here.

Price: $3.59

#9 – Quirky Spider ring holder

If you are a fan of quirky items like me, you will love this phone holder that comes in the shape of a spider. The gemstone that makes the body of the spider is available in different colors. You can choose from diverse colors. The design is innovative and looks exactly like a spider. Even if you hate real spiders and they creep you out, you will not mind this one crawling on your phone. 

spider ring holder

The ring holder is strong and provides ease. The adhesive is strong and can be reused many times, despite washing with water. The ring rotates 360 degrees and folds 180 degrees.

You can get this stunning spider ring holder here.

Price: $1.99

#10 – Avengers ring holder

If you are an Avengers fan like me, you will love these ring holders. I love showing off SpiderMan and Iron Man ring holders. And because these holders can be reused, I can change as per my mood. The adhesive is very strong and sticks to your phone well. It is high in quality. You can get any or all the ring holders available including Captain America and Iron Man.

iron man ring holder.JPG

You can get the ring holder here.

Price: $0.68

#11 – Quirky ring holders

In the range of quirky ring holders, these are probably my favorites. The fun and colorful ring holders catch the eye at first sight. There are several variants available such as ice cream, rainbow, banana, lipstick, and cactus. You will get compliments for these ring holders. They will add a nice touch to your phone. It is super cute and strong that sticks nicely to your phone. 

rainbow ring holders

You can get these quirky ring holders here.

Price: $0.69

Did you love this collection of ring holders? 

These were some of the best phone ring holders that you can get from AliExpress at affordable rates. All the ring holders have been chosen based on their designs, adhesive strength, and durability. These ring holders do not just look pretty and add a nice touch to your phones, but it also gives you the ease of access and lasts you a long time. 

The adhesive capabilities of all these ring holders are very strong. You can wash them with water and still reuse them multiple times. This gives you the flexibility of changing your ring holders as per your mood and needs. 

The ring is strong, and it rotates 360 degrees and folds 180 degrees. You can use the ring as stand as well when you are watching a video, reading documents, or clicking a group selfie. 

Accessorize your phone and make it look elegant using these ring holders. You can choose quirky, chic, or simple. Whatever you choose, I am sure you will be happy with the product.

So, ready to get yourself one of these ring holders today?


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