Eco Friendly Products for the Home to make it sweeter

eco friendly products

Every day, our lifestyles impact the planet in negative ways. From the excessive amounts of trash we produce to the contaminants the things we use release into the air, we’re slowly killing Mother Earth and ruining it for future generations. Plus, we’re wasting tons of money by being wasteful. If you’ve been wondering how you can become more eco-friendly and help keep the world from becoming uninhabitable, here are 5 things you can do and buy to make your home a HOME SWEET HOME!

1. Start a garden
When you grow your own food, it greatly reduces your carbon footprint. You can grow your own vegetables and fruits in a backyard garden, or if you share space, start a community garden with your neighbours where everyone pitches in. Plus, herbs can be expensive. You can grow your own fresh herbs right in your own kitchen using very little space. You’ll save the planet and you’ll have fresher, better-tasting produce for much less!

If you not sure how, you can purchase a book where it guides you Step by Step on maintaining a sustainable supply of herbs and vegetables.

2. Make the most of compost
While it’s best to try to use all of the food you have, there will always be scraps from vegetables and fruits. Those peels are pure gold for your lawn and garden.

Accompany with Peat, we are pretty sure your small plantation will bloom.

3. Stop using disposable water bottles
They might be more convenient, but plastic lasts forever. And if you don’t recycle it, you’re only making it worse. Invest in a water filter and BPA-free reusable bottles instead. You’ll save more money while saving the world!


4. Change your shower power
If you’ve ever gasped at the sight of your water bill, then this eco-friendly tip will be your favourite. Change your shower head to a low-flow model. By doing so, you’ll waste half as much water and get a lower water bill in return!

5. Use reusable bags
Those plastic bags from the supermarket and other places you shop are clogging up our landfills at an alarming rate. They kill and maim sea life when they float away into the environment too. You’ll help the stores you shop at to keep costs down and help our planet from slowly choking to death by using reusable cloth or canvas bags. If you’re crafty, you can make your own out of old t-shirts. But if not, you can also purchase them or even reuse ones you’ve received for gifts. Your trusty beach bag or an old backpack are other great options for ending the use of plastic bags.

Do you have an eco-friendly habit that you use? Let us know!

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