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daniel wellington replik aliexpress

The chic minimal design of the Daniel Wellington watches has made it one of the bestselling products on AliExpress and recently we have been getting loads of questions asking us about the easiest way to come across cheap Daniel Wellington replicas. Yes we got this topic covered at Tollotoshop Review!

The Daniel Wellington brand is owned by Fossil Inc. which has a reported annual revenue of over $3 billion. The brand primarily sells watches, but it also produces other accessories such as sunglasses and wallets. The average price of a Daniel Wellington watch ranges from $499 to $1,249.

Fake vs Real DW Watches

Are you looking for a watch that will make an impression, but don’t want to break the bank? If so, you’ll want to take a look at the Daniel Wellington range. Not only are these watches stylish and well-made, but they’re also affordable. But how do you know if a Daniel Wellington watch is fake or real? Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Daniel Wellington Repliken

Before talking about the Daniel Wellington replicas, it is important that we tell you a few things about the watch itself and why it has become one of the most sought-after watches this 2022.

The reason why fashionistas are raving about this watch brand is that of their timeless and elegant design consisting of a simple sphere with detachable leather or nylon strap. Presently you will be able to buy authentic Daniel Wellingtons from online stores like Amazon where they are available for around $200-300usd.

daniel wellington aliexpress

However, if you want a stylish Daniel Wellington watch but unsure about spending that kind of money then you’d need to settle for a replica which is just as good as the original. We call these as DW inspired watches.

How to tell fake DW watch?

Fake daniel wellington: There are a few ways to tell if a Daniel Wellington is fake. First, watch the quality of the materials used in the watch. The fake watches will usually use cheaper materials that are not as durable. Second, look for spelling and grammar mistakes on the watch.

The real Daniel Wellingtons are carefully proofread before they are released to the public. Finally, check the trademark markings on the watch. The real Daniel Wellingtons have the Daniel Wellington trademark symbol printed on them. The fake watches do not typically have this marking.

Top Aliexpress Shops to Buy Watches Similar to Daniel Wellington

replik daniel wellington uhr

Before you hit the ‘buy now’ button, it is vital for you to select a reputed and trustworthy seller who comes with positive ratings. Thanks to AliExpress, you have plenty of tools at your disposal to identify the top vendors. For instance, you can check the ratings of the products or browse through the reviews provided by the customers.

That being said, let us talk about some of the best stores on AliExpress from where you can buy cheap Daniel Wellington style watches for both men and women.

#1 - Enmex Store

aliexpress daniel wellington

I think these designs are so crazy. Thin designed watches with black background style. Prices seems to have doubled as compared to 2021 due to increase in shipping fees.

#2 - Porsamo Bleu

dw uhr aliexpress


dw replik aliexpress

Buying Daniel Wellington Replicas from AliExpress

AliExpress used to stock tons of fake Daniel Wellingtons which used to be available for less than 15 € apiece. However, these days you will no longer find these cheap replicas on AliExpress since they have been almost entirely replaced by Chinese brands manufacturing stylish modeled on the Daniel Wellington watches.

Can I Buy Authentic Daniel Wellingtons from AliExpress?

Well, the answer to this question is NO. These days none of the sellers on AliExpress are stocking authentic Daniel Wellington watches. In case you find an original for any of the sellers and you’re doubtful about its authenticity then here are a few tips for you.

  • Whenever you see a G or $ symbol within a shield then be sure that the product you are buying is original. These icons have been recently introduced by AliExpress to help the customers distinguish the original products from the replicas. In case you unfortunate end up with a replica in spite of the presence of these symbols then the seller would be obliged to provide you with a refund of double the original price. In this case, the seller is also going to be penalized by AliExpress.
  • The price of the watch is another helpful clue to distinguish the replicas from the originals. Although AliExpress gives you much cheaper prices than any of the online shops, you cannot expect to buy a branded watch for a few dollars. So if the watch comes with a price tag of $10-20 then be sure that the product is a replica.

Cheap Alternatives to Daniel Wellingtons

As already mentioned before, AliExpress has stopped selling the cheap Daniel Welling FAKES and replaced them with Chinese white label watch brands which are a superior alternative to the replicas. Brands like the below

  1. Geneva
  2. Curren
  3. Jedir
  4. Seseden
  5. Megir
  6. Cagany 
  7. Chronos

Above brands on Aliexpress offer stylish watches which have been crafted on the model of Daniel Wellington watches. The watches by Cagary, Seseden, Chronos and Seseden more closely resemble the Daniel Wellington models than the other brands. All these watches are of real good quality, extremely stylish and available at a very pocket-friendly rate. There are loads of white label Chinese watch brands which manufacture quality watches similar to that of Daniel Wellington. If you conduct a thorough search you’ll still be able to find a number of replicas on the website, most of which come with an altered logo. In case you’re having doubts, all you need to do is tell your vendor to provide you with pictures of the model. You can also check the rating section where you will get a few pictures.

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Buying Daniel Wellington Straps

Customers trying to find watch straps similar to the Daniel Wellington nylon straps will find tons of cheap yet fashionable straps from AliExpress. Just go to the search box and type ‘Nylon Straps’ and you will be able to choose from a whole lot of options. If you are looking for straps of a specific size then just type the size you want in the search box (example- nylon strap 22 mm). If you are not sure of the size of the strap then take a peek at the conversion chart and the size provided by the seller on the item’s page.

AliExpress.com Product – JH good qulity bands for dw watches fashion black watch strap for men women 20MM 18MM watch bands for daniel wellington watches AliExpress.com Product - Nylon Uhrenarmband Silber Schnalle für Daniel Wellington 13mm 14mm18mm 20mm Luxus Ersatz Armband Armband Uhrenarmband für dw Uhr AliExpress.com Produkt - Milanese Loop Uhrenarmband 17/18/19/20 mm Uhrenarmband für DW für Daniel Wellington Edelstahlband 12/13/14/16/22 mm Breite

Wie bereits erwähnt, sollten Sie sich vor dem Kauf einer Uhr im Stil von Daniel Wellington bei AliExpress vergewissern, dass der Shop, bei dem Sie den Kauf tätigen, einen ausgezeichneten Ruf genießt. Ein Shop, der auch nur mit einem Diamanten ausgezeichnet ist, ist ein Shop mit einem hervorragenden Ruf. Wenn Sie sich die Kommentare früherer Kunden genau ansehen, können Sie sich ebenfalls ein gutes Bild vom Ruf des Verkäufers und von der Qualität des Produkts machen, das Sie erwarten können. Die Anzahl der Verkäufe des Artikels ist ebenfalls ein guter Indikator für die Qualität des Produkts.

Nun, da Sie alles über den Kauf von Uhren im Stil von Daniel Wellington auf AliExpress wissen, ist es an der Zeit, dass Sie sich ein paar aussuchen und auf die Kauftaste drücken. Viel Spaß beim Einkaufen.

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