Top 8 Cheap Chinese Headphones & Earphones on Aliexpress 2020

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Music drives the world- it can soothe us, stimulate us, motivate us to run that extra mile when all we want to do is cut our run short and laze at home. True music lovers love their accessories as well, especially headphones. In fact, a good pair of headphones is absolutely essential, isn’t it? What is your choice? On the ear? Over the ear? Or a pair of slim earphones maybe? Whatever your preference is, there are plenty of headphones available in the market today priced differently, offering various features.

There are innumerable headphone brands from the Chinese that will blow your mind away with the aesthetics, specifications, quality and best of all, prices! Here we have curated the best headphones and earphones from Aliexpress just for you. Go through our list and pick the one that best calls out to you!

happy faces buying chinese headphones from aliexpress

Best Chinese Headphones and Earphones you should GRAB on Aliexpress 2020

#1 – Bluedio T5, T6, T7 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones @$35

@Limited Time offer – $35

A picture speaks louder than words. Here is the gist of the MUST GET Headset this 2020. This product is one of the most popular models available on Aliexpress right now. If you’ve been following our other articles, you will know that Bluedio is one of our favourite Chinese Headset brands, and not without reason. These active noise-cancelling headphones are wireless, constructed to fit perfectly over the head. They have a really strong build, so you can be sure this will last a long time with everyday use. The attractive feature is that these are available in several bright colours that will drive away those dull moments!

Bluedio products can be shipped from China, USA, Germany, Spain, Australia, Russia, France, Brazil, Turkey and Ukraine.

best headphone aliexpress
bluedio aliexpress headphone

Get this for a limited time period offer at US30!

Bluedio T6 Model at US28! 

Bluedio T6S Model at US28!

Latest Bluedio T7 Model at US40

#2 – Xiaomi Airdots TWS Bluetooth 5.0 @$21.71

@Limited Time offer $21.71 worldwide shipping

xiaomi earbuds

If you’ve been eyeing the Apple airpods 2 and want something similar for a much lesser price, these Xiaomi Airdots are the way to go!

I have purchased this pair a month ago and made a comparison versus Airpods Replica like i30TWS.

xiaomi earbuds

Amazed by a few things

  1. Stable connection
  2. Long battery time
  3. Stick to my earhole and suitable for exercise
xiaomi airdots aliexpress

With 4 hours of playing time, you might need to remind yourself to keep charging this set of earbuds.

Compatible with both iOS and Android.

Price: $21.71

#3 – SweatProof Sports Double Earplugs In-ear Stereo Earphone Mobile Universal Headphones @ $3.50

At just $3+ this is a steal! These are great for those strenuous exercises like long runs or jogs. They are sure to keep you pepped up with their awesome sound bass and noise cancelling capability.  

sweat proof earphone

These are wired in-ear earphones that can be connected to your mobile phones and strung around your neck. They are very light and work great with any phone you own. There is also a microphone to speak into during calls.

These earphones come in lots of pleasing colors like red, silver, rose gold and black, so go to the page on Aliexpress and choose your favourite color! 

best earpiece aliexpress

I do love their minimalist control. One single button to push and operate.

I do love their minimalist control. One single button to push and operate that enables answering or disconnecting a call. The same can be used to control the music player as well, ensuring you don’t have to disrupt your workout to answer a call or play a particular song. 

Alter the volume as well with a single touch on these earphones. At a price that is very affordable, you’ll get what you need and you’ll love it.

Price: $3.50

#4 – Affordable TWS Mini Wireless Earphone/Earbud (Best Seller) i60TWS @ $25.49

With a playing time of 4-5hours, this earbud set proves to music lovers why they are the best seller on Aliexpress. With a discounted price of less than $26, this set comes with a charging box and 2 x mini earphones (right and left).

This smart device is advanced and enables to connect to two devices at the same time. Meaning, you can use each earbud for a device, like, one earbud for one mobile phone and another one for another device like a mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

i60 tws earbud

These Apple AirPods replicas are perfect for 2020 if you’ve been envying those for a while.

This seller sells sports kit sets too.

Price: $25.49

Check out our article on: Best Fake Airpods 2019

#5 – Hifi Headset by SIVGA

These stunning headphone sets are sure to become an object of desire for anyone who sees you wearing them. Priced in the premium range, I would say this is worth the money, for the gorgeous looks.

Sold in two colours, one a black and the other, a beautiful rosewood, these look very classy. 

hifi headphone aliexpress

These headphones are wired but that does not compromise on the sound quality. World-class technology employed in the construction of these headphones ensures that the sound is crisp. 

wood headphone from china

If you are wondering what to gift your best buddy, I would suggest these headphones. If you want to gift Yourself something, then I would say these are the best for you! You certainly deserve to listen to music with the best accessories possible. 

Price: $108.22

#6 –  Metal Bass Earbud Headset @ $2.23 Product – MOOJECAL 3.5mm Metal Earphone earbuds Music Earphone for xiaomi samsung iphone smartphone With Microphone Wired headset stereo

These cheaply priced bass earphones work perfectly when connected to mobile phones and portable media players. This is probably the most inexpensive and best quality earphones you can find on TollotoShop

These are designed with an attractive gold color which gives them a neat and sophisticated appearance, making them appealing to anyone wearing them. 

These earphones are built with a high quality silica gel earbud that helps them fit in the ear perfectly. The texture also provides added comfort when worn for long periods of time during a workout or travel.  

These Chinese earphones are designed with modern technology to give you exceptional quality of bass as well as treble when you are listening to music and excellent clarity when you are using these to speak on a call. These are good accessories to help you relax or pump you up when you work out, all at a cost that’s very affordable. It’s truly worth buying these!

best priced earphone

Accessible here @ $2.23!

#7 – Andoer Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headset $14.06

This headset has been curated by our team as one of the most trendy gadgets you can find on Aliexpress. Take one look at them and the several funky colors they are available in and we are sure you will agree with us!

*Can be used both wired (via the 3.5mm audio cable) and wirelessly (via Bluetooth). So you don’t have to worry about losing out on your music if the battery runs out. 

*Special speaker transmits high fidelity & powerful bass and detailed wireless sound to your ears. Enjoy your music the way you like it, anywhere, any time!

*Artificial protein leather of earmuffs simulated to human skin texture, designed to ensure you have optimum comfort even when worn for really long periods of time. The earcups can be rotated 180 °, making it easy to store these headphones. 

*Up to 20 hours of active Music playing and standby time, which means you don’t have to keep looking for a charging point on the go. 

*Eco-Friendly package Design.

*Fashionable wire drawing appearance design.

wireless headset bluetooth cheap
headset affordable bluetooth

Equipped with mic and offering a great quality of sound, these headphones are all that you need for both your music as well as taking calls when required. Don’t forget the fact that these are ergonomically designed to be folded and put away, making it easy to carry, saving space and making your life super convenient!  

Costs start from $14.06

#8 – OKCSC Wooden Headphones (Best Design)

@ Limited time offer of $58.19

We added this to our list of the best 8 Chinese Headphones on Aliexpress due to its aesthetic design. You can see how well the wood goes with the metallic finish, giving it a vintage appearance. The wood used is of a quality that is termite-proof, assuring you of the durability of these headphones. 

These are some of the best looking headphones in this price range on Aliexpress, and if you are a person who is stylish and like having accessories that show off your classy personality, this is a Must-Get! I’m pretty sure other marketplaces sell similar quality well-designed headphones at a much higher price. Product – OKCSC M2 57MM Speaker Open Voice HIfi Olive Wooden Headphones With 5N OCC Plated Silver DIY 3.5mm Replacement Cable Vintage

well design headphone wooden
wooden headset aliexpress

Visit the STORE for more options.

Top Picks of Headphones from Amazon

Here is a list of some of the best headphones from Amazon if you are not comfortable placing your order on Aliexpress.

Best Gaming Headsets on Aliexpress

#1 – Salar C13 Gaming Headphone

We have dedicated this page to gamers like you. Here are some of the best headsets for your gaming purpose. Product – New Salar C13 Professional Studio Monitor Headphone Hifi Super Bass Noise-Isolating DJ Headset $20.28

This is a low-priced headphone packaged with power. It is perfect for gaming, listening to music or having a dialogue as it supplies an excellent quality of music and sound at an extremely affordable price. This merchandise is great for communicating with family and friends over long distances as it is equipped with a mic. The sound and call quality are excellent. The headphone is solidly made and comfortable to use since it is very light in weight.

noise cancelling gaming headset
Time limited for only $20.28

Some other Great Chinese Gaming Headsets you should go for

#2- Xiberia Gaming Headset with Mike – $26.65

These wired headphones are constructed with excellent quality material and are sure to last long with rough and daily usage. The clarity that these wired headphones offer is unbeatable. It is evident that they look very good too. The headphones are designed to sit comfortably on the head with an elastic soft band that adjusts itself according to the size of the wearer’s head. Product – XIBERIA Brand Headphones NUBWO N2 Stereo Gaming Headset Gamer casque with Microphone for Computer/PS4/Xbox One/Laptop/Cell Phone

#3 – This KOTION EACH G2000 – $22.27

These very funky looking headphones are sure to be very attractive to gamers. Choose the colour and pattern you think represents your actual self! Priced nominally, these are a great buy for the kind of sound quality they offer. The attached mic is also very efficient and useful for either those long distance calls or when required for gaming. Product – KOTION EACH G2000 gaming Headphone Stereo Surrounded Over-Ear Gaming Headset Headband Earphone luminous with Light for computer

 #4 – This KOTION EACH G1000 – $18.98

Another one from the same brand, this model is cheaper than the rest but definitely not lesser or lower on quality. The build, like the other headphones in this range is very sturdy and can last a long time. These are also sold in various colours and patterns, so take your pick! Product – 3.5mm Gaming Headphone Gaming Headset Casque Gamer Stereo Headphone With Microphone Mic Led light Game Headsets For PC Computer

Above are some of the best headphones and earbuds you can find in this awesome Chinese web portal.

Hope you like our selection.

FAQs when buying headphones and headsets from Aliexpress

Is it reliable to buy from China sellers?

Why not? Their products are getting better and some of the brands like Bluedio is gaining recognition.

Do I need to pay custom taxes?

Every country has their own tax policy. Kindly check with your customs.

Do the Aliexpress sellers provide warranty?

Yes most sellers will provide some sort of warranty. Take for example the Chinese headphone brand Bluedio, they provide 6 months of warranty.

What if the product came damaged?

Please take a picture immediately. Kindly raise the issue to the seller through the support page. They will assist you. If they do not, please raise to Aliexpress itself. The portal will come in to assist.


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